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The best toiletries for newborns, babies and toddlers

Skincare and bath products to keep your little one feeling soft and smelling great


Daily baths are a wonderful time to relax, interact and play with your baby before bed, so we’ve had a look at some of the best baby toiletries including body wash, shampoo and skincare for you to try with your little one. 


For newborns, the NHS and the NCT advise not to use anything apart from cotton wipes and clean water to clean your baby, as soap and other products are harsher on a new baby’s skin, which is thinner than an adults’ is. 

Once your little one is a few weeks or months into the world, you may decide to try some gentle cleansing products. We’ve included a list of some of our favourite baby shampoos, body washes and moisturisers which are specially designed for babies’ delicate skin. 

Some of the included products come recommended through our rigorous awards programme, so you can be sure these ones have been properly tested to get our coveted seal of approval. 

Whether you’re taking time for fun and games or calming interaction, you might also want to take a look at our best bath toys, best bath towels and best bath seats to get fully kitted out. 

Best baby body wash

1. Aldi Mamia Bedtime Bath, 79p for 500ml (16p per 100ml)

Awards: Silver – Baby and child bath and body wash, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Supermarket baby brand Mamia from Aldi took home the silver in our MadeForMums awards for its lovely Bedtime Bath wash. 

Our testers found that the scene relaxed little ones before bed and was gentle on young skin. A little product also goes far, so it’s long-lasting as well as low priced – a winning combination when it comes to product value.

MadeForMums’ tester and mum of 3, Chloe was particularly impressed with the smell and feel of the shampoo, “Such a nice lavender smell which helps them to sleep better and is so soft on their skin.”

Available from: Aldi 

2. Scrubbingtons 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash Foam, £3.99 for 200ml (£1.99 per 100ml)

Our testers were impressed with the foaming quality of the cleanser, which was awarded silver in our MadeForMums Awards, so it meant it was also fun for kids to enjoy during bathtime. 

The bottle on the pump is handy for one-handed parenting and the ingredients like inulin and panthenol are highly moisturising, making this great for dry skin. Scrubbingtons has a handy breakdown of all the ingredients in the foam wash on its website, so you can see exactly what goes into the product.

Tester and mum of 3 Tara was impressed with the quality of the product as well as how simple it was to use, saying, “the children could easily use the pumps themselves. Mess-free and product spread and lathered easily.”

Available from: Amazon, Tesco

3. Oilatum Soothe and Protect Head to Toe Wash, £4.99 for 300ml (£1.66 per 100ml)

Well-regarded for use on dry skin and eczema, testers were impressed with this brand’s head-to-toe body wash.

The mild scent isn’t too harsh and testers liked how it bubbled over the skin, including mum of 2 Anna who said, “It could be used easily in the bath or shower, with great bubbles and a good texture. We also found there was no adverse reactions.”

Available from: Amazon, Sainsbury’s

4. Kokoso Baby Skincare Gentle Hair & Body Wash, £7.99 for 200ml (£3.99 per 100ml)

This organic wash is mild and gentle on skin with the addition of 10% coconut oil making it extra nourishing. We also love how the smart packaging makes it a nice potential gift product for any new mums. 

MFM tester Sonali loved how soft the product made her little ones curly hair and said, “it didn’t bubble or froth, but it felt really soft on my skin when I tried it, and on my little one.”

It’s suitable for even for eczema-prone skin, too, so a great all rounder. 

Available from: Amazon 

5. Baby Kingdom 2-1 Hair and Body Wash, £17.95 for 250ml (£7.18 per 100ml)

Both vegan and hypoallergenic, Baby Kingdom’s wash uses natural ingredients like chamomile and nettle extracts to soothe and clear dry scalps. 

A slightly pricer choice, but testers were impressed with the easy to use packaging and how high quality it felt. MFM tester Magda commented, “Love the pump action bottle and the product leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised.” 

It’s also dermatologically tested so you shouldn’t need to worry about using it on young skin. 

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis

Best baby shampoo

6. Lidl Lupilu Baby Shampoo, 69p (35p per 100ml)

lupilu baby shampoo

Lidl’s Lupilu Baby Shampoo might have a budget price tag but the results were certainly premium, according to our testers.

Parents thought it provided endless bubbles at bathtime, smelled great and left hair soft and shiny. Tester Alex said it was, “Easy to use and purse friendly! My daughter loved the whole bath full of bubbles.”

The product is also hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, so you can feel reassured using it on younger skin. 

Available from: Lidl

7. Once Upon a Foxx Foaming Shampoo, £9.99 for 213ml (£4.69 per 100ml)

Vegan, natural and organic; the ingredients in this silver award winning shampoo tick all the boxes. Coconut, camomile and aloe vera are just some of those included in the beautifully foaming shampoo, which we found was great for detangling hair. 

MadeForMums tester Tara believed the product was worth paying a little more for, if natural ingredients are important to you. Mum, Ocean, also raved about the smell of the product and how soft it was on her son’s skin. 

