Bathtimes and bedtimes played a key role in our home testing schedule, with bubbles, scents and lotions being tested across the UK on baby and children’s delicate skin (although sometimes the whole family got involved in trying out the products!). While all children’s skin is particularly sensitive, some of our parents also reported on how their products fared on eczema-prone skin. We looked at the packaging and the ingredients lists, from natural options to scent-free and organic, and in all cases we took into account how easy and pleasant the products were to use, and whether they offered good value for money.

Our team of judges included a GP – who also happens to be a parent – to give an extra layer of expertise to our overall verdicts on the value and effectiveness of these health-related products. And our army of teething babies were the real experts when it came to testing out soothers and remedies for sore gums.

Health & wellbeing

Hero health product for babies & children

Key features we tested/judged ease of use, appeal to parents, worth the money, quality of product, effectiveness


A small amount and a little goes a long way and absorbs nicely into the skin
Amy, mum of 1

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved how easy this ointment was to use - and how it is made from all natural ingredients. The packaging – a glass jar – also scored points with our eco-conscious parents. It was formulated by a mum who was looking for something that would soothe her baby’s highly sensitive skin, and can be used on babies from 6 weeks old, and on all skin types - even those with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. Judges liked the fact it's unscented and can be used anywhere on the body - some of our testers even used it to soothe their chapped lips!

Tester, Amy adds: “It does work! The big appeal is that it’s natural and free from any nasties. It has only just started to help my little girl's skin, so seems it needs to be used for quite a while to have an effect. The balm is nice to use and doesn’t leave an annoying residue. It also comes in a lovely glass tub.”



Why it's a winner: Our judges loved that this is made of all-natural ingredients, and no chemicals. It can be used with children over the age of 3, and is suitable for adults, too. You simply leave this on for 10 minutes and then wash it out again, and repeat 3 days later as - although it is effective on killing lice, larvae and nits on the first application - a second application is still recommended. Our testers found it really effective, easy to use, and they liked the smell, too. It also picked up points for including a handy nit comb.

Tester Sarah, mum of 4, says, “This got rid of headlice after the two treatments. It’s so easy to use - just pop it on your child’s head, leave the required time, comb and wash. I did find - as it is oil based - it is quite hard to wash out and left the children’s hair greasy for a number of days, but this is the only downside. I like that it’s made of natural products, as I don’t like the idea of constantly putting chemicals on my children’s heads.”

JOINT BRONZE - WASuP STING RELIEF, £8 for 4 capsules


Why it's a winner: Our testers loved the natural ingredients and the clever design of these little round devices. You press it, and a bamboo (biodegradable) wipe is doused in 100% apple cider vinegar, ready to use on stings. These are really handy to keep in your nappy bag or take anywhere you might need them. Testers also liked the fact that all the packaging was recyclable, too.

Consumer Reviews Editor Christy McGhee, mum to 2, says, “It's a really fun product to use and the button may distract a crying child. It's also really portable. I would definitely pop some in my picnic bag for a day out. Love that it's natural and organic too.”

Available from: WASuP



Why it's a winner: Our testers really liked this little electric toothbrush, finding it much easier for kids to use than a manual brush. We like how it comes with a 2-minute timer to help you and your little ones know if they have brushed for long enough, along with the soft bristles and vibrations gentle enough even for tiny gums. Good to see batteries and a replacement head are included too.

Tester Kate, mum of 3, says, “Now we have this toothbrush, my toddler actually asks to brush his teeth, which was unheard of, as he used to hide before we tried the BabySonic. It has transformed tooth brushing!”

