Help bathtime run that little bit more smoothly with our selection of baby bath accessories. We’ve had a look for the products which could make your life easier or even a little safer.


We've included some of our top-recommended, award-winning products, so you can trust that those picks have been thoroughly put through their paces.

When it comes to having fun in the bath, we’ve also found some of the best bath toys for little ones to enjoy as well as some more practical best baby bath seats.

Included in our selection below, however, are a helpful mix of tools including thermometers, non-slip devices, bath seats and much more. Take a look at our recommendations.

10 of the best baby bath accessories

1. Rubber Duck Bath Safety Toy, £3.49

Rubber Duck Bath Safety Toy

Not just a fun bathtime toy, the marker on the base of the duck turns white when the bath is too hot to help avoid any accidents. It’s also a cute and fun bathtime distraction for little ones to enjoy while they’re washing. There’s a gift set version if you’re thinking of present ideas for any other parents, too.

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With over 3,200 reviews on Amazon, this is a hugely popular piece of kit with families. Previous buyers were impressed with the quality of the duck, especially the fact that there aren’t any holes in the toy, meaning it doesn’t get mouldy as easily.

Available from: Boots and Amazon

2. Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser, £6


Why not inject a little adventure into your bathtime routine with a whale-shaped rinser. The rubber lip rests against the forehead to shield shampoo from little eyes during rinsing.

Parents were impressed with the usability of the product, like Jeanne, a mum of 1, who said, “It directs the flow very well and holds a decent amount of water so you only require a few jugs worth to wash out shampoo.”

Available from: Amazon, Boots and John Lewis

3. Munchkin Non-Slip Grippy Dots, £9.99


These practical suction cups create a non-slip surface as well as brightening up the bathwater a little. Cleverly, the word "HOT" will appear if the water temperature is too high, making it a multi-tasking safety tool.

At 12 in a pack, they’re pretty good value and previous buyers were impressed with the practicality of their purchases, with one mum saying, “They are so easy and quick to use…they have worked well to keep my children in place and above water.”

Other buyers seemed equally impressed as the dots have over 800 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.2 out of 5 stars overall.

Available from: Amazon and JoJo Maman Bebe

4. Lidl Lupilu Safety Cotton Buds, 39p

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2020, Baby bathtime accessory – Joint Gold

Lupilu safety cotton buds

A simple, great value product which does the job well. That’s why we jointly awarded gold to these safety cotton buds by Lidl's Lupilu. Testers were impressed with the carefully thought-out shape of buds which made delicately cleaning tricky nooks and folds much easier.

The material also went down well, as Laura, a mum of 1, explained, “I like the fact it these are made from 100% cotton, the price is great and the design shape is also great for little ones. Excellent value for money.”

Available from: Lidl (in store)

5. Skip Hop Moby & Friends Silicone Soap Bath Sudsy, £10

Skip Hop Moby & Friends Silicone Soap Bath Sudsy

A cute bathtime companion as well as a handy tool for cleaning little ones. After being filled with soap, the suds can be squeezed through the soft silicone bristles to gently clean and massage your child.

It’s also mould-resistant so should stay cleaner for longer. It’s suitable for mums and dads to bathe babies and toddler with or older brothers or sisters can have a go themselves, from age 6 and up.

Available from: Amazon and John Lewis

6. Munchkin Bath Kneeler, £9.49


Help relieve sore knees as you learn over the side of the tub during daily bathtime. The bright, dotty design is colourful and fun but it’s the comfort provided by this kneeler which parents really praised.

Those who had bought the product in the past were impressed with the improved comfort it provided, saying it made the experience even more enjoyable.

One parent said it, “makes bath time more fun as you’re comfortable while bathing the little ones,” while another said it had helped previous pain she used to experience; “I was getting pins and needles in my legs from kneeling over the bath to bathe my child now I have no issues as the pressure has been taken off my knees.”

Available from: Amazon

7. Aycorn Digital Baby Bath and Room Thermometer, £10.97

Aycorn Digital Baby Bath and Room Thermometer

This thermometer is a great tool for more accurately assessing the temperature of the bath, as it can be submerged under the water. The thermometer works for rooms too, so you can also use it in the nursery.

The fun crab design should be a hit with kids and, with 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 400 Amazon reviews, it's also a popular choice for parents. Previous buyers said it was "easy to use," and praised its practicality as it, "floats on the water giving a digital temperature reading, but also flashes red if the water is too hot and says cold if it's too cold."

Available from: Amazon

8. Summer Infant My Bath Seat, £29.99


This bath seat helps support little ones while they’re being cleaned as a sort of highchair for bathtime. Using the seat should also mean your hands are freer to do all the practical tasks and, of course, playing.

Previous buyers were impressed by the practicality of the seat, especially the non-slip function, with parent saying it was, “easy to install and remove, very sturdy and has a non slip seat so baby is not slipping.” One particularly pleased buyer even added that it was the “best thing I've purchased in a while.”

Available from: Smyths Toys

9. Wemk Bath Toy Bag, £7.99

Wemk Bath Toy Bag

A neat, functional addition to any bathroom, this organiser will help keep all your bath toys and bits and bobs in one place. There’s one main section plus three extra pockets to help separate different items and it uses adhesive hooks so it should attach more securely to the wall than suction cups.

Previous buyers were impressed with the product, with over 1,000 reviewers scoring it an average of 4.6 out of 5. Buyers praised how it helped organise their bathroom toys and particularly by how much could be fitted into the bag and pockets. It also comes with a baby sponge included.

Available from: Amazon

10. Munchkin Soft Rim Shampoo Rinser with Easy-Grip Handle, £4.99

Munchkin Soft Rim Shampoo Rinser with Easy-Grip Handle

To try and prevent tears before bedtime, this purpose-made rinser should reduce the amount of soap suds on your little one’s face. Munchkin’s soft rinser moulds to their forehead to direct water away from their eyes.

A simple and inexpensive bathtime tool which was popular with previous buyers, who rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars through over 500 Amazon reviews.

Parents praised it as “a great bath time essential for anyone with children” and “soft and easy to control the water which means less shampoo in my daughter’s eyes.”

Available from: Asda and Amazon


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