Pregnancy in winter can be difficult. Trying to find the right layers to keep you and your growing bump warm – all while retaining a semblance of style – is a tough gig. It's especially hard if you want something that won’t completely break the bank and is still wearable once your baby’s born.


In our guide below, we've handpicked some of our favourite maternity coats for winter which are warm, stylish, practical and everything in between.

From parkas to puffers and faux fur to coats fit for royalty, we’ve found something for everyone’s taste and at a range of price points, to help you choose the best maternity winter coat for you this year.

We also know there is a lot to prepare for when you've got a little one on the way, which is why we've put together some helpful guides to the best newborn clothes, best baby toiletries and best prams for newborns.

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Best maternity winter coats at a glance:

  • Best for supersoft feel: JoJo Maman Bebe 2-in-1 Quilted Maternity Coat, £89.50
  • Best for babywearing after birth: Wombat Softshell Babywearing Jacket, £179.90
  • Best for drawstring belt: H&M MAMA Quilted Jacket, £49.99
  • Best for special occasions: Seraphine Blush Bouclé Maternity Coat, £139
  • Best budget buy: New Look Maternity Hooded Double Pocket Anorak, £34.99
  • Best luxury option: Seraphine Wool Blend Black Wrap Maternity Coat, £199
  • Best for all seasons: Mamalila Black Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder, £179.90
  • Best for extremely cold weather: Seraphine 3-in-1 Down Maternity Coat, £209
  • Best longline coat: George Asda Maternity Fur Hooded 2-in-1 Padded Coat, £46
  • Best for plus sizes: Bump It Up Maternity Black Side Zips Puffer Coat, £59.99

What styles of maternity coats are there?

Extendable inserts – this option of maternity coat comes with extendable, zip inserts to be added as your bump grows. This a great option as they can be easily removed again after the baby is born. That gives the style longevity: this coat doesn't just have to be a maternity coat.

Tie waist – a tie waist coat is another great way to adjust as your bump grows. They're super easy to adjust, simply tie the coat looser, and higher up, as your bump grows. Again, this coat can be worn as a normal coat after pregnancy too.

Oversized – rather than actually adjusting, you can get a maternity coat that is just an oversized style. This look is very stylish at the moment, however, it does mean after pregnancy the coat may be a little too oversized, but that does depend on the coat you choose.

Baby-wearing features – similar to the extendable inserts, it's possible to purchase maternity coats that have baby carrying and baby nursing extendable features for once the baby is born.

Things to consider when buying a maternity coat

Baby's due date – It's important to consider when your baby is due before buying a maternity coat. If your baby is due in the summer you may not need one as much as someone who's due in the winter months or early spring, meaning their bump is going to be biggest in the winter. It's also important to consider, based on your baby's due date, whether you need a thick maternity coat or just a light one. There's nothing worse than being hot and pregnant, so think about the months you'll be wearing this coat the most.

Climate/weather – Similar to the above point, you need to think about the climate and weather where you live, and also the fact that during pregnancy many women often feel quite overheated. It may be more appropriate to buy a lighter or thinner coat and layer up, rather than investing in a big warm winter coat.

Formality – Give some thought as to where you're going to be wearing this coat. If you're still going into work, you may need a more formal coat and that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding which maternity coat to purchase.

Any added features – You also need to give some thought as to what added features, if any you want. For example, maybe you want the extendable inserts, the baby carrying extension or even something as simple as big spacious pockets to carry everything you need.

Here are 10 of the best maternity winter coats...

1. JoJo Maman Bebe 2-in-1 Quilted Maternity Coat, £89.50

– Best for a supersoft feel

jojo maman bebe maternity coat

Sizes: 8-18

Quilted coats are both practical and timeless, and this JoJo Maman Bebe maternity version is no exception.

It has a removable centre panel that will help the coat adjust to your changing shape as your bump grows.

This maternity winter coat is quilted and has a supersoft finish for a cosy feel when worn. Although it's quite expensive it can be seen as an investment buy since it can be worn through all stages of pregnancy and beyond. You can also machine wash this coat at 30 degrees.

"I bought a Jojo Maman Bebe hooded coat with an extra attachment that makes it wider with a zipped panel. I also bought an additional panel that was for babywearing. I can wear the coat normally, pregnant and whilst baby wearing which is handy," shared parent tester Eden.