Finalists: New Edition NZ, New Edition Baby Hand Sanitiser | Bio-Kult Infantis, Bio-Kult Infantis

Hero health product for parents

Key features we tested/judged – quality and effectiveness of the product, ease of use, appeal to parents, value for money


This is a product you never think about buying but it is a must if you have had stitches. It makes those first few toilet visits less scary
Anna, mum of 2

Why it's a winner: This 650ml plastic water bottle won in our 2019 awards, and impressed judges again this year. It picked up high scores for its angled tip, which helps mums wash with warm water after they've been to the loo instead of using toilet paper. We found it was easy to adjust the flow – just squeeze for a stronger flow, or hold for a lighter flow. Judges felt it was ideal for after childbirth for when you’re too tender to use toilet paper because of a tear or an episiotomy, and felt it could really help dilute urine and wash and soothe the perineal area, to prevent stinging. Although it's not designed for long-term use, we felt it was a worthy purchase to help new mums feel more comfortable after birth.

Paediatrician and MadeForMumsAwards judge, Meena Hindmarch, says: “If you have the money this would be a fantastic item in those first weeks after birth. It has a really gentle flow.”



Why it’s a winner: When you’re pregnant, a lot of pain relief medication is off-limits, meaning that if you have a lot of back pain, there isn’t much you can turn to for relief. Although they’re not cheap per use, our testers felt these cooling patches were an effective, pregnancy-safe option for mild pain relief. Judges found the patches are easy to apply, stick well and are soft and comfortable to wear for even mum-to-be’s sensitive skin. They also worked quickly, and are ‘great for people on the go’.

Tester Rebecca, mum of 4, says: “For mild pain relief, they are brilliant. If you have a lot of lower back pain, the patches only take the edge off, but they are well-made and stick to the body very easily. One huge benefit is that the patch won’t rip out your hairs when you take it off!”



Why it’s a winner: Judges felt this sturdy wrap - which is easily strapped on and is c-section friendly - would do a great job of supporting your mid-core muscles after pregnancy. We liked the fact is is also designed to increase circulation - which is why it's good for c-sections - and reduce back pain and improve posture. When you’ve had a baby, your mid-core muscles are weakened, so a band designed to help push your abdominal muscles back together was a hit with our testers. Plus, they loved that you can wear it anytime, discreetly fitting it under outfits.

Tester, Natalie mum of 4, says, “I was really impressed with the quality of this product. It was very easy to use and felt very comfortable once it was on. You couldn't see it under my jumper so I was able to wear it while I was out. It helped my back to feel less sore and definitely helped me feel tighter around my stomach.”

Finalists: Puressentiel 2 (Air Spray), Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray | Puressentiel 1 (Rest & Relax), Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray

Home safety product

Key features we tested/judged value for money, quality of product, effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents


Very effective, my children were unable to open the window
Crystal, mum of 2

Why it's a winner: If you’re worried about your children opening the windows too far, then this product solves that problem neatly and easily. Our testers loved that it can be fitted to a wide variety of windows: wooden, uPVC, aluminium, steel, and so on. This small lock means that you can still open your window, but only enough to let a breeze in - 10cm, in fact - and not enough for your window to be unsafe. It can either be locked by a key, or a push-and-turn method. Although the cost of adjusting multiple windows would add up, judges felt this was a great DIY investment if you are concerned about a wide gap.

Tester Crystal, mum of 2, says: “Definitely worth the money, knowing that my children are safe and cannot open the windows.”

Available from: Jackloc and Amazon



Why it's a winner: Our testers loved that it is a plant-based cleaner, and from a well-known brand that they already trust. It also picked up points for being bleach-free and biodegradable, and effective at eliminating 99.9% of germs, including bacteria, fungi, and the flu virus. We felt it was reasonably priced, and testers loved that it's fragrance-free, too – no overpowering cleaning smell!

Tester, Rachael, mum of 4 says, “I found it very effective for cleaning my home, especially surfaces my young children regularly use. I feel my family is safe and protected by using this product. It's a good price for a trusted brand that’s been around for a long time and is also known as baby friendly.”

