A hooded blanket is a fairly new fabulous invention. Why snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa when you can wear the blanket? Their popularity is ever increasing, especially with recent circumstances which have left us staying in a lot more than going out.


The idea for the Oodie was created by Australian brothers David and Todd Fogarty in 2018. Their demand skyrocketed in lockdowns and is ever-increasing. They are known for being quite expensive, starting at around £84 for adults and £77 for kids. However, they do have bundle offers where you can buy a twin pack or a whole family pack together for cheaper. They are also best known for having really fun prints and some limited edition ranges such as, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes and Space Jam.

Because Oodie is on the pricey side, many choose to purchase an alternative. There are so many hooded blanket options out there, more than you would ever expect for what you may see as a niche area.

However, with heating costs rising and very unpredictable British weather, there is nothing better than being cosy. You could even wear it whilst working from home, however, depending on the dress code, maybe remove before you go on a Teams call.

Another great thing about hooded blankets? Your whole family can wear them, most come in one size, but you can buy them for women, men and kids.

We asked parents whether they have a hooded blanket and which brands, other than Oodie were their favourite and why, to help you choose the best option.

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Best Oodie alternatives at a glance

  • Best for matching with your dog: Snuggy, £34.99 (kids), £59.99 (adults)
  • Best for a hooded blanket that turns into a teddy: Lelesta Pets Hoodie Blanket 2-in-1 Folding Animal Hoodie, £11.99
  • Best for a shorter length: John Lewis Ony Original Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £24.99 (kids, £36.99 (adults)
  • Best for a calming look: New Look Girls Mint Green Cloud Fleece Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £27.99
  • Best for a zip-up: The Big Softy Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £32.99
  • Best for personalisation: Kids Personalised Oversized Hooded Blanket, £21.99
  • Best for a teddy fleece look: The M&S Snuggle Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket, £19.50 (kids), £25 (adults)
  • Best for patterns: Kudd.ly, £89 – Save when buying more than one with code: HBFALL
  • Best for a heated hooded blanket: Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho, £89.99
  • Best for style: Olivia Bowen Cream Hooded Blanket, £40

Our pick of the best Oodie alternatives

1. Snuggy, £34.99 (kids), £59.99 (adults)

– Best for matching with your dog


Sizes: Kids, adults (and dogs)

Snuggy's oversized hooded blankets try not only to be comfortable but also practical. They come with enormous pockets and are made from premium materials to keep you extra cosy. They also have elasticated cuffs, wide sleeves and a big hood.

Unlike some of the other hooded blanket brands, you can even match with your dog. Snuggy sell hooded blankets for kids, adults and dogs, so the whole family can join in on the cosy fun.

The Snuggys come in lots of different colours. However, unlike the others in the list, they do not currently do patterned hooded blankets.

MFM home tester Natasha and her 8 year old daughter both have a Snuggy and said, "they are so warm and I live in mine... wear it on the school run, to the shops, everywhere".

To make looking after your Snuggy quick and easy, it's machine washable.

Available from: Amazon

2. Lelesta Pets Hoodie Blanket 2-in-1 Folding Animal Hoodie, £11.99

– Best for turning into a teddy

Lelesta Pets Hoodie Blanket 2-in-1 Folding Animal Hoodie

Sizes: Kids

A hooded blanket that turns into a plush animal when you're not wearing it, what else could you want?

This fun hooded blanket can be decompressed at anytime from a cuddly animal toy to a soft pet hooded blanket. It has oversized pockets that children can put their hands in to keep warm (or store snacks for movie nights).

More like this

One size claims to fit all boys and girls, and it comes in a variety of 4 coloured pets.

There's no worries when it comes to washing this hooded blanket either, simply throw it in the washing machine with ordinary clothes. It can also go in the tumble dryer.

Available from: Amazon

3. John Lewis Ony Original Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £24.99 (kids), £36.99 (adults)

– Best for a shorter length

John Lewis Ony Original Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Sizes: Kids and adults

If you're after a hooded blanket that isn't as long, especially for kids, if you think they will struggle with stairs, this John Lewis option is perfect.

Much like all the other hooded blankets on this list it has extra large pockets. It's made from a super-soft outer flannel fleece and finished with an extra thick inner sherpa fleece.

The Ony hooded blanket is available for adults and kids, in a variety of colours. It's machine washable but it's recommended you don't tumble dry - take a look at how to to dry clothes indoors.

Available from: John Lewis

4. New Look Girls Pink Strawberry Fleece Oversized Hooded Blanket, £27.99

– Best for a calming print

New Look Girls Mint Green Cloud Fleece Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Sizes: Girls (XS-L)

This super cute green cloud hooded blanket is great if you're after a calming and cosy print.

It's got long sleeves and an enormous pocket on the front, much like all the other hooded blankets listed.

It's important to note that this hooded blanket is quite long for children, so it may be best suited for slightly taller or older children if you're worried about trip hazards.