Available from: Once Upon a Foxx 

8. Dalin Baby Shampoo, Classic, £6 for 750ml (80p per 100ml)

Our testers thought Dalin’s baby shampoo was really easy to use, especially with the pump on the larger bottle (great when you only have the one hand free!). 

One parent tester, Amy loved the smell of the product and said even a, “little goes a long way,” and that it was, “tear free for my 4 month old and 3 year old.”

The PH-balanced formula is completely free from parabens, alcohol and soap so it’s extra gentle on even very young skin.

Available from: Amazon 

9. Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash, £4.08 for 250ml (£1.63 per 100ml)

The 99% natural and over 50% organic shampoo and bodywash from Earth Friendly Baby is packed full of lavender to calm your little one during bathtime. The fragrance should help soothe them towards sleep before bed, while added chamomile is gentle on sensitive skin. 

A previous buyer loved the smell and thought the product was long lasting, “You don’t need much for 1 bath. 1 bottle lasts me around a month bathing every day.”

Another parent of a baby girl also said the shampoo didn’t appear to be sore or bothersome in case of any mishaps, “It has also gotten into her eyes and didn’t irritate her.”

Available from: Amazon

10. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash, £7.99 for 235ml (£3.40 per 100ml)

Awards: Gold – Baby and child skincare brand, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Fans of Burt’s Bees products can now share their favourite brand with little ones, thanks to its baby range. Tested by pediatricians and free from any nasties, this shampoo and wash uses soy proteins to cleanse little ones’ skin. 

It also promises to be tear-free, so there shouldn’t be any extra reasons for upset before bed. Our MFM testers were big fans of the Burts Bees range and found the natural ingredients were perfect for young skin. “The smells, the textures, the quality…it was literally 10’s across the board for me,” said MFM tester Sophie. “A little goes a long way with each of the products so you absolutely get your money’s worth.”

Available from: Boots, John Lewis, Amazon 

Best baby moisturiser and skin care

11. Mum and You Baby Explorer Face the Day Stick, £9.99 for 50g (£19.98 for per 100g)

Parents rate the Mum and You Baby Explorer Face the Day Stick as it os both effective and easy to use. 

Our testers found the balm was great for soothing irritated skin against the elements while the stick applicator meant it was easy to use when out and about. 

Mum of 2, Anna thought it was a, “great applicator for on the go and to keep everything hygienic when out and about,” while others were also particularly impressed by the hypoallergenic formula. The stick also meant there was no product wastage, as everything was pushed up and easy to use.

Available from: Amazon, Ocado

12. Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion, £12.95 for 200ml (£6.48 for 100ml)

White Mallow is known for its calming and nourishing properties so this is a great choice if your child has dry skin. 

Our testers found the lotion smooth and well-absorbing, rather than being tacky, so it was easy to apply to little ones’ skin. Mum of 3 Stephanie said she liked, “the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. It soothes my baby’s skin and has a very subtle scent. It has made her skin so soft again and she’s had zero reactions.”

Overall, testers were impressed with the quality of the product as well as its attractive and sustainable packaging. 

Available from: Amazon, Boots

13. Alteya Organic Kids and Baby Body Lotion, £8.30 for 110ml (£7.56 per 100ml)

This product was a winner for us thanks to the great consistency of the well-absorbing cream and the cruelty-free quality of the brand. It’s suitable for vegans and there are organic and non-GMO ingredients. 

It also works a treat on dry skin which, mum of 2, Katie found, “I liked the easy application and the smell. Both my twins have had very dry skin since birth, and I saw a noticeable improvement.”

Available from: Amazon 

14. Good Bubble Little Softy Moisturiser with Prickly Pear Extract, £3.99 for 200ml (£1.99 per 100ml)

You may recognise natural and organic brand Good Bubble from the Dragon’s Den. Known for being vegan and cruelty free, the brand teamed up to create a Gruffalo range which proved a best-seller. 

Ideal for sensitive skin, the mild and gentle formula was popular with parents with the addition of coconut and avocado oil making it super moisturising. 

Mum Puneet even said it didn’t sting 2 of her children’s eczema and added, “The cream had a nice consistency and with a pleasant aroma. Glad to know it is cruelty-free and free from commonly-used chemicals.”

Available from: Amazon and Boots

15. Little Butterfly Wrapped in Love Calming Anti-Pollution Baby Face Cream, £27 for 50ml (£54 per 100ml)

Awards: Bronze – Baby and child skincare brand, MadeForMums Awards 2021

This face cream for babies particularly suits city-dwelling families, as it is designed to create a protective shield from pollutants. 

Mum Charlotte was impressed with its effect on her son’s eczema prone skin saying, “this did seem to help his face be smooth,” and adding it felt like a quality product; “the cream is silky smooth with a lovely smell.”

Certified organic, the cream should ease irritation, itchiness and dryness on young skin. 

Available from: Feel Unique


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