Humidifier/ Air quality product

Key features we tested/judged – effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents, value for money, quality of product


For those with children that have compromised immune systems - like ours - this is very appealing. It is in my son’s room and he hasn’t gotten sick since having the air purifier
Ashleigh, mum of 1

Why it's a winner: Our judges loved the claims this air purifier made: that it will clean your indoor air 5 times per hour, catching virtually every airborne particle including dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, allergens, viruses and bacteria. And our judges observed that their children seemed to get sick less often while the purifier was active. You do need to change its filter - but you can also get washable filters for it, which you pop in the washing machine or you can clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Tester Sammy, mum of 2, says: “The air definitely feels cleaner and the air purifier helps eliminate odours. Really easy to set up and use. Love the 3 different settings for strength of fan, although the strongest is quite loud. It’s sturdy enough to withstand being knocked over by my twins but very lightweight and so easy to move around if needed."



Why it's a winner: This noiseless humidifier was a hit with our judges because it has a big water tank, meaning it lasts all night easily. In fact, a full tank can last 22 hours. It also has a thermometer and night-light feature, which our reviewers loved. The humidifier works to monitor the humidity in your room (40-50% is perfect for a baby’s room), and release a cool mist when needed, which can help unblock mucous in the nose, throat and lungs. Our testers loved that you could add essential oils to it.

Tester Alexandra, mum of 1, says: “Once set up it is a handy gadget that seems to purify the air and I like the auto function that means you don't have to keep fiddling with it. It is a modern design with a big water tank, that doesn't feel flimsy or like it is going to break.”



Why it's a winner: The Airthings Mini can’t clean your air - but it can give you an insight into what you’re breathing in. While we talk a lot about how unhealthy outdoor pollutants can be, indoor pollutants can be pretty bad too. Our testers liked that they could learn more about the air in their home and how to improve it.

Tester Karin, mum of 2, says: “Very appealing to parents that worry about the air quality within their house especially living in a big city.”

New mum toiletries & products

Key features we judged/tested – quality of product, effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents, worth the money


Great product, great price, good length. Soft and biodegradable
Ali Bastian, actor and mum-to-be

Why it's a winner: Our judges felt the quality of Natracare’s Natural Maternity Pads was undeniable. Made from organic cotton, they were “soft to touch” making them comfortable on skin – in fact, one of our testers said these were the first maternity pads she’d used that hadn’t make her sensitive skin feel sore. Our testers rated their absorbency and said they were great in length size. The fact that these pads have no plastics, no dyes, chlorine-free, and 100% compostable, including the packaging appealed to our testers too.

Tester, Emma, mum of says: “They are gentle on your skin and very comfortable. The best pad I have used after child birth with all my 6 children. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family.”


Great product that works like magic. Just apply and go
Gemmalyn, mum of 1

Why it's a winner: Our mum testers instantly fell in love with the name, Vagina Victory Oil. They liked how it feels “nourishing and lubricating, yet light enough to easily absorb,” into their skin. One tester said she noticed its soothing affects straight away. Meanwhile our judges were also impressed by how a small amount goes a long way and how even after childbirth recovery, it can be used an all-over body oil too.

Tester Rebecca, mum of 2, says: “As a mum to a newborn this worked absolute wonders for me. Such amazing stuff. So pleased I got to try this. 100% recommended.”



Why it's a winner: All of our new mum testers felt “very secure” wearing the Bloom & Nora Bloomer reusable pads and loved the “fleecy” feel of these pads. So much so they’d happily use these pads even after the postpartum stage. And the fact that Bloomer reusable pads are a certified product free of harmful chemicals was another positive motivation. Our testers also welcomed having the choice of different size pads to cope with those light and heavy days.

Tester Chloe, mum of 2, says: “I think it’s a fantastic idea and concept especially for the environment.”



Why it's a winner: Parents trust award-winning Weleda as a gentle skincare brand and Weleda Nursing Oil worked wonders for our testers. One mum tester said it “worked as soon as it was applied.” Other testers liked the fact was unlike other nipple creams and oils. It didn’t sting, has no bad odour and didn’t feel greasy or sticky and has organic ingredients.

Tester, Sophie. mum of 1, says: “Very good product. Helped ease the pain I was suffering with. My daughter seemed to not mind as I tried other creams/oils but they were too greasy and she hated the smell of them.”