Again, the hooded blanket is machine washable.

Available from: New Look

5. The Big Softy Oversized Blanket Hoodie, £32.99

– Best for zip-up

The Big Softy Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Sizes: Women and men

This hooded blanket has layers of cuddly teddy bear fleece on the outside and soft fuzzy sherpa on the inside.

It's 38" long so covers you completely if you wish to sit cosied up with your legs inside.

Unlike the other hooded blankets, this one has a zip up collar so you can zip it up, zip it down, fold the collar up or have the hood up, whichever you like.

One size should fit all men and women. When it comes to washing, they can go in the washing machine on cold and then can be tumble dried separately on low.

It comes in a variety of 3 colours; pink, black and grey.

MFM home tester Hayley has this and said, "I got this for Christmas and it is the warmest, cosiest softest blanket I've ever had!".

Available from: Amazon

6. Kids Personalised Oversized Hooded Blanket, £21.99

– Best for personalisation

Kids Personalised Oversized Hooded Blanket

Sizes: Kids

With this Etsy option, you can get your child a personalised hooded blanket to make it that little bit more special.

Just because it's personalised does not mean you lose any of the softness. It's made from 100% soft touch teddy or sherpa fleece. you get the choice between a sherpa material or teddy material when purchasing.

The name is embroidered across the top of the hoodie. There are 2 styles of fonts available to choose from, you can also pick the colour thread you want the embroidery to be.

The hooded blanket comes in blush and grey and has a large pocket at the front. It's also machine washable.

Unfortunately, you can't get this personalised hooded blanket for adults.

Available from: Etsy

7. The M&S Snuggle Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket, £19.50 (kids), £25 (adults)

– Best for teddy fleece look

The M&S Snuggle Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket

Sizes: Kids and adults

This M&S Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket looks extra cosy with the Teddy effect making it extra thick.

It has a large kangaroo pocket again, to put your hands in or store anything you like.

It's available in one size for kids from 6-9 years and one size for adults in grey and a natural creamy white.

The blanket is machine washable and it can be tumble dried at a low temperature, so it's easy to look after if there do happen to be any spills or messes.

This is a slightly shorter option again than some of the others, which may be a good thing when considering safety of your child walking up and down the stairs.

Available from: M&S (adults) and M&S (kids)

8. Kudd.ly, £89

– Best for patterns


Sizes: Adults

Kudd.ly is probably the closest alternative to the Oodie and is on the pricier side. However, unlike many of the other options which have only offered a choice of colours, Kudd.ly offer a variety of fun patterns to choose from too.

The design of the hooded blanket is based on an oversized 6XL hoodie. It's got an extra-large front pocket pouch and is made from a soft plush and cosy sherpa fleece interior and a breathable MicroCool teddy fleece exterior to ensure you don't get overheated but remain cosy.

MFM home tester Shauna, has both an Oodie and a Kudd.ly and did a helpful comparison of the 2. "The Oodie is wider but shorter in length. The Oodie sherpa fleece does feel slightly softer. The Kudd.ly is longer in length and shorter in width, the front pocket is quite low towards the bottom of the blanket and the hoodie is double lined which gives it a clearer better quality look."

The Kidd.ly is machine washable and can be air or tumble dried.

Unfortunately, as of now, this is only available for adults.

Available from: Kudd.ly – Save when buying more than one with code: HBFALL

9. Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho, £89.99

– Best for heated

Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho

Sizes: One size

With cost of living constantly on the rise, you may be more reluctant to put your heating on and a normal hooded blanket may not be enough to keep you warm this winter. If you just can't get warm then this heated poncho is ideal for you. Take a look at our best heated throw article for more options to save you from putting the heating on.

The poncho has fasteners to hold it in place around your shoulders, your arm will be covered and toasty but sill free to move whether you're sitting down with a cup or tea and book, playing the PlayStation or working from home.

The poncho is made from a super soft flannel fleece and has 9 heat and 9 time settings to ensure you're experiences the right amount of warmth. For safety it comes with overheating protection to stop you getting too hot and sweaty in your heated poncho.

To wash, just detach the controls and throw it in the washing machine at 30°.

Available from: Lakeland

10. Olivia Bowen Cream Hooded Blanket, £40

– Best for style

Olivia Bowen Cream Hooded Blanket

Sizes: Adults

If you're looking for a somewhat glamorous hooded blanket, this Olivia Bowen one is beautiful. It's a clean cream and is made from polyester, flannel and sherpa to keep you extra cosy.

Again, it has a huge front pocket and elasticated sleeves.

If you want to feel cosy but still look the part this may be just what you need.

However, it is only available in one colour, whereas with most of the other options you can choose the colour you like.


Available from: In The Style

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To choose the best Oodie alternatives we asked parents which brands and particular hooded blankets they used and recommended.

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