Maternity leggings are a must-have for many women during pregnancy. Tight fitting and footless yet comfortable and stretchy, they can be worn when heading out, during exercise or can be casually worn indoors too. They come in various lengths and colours, and maternity styles have some have extra features such as high waists or over/ under the bump panels. Some maternity leggings are made in sportswear fabric, making them perfect for active parents who are always on the go, and for those who choose to exercise during pregnancy. Other fabric options include leather-look, thick jersey, or cotton with elastane for stretch.


Comfort was my top priority during my two pregnancies, and though I found myself surrounded by pregnant friends who swore by maternity jeans, leggings were my everyday uniform. They were the best base for building my maternity outfits, and having multiple pairs was great when one pair was in the wash.

What to look for when buying maternity leggings?

Fabric – Maternity leggings are made from different fabrics ranging from cotton to polyester, and even natural bamboo. Leggings that are made to be worn during exercise tends to be thicker and more supportive.

Colour – There are a variety of colour options with maternity leggings, although the most common colour you’ll see is black or navy.

Size – Due to the elastane added to give stretch to most fabrics, leggings can accommodate lots of different body sizes, types and shapes. Maternity styles in our list start from a size 6 and go up to size 28.

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Bump support – Most maternity leggings are over-the-bump in style. Some have a fairly seamless design, others have noticeable panels that you can fold up or down to suit your preference. Under-the-bump leggings are less common but are available, and could suit you if you don't like the feeling of a waistband right up near your bust line.

Versatility - Some maternity leggings are made strictly for fashion and some are made for active wear and exercising. Usually the fabric will be a good indicator of what the leggings can be used for. Some also vary in length, typically they are footless with the hem stopping right above the ankle but styles can also be cropped at the calf.

Extra features – Leggings can have pockets for your valuables such as keys and a phone, bump panels that help support your growing tummy, seamless stitching to prevent stitching from sticking out and irritating your skin and over/under the bump options – depending on how you like to wear your leggings.

Care – Leggings are easy to keep clean: in general you can wash them in the washing machine with similar colours at 30 degrees, but do check the label before washing for the first time.

How much do maternity leggings cost?

Our list covers maternity leggings prices ranging from £9.99 and as high as £59.99, depending on the fabric choice and extra functions.

When looking at budget options, you’d typically find that they still serve their purpose but may not have as much life in them or lots of extra features. Some cheaper options may also loose their shape after a long time or following several washes.

When considering more high-end maternity leggings, there are many deciding factors that make the price worthwhile. Usually the fabric choice might be natural, organic or made for high performance, plus extra features such as pockets or seamless stitching also come with higher priced leggings. Some styles are designed to work after birth too, extending their lifespan.

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

When testing maternity leggings, we considered size, fabric, comfort and durability, value for money, versatility and extra features.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

Here are our picks of the best maternity leggings

1. Love Leggings Classic Full Length Maternity Leggings, £18

– Best colour range

love leggings maternity leggings

Size: 6 – 28 Regular, Petite, Tall, Extra Tall | Fabric: 95% cotton and 5% Elastane | Colour: Black, Navy Blue, White plus more

With these leggings, you're completely spoilt for choice when it comes to colours, there are so many you’re bound to find one that you like. The vast colour options work well if you like to alternate between your leggings and have them compliment a variety of maternity outfits. At the reasonably affordable price of £18, you may be able to consider a few different colours.

They're not designed for activewear, so more suited to being worn around the house, or under dresses or tunics. The bump band is good for support and a snug fit and they're durable and well-made. Our MFM home tester Jessica said, “I had some Love Leggings maternity leggings, they were the perfect fit and the bump band fitted perfectly over my bump. They are also super thick meaning they weren’t see-through. They lasted the whole of my pregnancy and have been passed on to friends and they are still going strong.”

Available from: Love Leggings

2. Latched Pre & Postnatal Leggings, £45

– Best for pockets

latched pre and postnatal leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL | Colour: Black

Latched leggings aren't quite your usual maternity leggings, these Pre & Postnatal leggings offer mild compression on the bump for that snug yet gentle fit around your bump. They have also been intentionally designed to make sure you have no stitching or seams irritating your bump, the seams have been thoughtfully placed under the waistband giving you maximum comfort.