Soothers & dummies

Key features we tested/judged effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents, value for money, quality of product

GOLD – MAM NIGHT 0+ SOOTHER, £6.39 for 2

The glow in the dark function is brilliant - our baby can find his dummy in the night in his cot and soothe himself
Charlene, mum of 1

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved that you can conveniently sterilise these dummies in their storage box using a microwave. They also all felt that the dummies are the perfect size for a young baby with a soft, symetrically shaped silicone teat which helps them to stay in the correct position. Parents also liked the gaps in the silicone around the mouth area, which allow air to reach the baby's skin. And of course, the glow-in-the-dark feature means it's easy for parents or baby to find it in the middle of the night.

Tester Samantha, mum of 2, says: “Love the air holes around the mouth and they are a really good size still for my twin girls who are 9 months. We bought lots of dummies before our babies were born and ended up switching them all to MAM.”



Why it's a winner: Our testers really liked the easy-to-grip and durable design of these lightweight dummies. They’re made from 100% food-grade soft silicone, making them naturally antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. They’re also free from chemicals like BPA and BPS. Testers liked the distinctive shape, and felt they're "extremely comforting for a newborn".

Tester Meghan, mum of 2 says; “I found the soother stayed in my daughter's mouth for longer than most soothers she has used.”



Why it's a winner: Made specifically for premature or small babies, these 100% high-quality silicone dummies were a hit with our testers because of their unique size and lightweight design. They have extra small orthodontic teats, making them the smallest of all MAM dummies and judges felt they were sturdy and durable, and easy to clean. The fact they come with a handy travel and steriliser case, which you can use to sterilise in a microwave, was also highly rated.

Tester Samantha, mum of 2 says; “I really like the material these dummies are made from. Really durable and easy to clean - perfect for a busy mum of twins. I would recommend these dummies for newborns and premature babies.”

Teethers & teething products

Key features we tested/judged value for money, quality of product, effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents


My daughter really enjoys it, it’s her favourite teething toy by far
Sara, mum of 1

Why it's a winner: This chewable lion was such a hit with our testers. They all loved the design - it is really easy for babies to grab hold of and put in their mouths. They also loved that you could apply teething gel to the textured bumps, to help with relieve gums. The teether is made of food-grade silicone, and the BioCote Antimicrobial Technology used to make it means germs are kept at bay.

Tester Sara, mum of 1, adds: “So far I haven’t seen any marks in spite of a lot of biting. The design of the product is beautiful. It’s small and convenient to bring anywhere. The shape also means that you can fasten it to the pram quite easily which is great! The packaging comes across premium.”


Great quality, I like they are natural rubber
Sarah, mum of 2

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved how easy this was to clip onto a buggy. They were also impressed that it is made from 100% natural rubber - no plastic. Each teether in this range is colourful and a fun design, and easy for little hands to grab. Our parents found them easy to clean, lovely quality and well-made.

Tester Charli, mum of 2 says; “A really lovely, quality teether that my daughter enjoyed using - she could hold it very easily. And it’s simple to clean!”



Why it's a winner: Our testers were big fans of the toothbrush bumps on the back of the monkey’s head. This would be a great place to apply teething gel to soothe gums. Putting gel on these bumps is a really hygienic way of helping your baby get some relief, too. The toy is dishwasher and freezer-safe, too, and judges liked the appealing design and the sturdy feel of it.

Tester Jo, mum of 2, says: “The teether is safe and sturdy. Cannot fault the quality and you can tell it will not fall apart, it feels totally safe.”



Why it's a winner: Our reviewers liked the versatility of this brightly coloured teether, which serves just as well as a fun rattle toy. It is a great size for little hands - and it can be put in the fridge to really help soothe little gums. Our home testers liked the fact the rattle isn't too loud, and their little ones found it soft and easy to chew on.

Tester Zoe, mum of 1, says: "My little boy loves to chew down on this teething toy. He currently has 2 teeth breaking through and I feel as though it's been a blessing for him to chew on. The bright colours mean he picks this toy first out of all his toys, it's very eye catching. Very easy to use, he was able to play with this straight away and has had no issues having fun with it."



