Waking up in the morning and feeling the cold floor beneath your feet is never a nice feeling, and with the rise in energy costs, you may be a bit more reluctant to put the heating on unnecessarily. This means you'll most likely be reaching for warm accessories like your favourite pair of slippers, trusty dressing gown, Oodie alternative or even a heated throw.


Slippers are not just for winter, they can be very useful in the warmer weather too, whether it's to give some grip on shiny tiled or laminate floors, or for when you're quickly popping out to the garden or the bins. Our list includes toasty slippers for indoors, and those with thicker soles for those quick tips outdoors too.

There are so many different types, brands and styles of slippers to choose from. To help you decide which brand of slipper is for you, we asked our panel of home testers what slippers they love. No matter your style and taste there's sure to be a pair of slippers you love included in this list.

Best women's slippers at a glance

  • Best long-lasting slippers: UGG Slippers, from £80
  • Best for variety: Totes Slippers, from £7.99
  • Best for memory foam slippers: VeraCosy, from £18.99
  • Best slippers for softness: The White Company, from £25
  • Best slippers for indoor and outdoor use: Crocs, from £44.99
  • Best slippers for summer: Mahabis, from £79
  • Best budget-buy slippers: TU, from £4
  • Best sustainable slippers: Hush Puppies The Good Slipper, £40
  • Best slipper socks: Boux Avenue, from £5
  • Best for warm up slippers: Warmies, from £16.95

What to consider when buying slippers

Comfort and support – This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of slippers. You need to think about which slippers will provide the most comfort for you. For example, if you're prone to getting hot, sweaty feet then fluffy slippers may not be for you. Depending on your feet you may want a deeper insole or a memory foam insole for extra comfort.

Ease of wear – Slippers should be easy to slip on and off not a faff to do up. Make sure you choose a pair of slippers that you can easily get on and off. However, if you keep them on all night then that may not matter to you as much as someone who is constantly slipping them on and off.

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Indoor or outdoor use – Some people only wear slippers inside, but if you want to be able to wear your new slippers outside too, it's a good idea to opt for some that have thick soles and that will protect your feet (especially if you have gravel - Ouch!).

Style – This is completely up to you and with so many slippers to choose from, you will be sure to choose a style that matches you and makes you feel good.

Practicality – This is similar to ease of wear, but do think about whether other options such as slipper socks (also in this list) may be a better option, especially if you find slippers fall off all the time or are just difficult and annoying to wear.

Our pick of the best women's slippers...

1. UGG Slippers, from £80

– Best for long-lasting slippers

UGG slippers

UGG is very well known for producing good quality footwear, including the soft and fluffy slippers. That high quality (which unfortunately, is represented in the price) means you can expect these slippers to last you a while. Therefore, although they are on the more expensive side, they can be a great great investment compared to cheaper pairs that break repeatedly.

Parent tester Amber can vouch for the longevity of UGGs. "I've had an UGG pair for years, they're fab, I'd definitely invest in another pair as they've lasted me so long," she said. Parent tester Emma recommended "UGG slippers no competition," when asked which slipper brand is her favourite.

UGG's iconic slip ons have soft suede uppers with plush sheepskin lining that helps to regulate temperature, meaning they should keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The sole of the slipper is rubber, making them feel quite sturdy too. You can get the renowned Ugg slipper in lots of different colours but if you're not a fan of the more obvious UGG designs but want good quality slippers, they do have other options to choose from, such as fluffy sliders.

Pros: Good quality, good longevity
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: UGG, Schuh and Office

2. Totes Slippers, from £7.99

– Best for variety

Totes Slippers

If you're not sure what style slippers you want, then you could take a look at Totes, as there's such a large variety, not only in styles but also in price. The slippers range from £7.99 to £55, so whether you want to spend a little or a lot, it's likely you will find something that you like.

Totes sells everything from ballet flats to booties, full back slippers, moccasins, mules and open toe sliders. If you liked the look of UGGS but you're not willing to pay the large price tag you may find slippers from Totes that look pretty similar.

Parent tester, Sam said, "I like changing my slippers regularly so I tend to go for mid range brands. I currently love my Totes slippers as they're slide ons and still feel brand new after a few months".

Pros: Large variety and good price
Comfort over fashion

Available from: Totes

3. VeraCosy, from £18.99

– Best for memory foam

VeraCosy slippers

If comfort and support for your feet is the most important thing you consider when choosing slippers, then VeraCosy slippers may be your perfect match.

The curly fur memory foam slippers (pictured above) have a 30 degree raised front with a toe design which moulds to your feet. The high-density memory foam cushion within the slipper makes these slippers even more comfortable and supportive of your delicate feet.

They come in lots of different colours and styles, without compromising the memory foam insole.