MFM home tester Jenni commented, “I loved them as they were comfy to wear almost throughout my pregnancy as I found tight waistbands unbearable very early on. I was wearing the leggings the day before I gave birth, so they really do grow with you. They have a side pocket for your phone, which was handy and were easy to wash. Finally I liked being able to support a small business that was very local to me (even though it was all done online).”

These leggings are an excellent choice for pregnant mums on the go too. They have large pockets to hold your valuables while you are out and about such as your keys and phone, a useful feature for when your hands are full.

Available from: Latched

3. Natal Active Luxe Maternity & Postnatal Leggings, £55

– Best for exercise

natal active luxe maternity and postnatal leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL | Fabric: Luxe soft, wicking fabric | Colour: Soft Black, Soft Cobalt, Very Berry, Soft Grey

These Jojo Maman Bebe leggings are perfect for mums who choose to exercise during pregnancy. They are built to fit no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, and also postnatally too. They are made with luxe soft, wicking fabric – great for movement and high impact activity. The leggings come in four gorgeous colours, a good variety if you’d like to style them with your maternity clothing.

These Luxe leggings are well suited for comfortable wear over or under your bump and have more than enough stretch for exercising. There’s the option to roll and fold down the bump panel to avoid irritating any c-section marks or if you simply prefer to wear them that way.

Our home tester Kayleigh said, “I wore my Natal Active luxe maternity leggings all throughout my second pregnancy - both for running in up to 35w, and for doing the school run, walking round the village and locked down at home. I'm now 1 year postpartum and the same pair fit as a great comfy pull on with a brilliant high waist. I especially love the leg pockets big enough for my phone, keys and mask on either side, and the buttery soft fabric.”

Available from: Natal Active

4. Seraphine Seamless Over Bump Maternity Leggings, £19

– Best for fit around your bump

seraphine seamless over the bump maternity leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL | Colour: Black

The generous over the bump design is one of the big selling points of these Seraphine leggings. The extreme high waist comes up below your bust which can help to ensure the leggings stay up and don’t roll down. The soft, seamless fabric also guarantees you won’t have any stitching irritating your skin, enabling you to have that gentle and comfortable feeling when worn.

Our home tester Eleanor praised these leggings highly, saying, “Seraphine seamless over bump leggings were amazing. Super comfy and didn’t wear out at all. I wore them from small bump to full term and never felt uncomfortable or like I had to pull them up.”

These are suitable for wearing casually when going out for errands or going for lunch with friends, or worn indoors whilst lounging around. They also provide enough support for your bump whilst you are on the go.

Available from: Seraphine

5. Jojo Maman Bebe Cotton Rich Maternity Leggings, £22

– Best for softness

jojo maman bebe cotton rich maternity leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L | Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane | Colour: Black, Charcoal, Navy

These cotton rich maternity leggings are made for you to feel snug and have that support you need throughout your pregnancy. They feature a wide jersey band at the waist to support your growing bump as you move, and can alternatively be worn under your bump if that feels more comfortable for you. You won't have to worry about saggy knees or bottoms with these leggings, the soft cotton jersey gives a nice fit as well as letting your skin breathe easily. It also feels great on your skin.

Home tester Stephanie commented, “They were very soft, very comfortable and the elastic held up over my bump really well so I didn't have to keep pulling them up. I had 2 pairs which were worn a LOT during my pregnancy.”

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

6. George Asda Maternity Leggings 2 Pack, £12

– Best for a multipack

George Asda maternity 2 pack leggings

Size: 8-18 | Fabric: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane | Colour: Black

If you're looking for everyday, affordable leggings these George at Asda ones certainly do the trick. At just £12 per pack of 2, you can’t go wrong with these for something budget-friendly. They would be a good choice if you’d like to buy multiple pairs to constantly change between, or if you need to stock up during later pregnancy and don't want to splash out on something that may only fit for a few more months. These maternity leggings have good stretch and support to grow with you as your bump gets bigger during pregnancy. They are also great for layering under jumpers, tops and maternity dresses.