Comprising: A silicone gum-soothing toothbrush

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved the idea of a teether being shaped like a toothbrush, and how easy it would be to apply teething gel to it, or toothpaste when their teeth start coming through. Its curved design fits the gum line, and you can sterilise it or put it in the dishwasher. It can also go in the fridge to help soothe aching gums.

Tester Emma, mum of 3 says; “Made from great quality materials. My 11 month old has a few teeth now and this is great at cleaning his teeth."

Finalists: Sophie la girafe original teether | Mizzie The Kangaroo – Baby Teething Toy 100% Natural Rubber

Teething remedies

Key features we tested/judged – effectiveness, ease of use, appeal to parents, worth the money, quality of product


I have tried other brands, but none seem to work as well as this - every time I gave it to my little one he was less frustrated
Asma, mum of 1

Comprising: 24 sachets of teething granules

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved this homeopathic remedy because the ingredients are all-natural. The granules are great for relieving the symptoms associated with teething - sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling. The fact that there are 24 individual portions in the box is another reason our testers liked them - they’re easy to put in your nappy bag and keep a few in each room of the house.

Tester Nicky, mum of 1 says; “Annabelle had 3 teeth come through over a couple of weeks and she was a lot more settled after the granules were given. I didn't need to continuously give them either, 1 dose seemed enough to take the edge off and make her a happier baby.”



Why it's a winner: Our testers trusted the brand Bonjela, so had high hopes for it. This thick gel works by creating a protective film on your baby's gums to help relieve pain, discomfort and inflammation caused by teething, and testers found it easy to use and effective. Judges also felt the sweet taste would help make application easier for a fractious baby.

Tester Abi, mum of 2 says: “The gel did work to sooth our daughter's teething discomfort. We had to use quite a lot of product and massage it into her gums, but it's a nice and thick gel, easy to get out of the tube to apply.”



Why it's a winner: Our testers loved that this mess-free teething gel tube comes with a built-in applicator, meaning it is so easy to use on targeted areas. You can put it directly into your baby’s mouth without having to put it on your finger first, and they may find the sturdy tip comforting to chew on as well. The sugar-free formula contains aloe vera, and works to form a barrier to help relieve teething pain.

Tester Samantha, mum of 1, says; “It is a small and mess free way of helping to sooth my baby’s gums. The little brush means it doesn’t go all over my fingers like other teething products. It is great that it is a anaesthetic and sugar free so I don’t feel bad giving my baby as much as he needs.”



Comprising: 20 sachets of teething powder

Why it's a winner: Our testers loved the price and the all-natural ingredients of this product, and felt it was a good value option. As with the Teetha granules, judges also felt the easy-to-open sachets were very convenient for keeping in separate places and storing in your changing bag and ensure you have the correct dosage.

Tester Joanna mum of 2, says: “I liked the size and the individual sachets, and they were easy to open.”

Baby bathtime & skincare

Baby & child bath and body wash

Key features we tested/judged – effectiveness, value for money, packaging, ease of use, ingredients, scent


Perfect for bath time as the smell relaxes and calms children as they transition into bedtime. Nice and soft on their skin
Jess, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: With an extremely budget friendly price, we felt the Aldi Mamia Bedtime Bath is fantastic value for money. Our judges also noted that a little goes a long way – meaning it won’t run out quickly. We were impressed by the mild yet pleasant scent – soothing enough to little ones smelling clean and scrummy and (most importantly!) ready for sleep.

Tester Jodie, mum of 1 says: “This matches more expensive products from different brands. It is really good quality for the price. The smell was gorgeous and it didn’t smell artificial. I hardly had to use any to do one bath. It also has an easy to use spout - good for home use.”



