10 of the best baby bath seats

Here's a pick of the safest bathtub chairs, mats, supports and bathtime aids for newborns to babies sitting up

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Baby bath seats: what to look for…

Bathing a baby can be a tricky business – a wriggly newborn, bubbles and soap can spell disaster. Add a toddler into the mix and it all makes for a pretty stressful situation.


Bath seats are designed to make bathing a baby that little bit easier and range from lie-back seats that sit on the floor of the bath to upright buckets that support your little one in a sitting position.

Some have straps or bumper bars and others have toys to keep your little one entertained. But please remember that baby should never be left in the bath unattended.

We’ve also got some great bath time tips from our MFM mums and simple step-by-step advice on how to wash newborns, as we know it can be surprisingly daunting!

Here are our top 10 baby bath seats…


Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather – from birth to 6 months approx – £16.99

A lie-back bath seat designed for babies from birth, until the time that they can sit up unaided, the Summer Infant  Deluxe Baby Bather sits on the bottom of the bath.

It has three recline positions and soft head support. A great feature is that the seat’s soft mesh fabric is machine washable and quick-drying.

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TummyTub – from birth to 6 months approx – £25

The TummyTub is a deep, tub-like baby bath that’s suitable for babies from birth to 6 months.

The design of the tub is meant to allow newborns to be in a natural, familiar foetal position, with the water level up to their shoulders.

Our MFM reviewer found it stable, durable and easy to store and says it’s ideal for parents after a womb-like bath experience.

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Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support – from birth to 6 months approx – £24.99

A soft, plastic pod designed to allow newborns and young babies to lie back, the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support warms up and molds around your baby as they lie in the bath.

The sturdy sides keep wriggly babies in place and a clever water level indicator gives peace of mind. It also wipes dry, has two carry handles and so is easy to move from the bathroom to another room.

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Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support – from birth to 6 months approx – £16.00

Designed for use in Stokke’s Flexi Bath this newborn support can also sit in a traditional tub. The sculpted chair may look more like a work of art than a baby bath but the deep, rounded seat is designed to support a baby’s natural shape and mimic the support of a steady arm (leaving your hands free to wash or coo at your newborn.)

Larger than some baby baths and a tad cumbersome to store, the Stokke Newborn Support makes up for its size in its cool design adding a touch of style to any bathroom.

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Prince Lionheart washPOD, from birth to 12 months approx – £19.99

Prince Lionheart is a US company that has been making products for babies and kids since the 1970s. And while the Prince Lionheart washPOD may look like a bucket on legs it’s an innovative way of bathing your baby and gently reminding them of the 9 months they spent in your tum.

Doctors, midwives, and mums rave about this product which allows your little one to be submerged up to their chest, making bathtime less messy (and saving a ton of water). The rounded edges and seat support add even more comfort.

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Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat – from 6 months to 12 months approx – £12.95

A clever bath seat that lets your baby sit upright in the bath, leaving your hands free to wash or play games with your little one.

The 360-degree swivel base rotates full-circle, so you can access those hard-to-reach areas, and the colourful ball attached to the front of the chair will keep junior entertained.

Suitable from around 6 months, the Swivel bath seat is safe, secure and perfect for when you’ve got a toddler and a little one in the bath at the same time.

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Mothercare Aquapod – from 6 months to 18 months approx – £29.99

A suckered mat with an open seat at one end, the Mothercare Aquapod lets your baby (from 5 months up) sit up in the bath, whilst a toddler plays at the other end.

The bright playful design (also available in a range of colours) will appeal to young children and a clever feature is the ‘hot spot’ which gives an indication of whether the bathwater is too hot.

Easy to handle and to store, the mat can be rolled up and has a carry handle on the back of the seat making it perfect for taking on your travels.

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BabyDam Bathwater Barrier – from birth to 3 years approx – £29.99

The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier is less of a bath seat and more a bathtime aid. It creates a barrier (hence the name) in the tub that saves time, water and energy when running a bath.

It’s easy to use, durable, suitable from birth and has a spill-hole that ensures you can’t make a bath that’s too deep for newborns.

The Bathwater Barrier fits all standard straight-sided family baths and is also great for toddlers, as the spill-hole can be plugged to ensure a deeper bath.

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Dream Baby Premium Deluxe Baby Bath Seat – from 5 months to 10 months approx – £20.99

The Dream Baby Premium Deluxe Baby Bath Seat is a clever, upright seat for babies from around 5-months-old (when they can sit unaided). The shaped seat base attaches to the bottom of the bath using suckers so it stays secure, even with a wriggly one inside.

The high back supports baby and the easy-to-release bumper bar makes it a doddle to get your little one in and out of the seat.  What’s more, the compact design makes it easy to store and it doesn’t take up too much space.

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