Our MFM tester Laura said, “They were really affordable, so I think I had about 4 pairs and could therefore live in them. They were made of really comfy cotton rich fabric. I loved them they were definitely my must have maternity item. I tended, to wear them under long tops or dresses rather than as trousers, they were thinner than other brands I tried, but definitely not too thin or at all see through, but maybe better under something. I found them comfier and stretchier for being a little thinner, which was essential for me in pregnancy, particularly the third trimester!”

Available from: George at Asda

7. Fitta Mamma Ultimate High Impact Maternity Workout Leggings, £59.99

– Best for active mums-to-be

fitta mamma ultimate high impact maternity workout leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL | Colour: Black, Pink

Active mums will love these FittaMamma leggings – made for high performance and high impact, these leggings are suitable for serious workouts. The belly band is also proven to reduce bump bounce by 48% compared to other leggings, giving you full support when you are running or doing yoga.

The chafe-free seams are a brilliant addition to the leggings as it prevents your skin from becoming irritated with the tight fit. You have the option to wear as is or roll and fold down the bump panel depending on what you prefer and what feels most comfortable for your growing bump.

Our home tester Jess said, “I found the material extremely comfortable and they held my bump so comfortably. I had them in my first pregnancy and knew how comfortable and supportive they were so bought them for my second (twins) pregnancy. I was reassured by the test that they have done on the bump support - I’ve not seen many firms out there who do that and as I was suffering from SPD this gave me some reassurance that my bump was getting a little more support.”

Available from: FittaMamma

8. New Look Maternity High Waist Leggings, £9.99

– Best for value

new look high waist maternity leggings

Size: 8-20 | Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane | Colour: Black

If you’re looking for affordable yet functional pair of leggings then you can’t go wrong with these New Look ones. They are perfect for mums who want comfort and ease without breaking the bank. They will help make your pregnancy journey that much more manageable and pleasant as your bump grows each week, with good stretch and breathable cotton fabric, and a classic style that works for layering.

Our MFM tester Vicki praised, “They are comfortable and nice and thick I'm wearing them now I do practically live in them or my PJ bottoms! They also wash well I have to wash them lots since they are my best pair, I should have brought more really.”

Available from: New Look and ASOS

9. Next Maternity Leggings, £14

– Best for everyday

next maternity leggings

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL | Fabric: 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane | Colour: Black, Navy

For a pair of hardworking everyday leggings, these Next ones make a worthy choice. They come in two colours – navy and black – which makes them an easy staple item for most maternity outfits. You can wear these leggings around the house if you prefer, or out and about, especially if you find that wearing jeans or trousers is becoming uncomfortable for you during pregnancy. They have enough stretch for you to move around in whilst also giving you the basic support your bump needs.

MFM tester Leanne commented, “I loved them because they were very comfortable and they washed well in comparison to my others! They also never sagged around the knees and bum like my others did. For the price the quality was good and they actually lasted.”

Available from: Next

10. H&M MAMA Before & After Leggings, £9.99

– Best for longevity

hm mama before and after leggings

Size: M, L, XL | Fabric: Cotton 50%, Viscose 40%, Elastane 10% | Colour: Black

These H&M leggings are a nice match to complete your maternity outfits, they are comfortable and practical, and the affordable price makes them a steal and also means you can buy more than one pair, rotate between them and stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The "before and after"style is designed to work through pregnancy and postpartum, just adjust the waistband as your body changes.

Our home tester Robyn was really amazed at their durability and longevity, saying, “It was a good 5 years ago when I bought them…and funnily enough I still wear them now 10 months following 2nd pregnancy with the waistband folded down! They washed very well (didn't loose any length which us important as i am 6ft 1, and no bobbling). Not as see through as other brands too and very comfy even now. They've only now started getting holes along inseam after 6 years!”

Available from: H&M

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