Why it’s a winner: Our judges were particularly fond of this foaming cleanser, as it allows you to use less product than gels – while also being fun and attractive to kids (especially those that don’t enjoy getting cleaned up!). They appreciated the natural ingredients, even for sensitive or eczema-prone skin, and felt it was a good pricepoint too. The pump feature was a big hit, allowing little ones the freedom to use it without emptying half the bottle into the bath.

Tester Tara, mum of 3 says: “Natural ingredients, good quality and effective product plus made responsibly with thought to the environment - ticks a lot of boxes for me as a mum and a consumer. The children could easily use the pumps themselves. Mess-free and product spread and lathered easily.”



Why it’s a winner: The Oilatum brand is well-known by families prone to dry skin conditions, and our judges loved that this all-in-one version can be used from head to toe. The extremely mild scent – ideal for eczema prone skin which can be more sensitive to artificial or heavily fragranced products – was also a hit. Baby and child testers found it was gentle on their sensitive skin, and loved how it bubbles up nicely.

Tester Anna, mum of 2 says: “I enjoyed using it and am glad I found another product suitable for my children. It could be used easily in the bath or shower. Great bubbles and a good texture. No adverse reactions, I think it is kind to skin.”

Finalists: Lidl Lupilu Baby Bath | Oilatum Soothe & Protect Bath Foam

Baby & child shampoo and hair care

Key features we tested/judged – value for money, quality of the ingredients, effectiveness of the product, ease of use


Really good value for money
Katie, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Our judges were pleasantly surprised by this budget-priced shampoo's credentials, which include being hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved. A clear winner in this category, it was loved by our parents for its purse-friendly price point, ability to do the job and the endless bubbles providing bath time fun even for newborns. Home testers lauded it as good value for money, leaving hair soft and shiny after each use with a pleasant smell.

Tester Alex says: “Easy to use and purse friendly! My daughter loved the whole bath full of bubbles.”



Why it’s a winner: A fun and practical product, Once Upon A Foxx isn't the cheapest product on the shampoo shelf, but judges loved its blend of gentle, naturally organic ingredients that left little ones' hair smelling wonderful. Not only did we find the shampoo foams up beautifully but it contains top notch ingredients such as coconut, chamomile, aloe vera and Calendula. Extra points for the special detangling agent, which makes sure hair is easy to brush through, and for being vegan friendly.

Tester Ocean says: “The quality is good, it smells nice and is soft on the skin I found when I was washing my son’s hair with it. Super gentle and melts in the skin”



Why it’s a winner: Dermatologically tested and suitable for newborns, we found this gentle baby shampoo smelled great and lathered up well. Those who tested it loved the handy pump (available in the larger size) for ease of use, as well as the fact it can be used from day one thanks its PH-balanced formula that's free from nasties such as SLS, Paraben, Alcohol or Soap. One tester even found it didn't irritate eczema-prone skin.

Tester Louise, mum of 1 says: “Really liked the pump for the larger size, it made it very to use when bathing baby and you have limited hands”

Finalists: Dalin Detangling Spray

Baby & child skincare product

Key features we tested/judged: quality of ingredients, ease of use, effectiveness, consistency, appeal to children, worth the money


Easy to use and effectively wards off the drying effects of wind, cold and runny noses. Kids love applying it too
Anna, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: The Baby Explorer Face the Day Stick perfectly tackles the ongoing challenge of protecting children’s delicate skin from the elements and other irritants, making it a convincing winner. We loved the effectiveness of the balm, with testers finding it quickly soothes irritated and even sore skin and provided a lasting barrier against the elements. The other outstanding feature is the stick applicator. Judges felt this simple design makes such a difference when applying the product to wriggly or impatient children, and loved that it means older kids can use it easily themselves. It makes it easy to apply on-the-go, making it very practical and hygienic - perfect to have it on-hand for repeat application. The hypoallergenic formula is the final element that makes this product one of our new favourite staples.

Tester Nadia, mum of 3 says: “This stick is a good idea and a great product. I used it on my teething baby whose face was getting sore. It kept her face soft and moisturised and prevented it from chapping. The stick makes it so much easier to apply, and there is no wastage. I will be recommending this to all my friends.”