Pros: Supersoft feel, detachable centre panel, practical and stylish
Cons: Expensive

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe

2. Wombat Wallaby 4-in-1 Babywearing Coat, £179.90

– Best for babywearing after birth

Wallaby Coat by wombat clothing

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL | Colours: Black, Brown, Forest Green, Navy, Grey

This Wombat jacket is a clever 4-in-1 coat that not only works as a maternity coat, but is also compatible to fit over any baby carrier. Not only that, but it's also suitable to wear whether you're babywearing on your front or back, due to the multi-purpose centre panel.

"I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric and how soft the interior lining is. This coat is so warm and such a perfect winter coat. I know when baby arrives they will be just as snug as I am in this coat. It's so comfortable and really easy to move in, which I am pleasantly surprised with as usually with most waterproof coats they can feel quite stiff but the Wallaby coat does not feel like that at all" shared parent tester Lauren who testing this towards the end of her pregnancy.

The coat is available in UK sizes 8-20, plus the clever centre panel guarantees extra room from the first day your bump appears right to when you’re about to carry that baby around.

It has a polar fleece interior and water-resistant exterior so it’ll protect you from the elements at all stages of your pregnancy. And best of all, you can use it as a normal jacket for as long as you want after pregnancy or babywearing simply by removing the panel completely.

Pros: Cosy fleece interior, all-year-round jacket, fits with any baby carrier, colour options
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Wombat & Co

3. H&M MAMA Quilted Jacket, £49.99

Best for drawstring belt

hm mama quilted jacket

Sizes: S, M, L

This H&M maternity jacket can be used throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. The drawstring tie belt helps to define your waist, coming together at the very smallest part of your body. The jacket is beautifully and lightly padded keep you warm during colder months.

This is jacket is super affordable and is both practical and stylish too, plus it's easy to care for, as you can machine wash it at 40°.

"I bought an H&M one, as they were a good price and don't look different from a normal coat, so perfect for continued use. It doesn't look really frumpy on, like some coats can be," shared parent tester Tanya.

Pros: Affordable, practical and stylish,
Cons: Limited colours, no centre panel, no hood

Available from: H&M

4. Seraphine Blush Bouclé Maternity Coat, £139

Best for special occasions

seraphine boucle maternity coat

Sizes: 6-18

Are you looking for a slightly more formal maternity coat? Perhaps you are still going to work or have a formal occasion to attend.

This beautifully elegant maternity coat is stunning and flattering, highlighting the empire waist. It is made in woven Italian bouclé with stylish frayed trim detailing. The coat has a long-line silhouette and sleek collarless design, so looks amazing with maternity dresses.

"I was gifted a Seraphine coat and it was amazing. I know they are not cheap but such good quality and so comfy when pregnant" shared parent tester Hayley. You'll love this coat all throughout your pregnancy and for many years after.

It has side pockets and hook and eye fastenings, and looks just as good undone as it does done up thanks to its edge-to-edge design. One disadvantage is that it's dry clean only (and since it's a light colour, it may get dirty fast) but the high quality may be worth it.

Pros: Stylish, great for special occasions or dressing up
Cons: Expensive, dry-clean only

Available from: Seraphine

5. New Look Maternity Hooded Double Pocket Anorak, £34.99

Best budget buy

new look Maternity Pale Pink Hooded Double Pocket Anorak

Sizes: 8-20 | Colours: Pink, Grey

If you're not in need of such a thick coat and just need something to protect you from the rain in milder temperatures, this New Look anorak coat is perfect. The oversized style fits comfortably around your growing bump.

The cute pale pink colour brings a pop of fun to the rainy weather, and it also comes in dark grey too. This is a great coat to just throw on with pretty much any outfit.

"The best thing about it is it's got big pockets, I can avoid a handbag and put my essentials in there!" shared parent tester Kirstie.

Pros: Affordable, bright colour, lightweight, good for rainy weather
Cons: Not versatile

Available from: New Look

6. Seraphine Wool Blend Black Wrap Maternity Coat, £199

Best luxury option

seraphine wool blend black wrap maternity coat

Sizes: 6-20

If you want to look more formal, then this gorgeous maternity coat is for you. It is made from a luxurious wool blend and woven through with subtle silver threads.

With its long-line silhouette you'll look stylish and sophisticated. The belted waistline makes this coat extremely flattering on your growing bump.

Unsurprisingly this is slightly more pricey than others on our list, and it is dry clean only, but keep it clean and safely stored and this coat could be an investment to be worn for many years.