Pros: Great comfort and design for support, memory foam insoles and good price
May not be to everyone's taste and style

Available from: Amazon

4. The White Company, from £25

– Best for softness

The White Company slippers

The White Company sells so many lovely things, but the slippers, according to parent tester Jacqueline are, "like putting your feet into little cloud like pillows. So soft and fluffy". There's a limited but beautiful collection of slippers, mostly in gorgeous neutral colours that coordinate with other products in the range like dressing gowns and PJs.

Styles range from waffle slip-ons to sheepskin sliders, but all are super soft are perfect for keeping your feet toasty.

Pros: Soft, fluffy, comfortable and stylish
Cons: Do not have the support some of the other brands offer

Available from: The White Company

5. Crocs, from £44.99

– Best for indoor and outdoor use


You can't talk about the best multipurpose slippers without mentioning Crocs. Although they're not technically slippers, a lot of people wear Crocs as slippers as they are great for both indoor and outdoor use, if you don't want to keep changing shoes to go out into the garden.

There has been a long debate as to whether Crocs are trendy or not, and no matter which side of the fence you sit on, there's no denying they're comfortable, practical and super easy to slip on. At around £50 they are quite expensive, however since they can actually be worn outside day to day, they might be worth the price tag.

They're available in so many funky colours and patterns so you will definitely be able to find a design that best suits your style and personality. The iconic clog shoe is lightweight and the ventilation ports make them breathable.

Parent tester Clara said, "Cros are great for outdoors, easy to slip on, wipe clean, super comfort and last ages".

Pros: Great for wearing indoors and out, available in lots of colours and designs, breathable, easy to wipe clean
Cons: Fairly expensive and some may not be to your taste

Available from: Crocs, Schuh and Office

6. Mahabis, from £79

– Best for summer


Slippers aren't just for winter; you may not like walking bare foot around the house, or maybe you just like to have slippers on so if the need arises, you can run outside. Mahabis slippers' new breathable range is perfect for keeping your feet covered yet cool when we are fortunate enough to get sunny weather.

The slippers have been designed to be light and breathable slip ons using a mesh tencel upper, and EVA soles for lots of cushioned comfort. You get the comfort of a slipper with the wearability of a sandal or pair of trainers.

Pros: Breathable and lightweight
Cons: May not keep your feet warm in the winter and fairly expensive

Available from: Mahabis

7. TU, from £4

– Best budget buy

TU slippers

For affordable slippers, Tu at Sainsburys has a lovely selection that's amazing value. Do bear in mind that with a lower price, you'll often have to sacrifice longevity. You can't expect them to last as long as brands such as UGGs and Crocs so you may have to replace much more frequently.

If you like to mix things up, this does mean you can keep changing up the style and designs. They sell styles such as ballerina slippers, full slippers, mule and slider slippers.

Parent tester Eloise actually said, "I find supermarkets are the best for slippers! I love the Sainsbury's ones I recently bought".

Pros: Great value
Cons: Not a huge selection to choose from, may not last

Available from: Sainsbury's

8. Hush Puppies The Good Slipper, £40

–Best sustainable option

Hush Puppies The Good Slipper

For the best sustainable option, look at Hush Puppies' new Recycled The Good Slipper range. They're crafted from 90% recycled polyester that's better for the environment. The slipper has a soft organic cotton sock and a 100% recycled foam bed.

Just because the slippers are eco-friendly, that doesn't mean they skimp on comfort, they are made with a durable natural rubber sole for added grip and extra comfort. Plus, you know with Hush Puppies that you're getting good quality slippers that will last.

Pros: Eco-friendly and comfortable
Cons: Not the most attractive looking slipper

Available from: Debenhams and John Lewis

9. Boux Avenue, from £5

– Best for slipper socks

Boux Avenue slipper socks

Some people are not a fan of slippers as they can come off easily, feel heavy or even just be annoying when walking up the stairs. If that's how you feel, you could try slipper socks. They will keep your feet toasty without annoying you and coming off, plus you can keep them on in bed on especially cold nights.

Boux Avenue has lovely fluffy socks in a range of gorgeous colours. You can choose from pale blue, pink, white, oatmeal or grey. They have a fleece lining and are machine washable.

Pros: Cheap, easily washable and will stay on
Cons: Can't wear outside as no soles

Available from: Boux Avenue

10. Warmies, from £16.95

– Best for warm up slippers

Warmies slippers

Do your feet get extremely cold? These heatable warmies slippers have extra thick non-slip foam soles and are microwavable, scented with French lavender. They are said to provide a spa like treatment, with their heat therapy, aroma therapy and weightedness. Parent tester Mercy said the slippers are "amazing in winter when you can't get warm".

Another great thing about these slippers is they can also be used as a cold pack, just place them in a sealed freezer bag and freeze them for 2-3 hours. This can reduce your temperature, but also ease sprains, bruised and reduce swelling.

Pros: Can heat them up, provide aroma therapy, help wellness and feet injuries
Cons: Weighted so quite heavy on your feet


Available from: Amazon

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

When testing and selecting the best slippers for women, we considered comfort, value, ease of slipping on and practicality for indoor/outdoor wear.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don't just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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