Why it’s a winner: Oilatum promises to take the stress out of dealing with eczema in children, and our testers agreed that the Soothe & Protect Head to Toe Wash effectively helped keep their children’s skin irritation free. We like that this product can be used all over, on body and hair, and is easy to apply and rinse, with a great scent. Oilatum is often recommended by GPs for children with eczema-prone skin, and judges felt this was a really good-value option - the most affordable among our winners.

Tester Michelle, mum of 4, says: “This is very effective. Three out of 4 of my children have eczema - I used this on them and it is fantastic. Their skin feels so soft and not at all dry. It also smells amazing, fresh and clean. It actually does what it says: no dry skin or eczema flare-ups.”



Why it’s a winner: Known for its range of natural baby skincare, Weleda's Derma White Mallow Body Lotion impressed our judges with its soothing effectiveness. Our testers appreciated the high quality of the ingredients, as well as the sustainable packaging. We unanimously loved the consistency of the lotion - not too greasy or tacky and easily absorbed, making it a pleasure to apply to babies and children.

Tester Stephanie, mum of 3, says: “I love everything about this product. From the design of the bottle, the effectiveness of the cream itself and the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. It soothes my baby's skin and has a very subtle scent. It has made her skin so soft again and she’s had zero reactions. Happy baby, happy mum.”



Why it’s a winner: This lotion won the judges over with its great consistency and the way it sinks easily into the skin. It also has a winning scent and impressed with its eco and cruelty-free credentials. It is a well-thought out product, with a finely balanced list of certified organic and non-GMO ingredients, making it the option suitable for vegans. Most importantly, our testers reported that it is very effective in relieving dry skin.

Tester Katie, mum of 2, says: “I would definitely recommend this product. I liked the easy application and the smell. Both my twins have had very dry skin since birth, and I saw a noticeable improvement.”

Finalists: Dalin Baby Cologne | Dalin Light Oil Spray | Epaderm Junior | Lidl Lupilu Baby Lotion | Little Butterfly Wrapped in Love Calming Anti-Pollution Baby Face Cream

Baby bathtime accessory

Key features we tested/judged: quality, ease of use, effectiveness, appeal to children, value for money


cuddledry hooded towel
Feels gorgeous, the neck tie makes it easier to use than a standard towel and it’s large enough to last for a while
MadeForMums consumer & reviews editor Christy, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: This handsfree apron towel was a standout winner at the MFM Awards 2020, thanks to its superior softness and quality and its practical design and size. The bamboo-cotton fabric impressed judges and home testers alike. They also appreciated the size of this towel (112cm x 75cm wide), which lasts up to 18 months as an apron towel and well beyond that as a child bath towel - much more generous than other baby towels on the market.

Tester Vicky, mum of 1, says: “The quality of the product is great. The towel is super soft and feels well made. Even at 16 months my little girl loved that she went straight into a cuddle with mama rather than standing while getting wrapped in a normal towel. Her hair dried quicker with the hood, and all the time I stayed dry. I am a little jealous you can’t get them in adult bath sheet size!”

“These are quality, eco friendly and very practical to help you cleanse your baby all over” – Jade, maternity nurse


Why it’s a winner: This is an essential baby item at a fantastic price. The value and quality of this humble product impressed our testers, as the bud's unique shape helps safely cleanse around babies’ delicate eyes, outer ears, belly buttons and other skin folds. It is a simple, effective design and made of 100% cotton.

Tester Laura, mum of 1, says: “I like the fact it these are made from 100% cotton, the price is great and the design shape is also great for little ones. Excellent value for money.”



Why it’s a winner: This extra large apron baby towel appealed to our judges in looks and function. The 98cm x 98cm size impressed our home testers and they loved the softness of the fabric and the cute animal designs. We also loved the way it can turned into a dressing gown for older children.

Tester Elle, mum of 5, says: “A lovely item of very high quality. The towel is easy to use. There is plenty of material to wrap your little one in and the parent attachment is simple and foolproof.”