Pros: Timeless, stylish, luxury look
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Seraphine

7. Mamalila Black Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder, £179

Best for all seasons

mamalila Black Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL | Colours: Black, Navy, Berry, Teal, Mustard

This Mamalila is great for all seasons. It's lightweight yet waterproof and windproof and also breathable for wearing in slightly warmer weather. It comes with two inserts – one for wearing during pregnancy to extend the jacket over your bump, and one that can be used to zip in either the front or back of the jacket for babywearing.

Much like all the other coats, this will still be useful after pregnancy. The coat is perfect to whip on with leggings and keeps you warm during school runs or doing errands. You can also store your handheld things in the generously sized zip pockets.

"I was initially knocked off my feet at the price, however I most definitely got my money's worth out of it and I'd recommend it to anyone. Not only is it adjustable to fit throughout pregnancy, but the extra panel means when you have your child in a carrier, they are protected from the elements too. It has a little hood for them as well when it starts to spit which is a super handy feature. It's been going strong for 3 years now and still looks almost brand new! Very comfortable to wear and also looks great too " shared parent tester Hannah.

Another great thing is it comes in a wide variety of sizes but Mamalila do recommend sizing up, especially if you anticipate layering it with a jumper or if you're tall for instance.

Pros: Versatile, lots of colour options, good size range
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Wear My Baby

8. Seraphine 3-in-1 Down Maternity Coat, £145

Best for extremely cold weather

3-in-1 Down Maternity Coat

Sizes: 6-18 | Colours: Black, Slate, Khaki

This coat is one of the warmest you can get, with a down filling that'll keep you warm in freezing temperatures. It has a warmth level of 4, meaning it's appropriate for extreme cold climates. The hood has a detachable faux-fur trim to make it even more cosy.

Unlike some of the other coats that have the option to purchase a baby carrier section, this nifty 3-in-1 coat comes with it included. The coat has clever zip-away stretch panels at the sides to accommodate for the growth of your bump. There's an optional matching belt which cinches you in at the waist.

Once the baby is born, there's an extra panel you can zip on the front to form a cosy kangaroo pouch, which zips up over your baby carrier or sling. The panel is designed to keep your baby warm, lined in soft velour and comes with a drawstring to stop the draught.

Pros: Great for extremely cold climates, panel for baby-carrying
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Seraphine

9. George Asda Maternity Fur Hooded 2-in-1 Padded Coat, £46

Best longline coat

asda george Maternity Grey Faux Fur Hooded Padded Coat

Sizes: S, M, L, XXL

If you are looking for a slightly less expensive option this George Asda maternity coat is great. Not only is it good value, but it comes in a wide range of sizes too.

The coat has a removable panel that allows your coat to grow with your bump and can also be worn after pregnancy with the baby in a carrier and the panel protecting them from the weather. It also has a collared neckline and padding to keep you snug in the colder months. The longline style makes it perfect for fitting over your bump comfortably and in style. The side pockets also come in handy to carry things around with you.

"This is the second maternity coat I've had from George and the last one lasted me two pregnancies and then the handy zip in panel meant it also doubled up as a baby-wearing coat for me afterwards, so it was well worth every penny, and nowhere near as expensive as other brands to begin with! The only reason I eventually passed it on to someone else is because I thought we were done having babies! As soon as I fell pregnant again, I knew I'd be buying another one from George. It doesn't disappoint!" shared parent tester Kayleigh.

Pros: Long-lasting, affordable, warm padding
Cons: Limited colours

Available from: George Asda

10. Bump It Up Maternity Curve Panelled Puffer Midi Coat, £59.99

Best for plus sizes

BUMP IT UP Maternity Curve Natural Brown Panelled Puffer Midi Coat

Sizes: 16-32 | Colours: Natural Brown, Black

Finding a plus size maternity coat can be a challenge. This one from Yours comes in a large variety of sizes and is warm and stylish. It adjusts with your growing bump through a toggle at the (high) waist.

It's made from a durable woven fabric, so should last you for years after the pregnancy too. The hood with faux-fur trim will keep you extra toasty when out-and-about. It's easy to do up with zip and popper fastenings to keep out the draught. The only downside, like so many others on this list, is that it's dry clean only.

Pros: Great for plus sizes, colour options, stylish
Cons: Expensive, dry-clean only

Available from: Yours


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