Why it’s a winner: The Organic Bamboo Hooded Towel secured a win with its softness and effectiveness. The quality of the eco-friendly materials delighted our testers, and they reported that the towel retained its softness even after washing. The generous size also means this is a long-lasting product that can be used for many years, and the matching mitten flannel offers additional fun for bathtime.

Tester Sian, mum of 1, says: “The quality of the product is great. It feels amazing. I love bamboo products. My daughter enjoyed playing with the mitten and ignored all of her bath toys. 100% worth the money. I would even buy 2 to have a spare one as I know it would last quite a few years.”

Finalists: ClevaMama Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel | Dalin Triple Nature’s Triple Touch Baby Oil | Tommee Tippee Splashtime Bath Toys

Baby skincare brand

Key features we tested/judged – product variety, value for money, packaging, ease of use, ingredients, scent


Top quality, natural properties and definitely has a luxurious feel
Kate, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: We felt the Burt’s Bee Baby range offers everything parents need to clean, soothe protect and moisturise their little one’s skin, and loved the fact every single product is at least 98.9% natural – 3 products are 100%. Our judges were impressed by the high quality of the “luxurious” products, which look good enough to gift. Stand out buys included the multi-purpose ointment, a perfectly blended, soothing all-rounder. The bubble bath produced lots of bubbles with just a small amount; testers felt the lovely scent was ideal for little ones.

Tester Sarah, mum of 1, says: “The multi-purpose ointment was fabulous and cleared up an eczematous patch on my son’s back which nothing else had touched. While there are cheaper products available, I think there is a noticeable step up in quality with Burt’s Bees. I like that the packaging uses flexible plastic for most of the products, as I can cut them open to completely finish the product and reduce waste.”

“We have really enjoyed trying the Green People Organic Babies range; I love the feel of them on the skin and the results they give" – tester Hannah, mum of 1


Why it’s a winner: Our judges loved this natural, organic range, finding the packaging easy and convenient to use and the “no fuss” design impressive. Stand out product was the Mum & Baby Rescue Balm, with a range of uses from perineal massage before birth to soothing babies' dry skin conditions. The lavender scent of the Baby Wash & Shampoo was also a big hit – perfect for night time cleansing ready for a good night's sleep.

Tester Hannah, mum of 1, adds: “My little girl has been suffering with a nasty cold causing dry and sore skin around her nose and mouth. Within a couple of days of using the Mum & Baby Rescue Balm on her face, it had improved significantly! I used some of the nipple balm as well since my baby has begun biting sometimes and it definitely helped to ease the soreness.”



Why it’s a winner: We thought teaming up with the classic kids book The Very Hungry Caterpillar was a great way to help parents establish a bath, book and bedtime routine, with a range of themed products that includes all you need to clean then soothe babies to sleep; Bubble Bath, Hair and Bodywash, Moisturiser and Pillow Spray. Thumbs up too for sensitive-skin formulations which are at least 97% naturally derived. Our judges found the products soft and gentle and liked the fragrances. They also praised the pump action packaging which allowed for quick and easy dispensing, particularly helpful when bathing a baby.

Tester Kate, mum of 1 says: “Quality is great, and it has a lovely fresh smell. The packaging appeals to children not just adults and the soft delicate wash was kind to my son's skin. The pump action packaging is great, it means you get a controlled amount that was just right. The bubble bath produced plenty of bubbles from a small amount and they stuck around for an impressive amount of time.”



Why it’s a winner: Specifically designed to manage dry skin conditions including eczema, one of our testers was "astounded" by the positive effect this had on her little boy's skin, with another saying it "worked wonders". Testers reported it being easy to use, effective even on cradlecap, and – a nice bonus – left their own hands soft after bathtime. They also loved the fact it doesn't leave an oily, slippy residue in the bath after.

Tester Alice, mum of 1 says: “My little boy has always had eczema and is very sensitive to certain products. Within a week myself and my partner noticed a significant difference. His eczema isn’t red or angry and is barely there at all. I’m amazed!”

Finalist: Weleda Baby


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