There was no napping on the job for our judges as they worked their way through the best sleeping and nursery products on the market. With the help of their little ones, our home testers tried out everything from sleepsuits and cribs to baby monitors and nightlights.


Using the products in situ everyday, with real families, gave us true insight into how easy to use and useful these products were. And we brought in sleep expert Lucy Shrimpton to guide us, as we looked at the products on our judging days at MadeForMums HQ.

We also conducted further in-house tests on certain key products. Knowing the importance of sleeping safely, we thoroughly investigated each entry in our cribs category, for example, measuring a range of criteria such as mattress firmness and breathability, maximum tilting angle and noise levels when dropping the side down. We also looked for key features such as portability and build time, and how well the covers washed.

Portable sleepers were similarly scrutinised, as we looked at how firm and supportive the mattress would be, and how suitable the design was for safe sleeping.

As with all our categories, entries earned top marks for being well-designed, easy to use, genuinely helpful to parents, and offering good value for money.

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Sleep & Nursery

Bedside crib

Key features we tested/judged: firmness of mattress, breathability (mattress breathability test), effectiveness, ease of build, appeal to parents and worth the money


Easy to build, breathable fabrics and easy-to-zip-down side without waking your baby
MadeForMums editorial director Susie, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: A best-seller, the Chicco Next2Me is designed to fit any bed including divan-styles, due to its retractable feet. Our testers liked the breathable, firm mattress and how easy it was to transport – either on wheels or folded in its carry bag. Tester Sarah, mum of 2, says, “It’s so easy to put up and down and can be used as a travel cot meaning that you don’t have to buy multiple products.” The quiet unzip/zip mechanism rated highly as it means it’s easy to feed your baby without waking them up. Sleep expert Lucy Shrimpton sums up the appeal of the Next2Me, saying, “It fits any bed, it travels, it’s lightweight and is great value for its features.”

Tester Caroline, mum of 1, says, “I like this product because you can sleep so close to your baby in the safest possible way. The easy zip-down wall is perfect for going between a bedside crib and a standalone crib.”

Read our full review of the Chicco Next2Me crib


Venture Hush bedside crib
A great value option if you want a safe, bedside crib on a smaller budget
MadeForMums editorial director Susie, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Cheaper than most of its competitors, the Venture Hush offers a comfortable, safe sleeping environment and a machine-washable mattress cover. The breathable mattress scored highly, as did its ease of folding up and down and transporting round in its carrybag. Our testers were really impressed with the firm mattress and Venture’s aim to create a mattress that’s firm enough to meet safe sleep requirements that’s still comfortable for your sleeping baby.

Tester Elouise, mum of 2, says, “A lovely safe option that’s attractive and modern to look at. It’s very simple to assemble and I would happily use this instead of a travel cot as it’s so light and easy to put up.”

Available to buy from Amazon, Venture and Ebay



Why it’s a winner: Quality of materials, safety and sturdiness are key highlights of Purflo’s Keep Me Close bedside crib. Our testers felt confident that this is a crib designed to keep their baby sleeping safely and securely, with a firm mattress and scoring very highly on its breathability. We also liked the fact that the tilt only works when used as a standalone crib, which is a good safety feature (it’s advised not to tilt a bedside crib when the side is down). The zip down feature to open the side was nice and quiet and tester Yasmina, mum of 1, even felt her baby slept better compared to his normal crib.

Tester Nicola, mum of 2, says, “The mesh sides are sturdy yet very easy to see through - I can see whether the baby has her eyes open or is just stirring from quite a distance away which is great. I also like the Scandi-style design, which makes it look much more expensive than it actually is.”

Read full review of the Purflo Keep Me Close Breathable crib



Why it’s a winner: A stylish looking bedside crib, with high-quality materials including a very breathable mesh mattress and sides. Our testers found it easy to set up and fold away into its own carrybag. But it’s the extra features that really delight – the smooth rocking feature was very popular with our testers, the generous and useful storage shelf underneath and, like the Purflo, it only tilts when used as a standalone crib.

Tester Tara, mum of 2, says, “The rocking feature is fantastic and really helped me to settle my baby when she was overtired fussing. The shelf is another bonus for storing wipes, muslins, nappies, spare sleepsuits and anything else you might need in the night. It’s also easy to view my baby as she sleeps when being used as either a bedside or standalone crib thanks to the mesh panels on either side.”



Why it’s a winner: A beautifully stylish yet sturdy bedside crib from nursery and car seat manufacturers Maxi-Cosi, the Iora features a good, firm mattress and a storage basket underneath. The Iora’s design and soft, quality fabrics were a big hit with our testers. “We love the Iora’s style – in particular the muted fabric colour and wood finish,” says tester Georgina, mum of 2. The Iora’s adjustable height and slide function also scored highly, meaning that the crib sat flush against our testers’ different height mattresses.

Tester Ella, mum of 1, says, “It feels amazing to touch, and the mattress is luxurious (just what I want my little princess sleeping in!). I find it so easy to settle my baby once in the crib and I feel I sleep better knowing she’s safely next to me. I love the fact that it can fold away easily for travel too.”

Finalists: BabyHub NeoSpace Bedside Crib | Chicco Next2Me Magic | Joie Daydreamer Kubbie Sleep | Purflo ‘Keep Me Close’ Breathable Bedside Crib | Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib | Snüz SnüzPod 3 Bedside Crib

Portable sleeper - basket, pod, carrycot

Key features we tested/judged: effectiveness, safety, portability, comfort for baby, appeal to parents, value for money


This ticks all the boxes for providing a safe place for your baby to sleep – a reassuring and quality product
MadeForMums Editorial Director Susie, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: A lightweight, highly portable moses basket, offering a great solution to enable you to follow Safe Sleeping advice to keep your baby in the same room as you during the day as well as at night. Our testers loved the firm mattress, the fact that it comes with a seal of approval from The Lullaby Trust, and the breathability of both the mattress and the basket itself – its design features 300 holes and a washable cotton liner. The big handles make it easy and safe to carry, and one tester was looking forward to using it as a washing basket once her baby had moved to a cot! You can also combine it with an optional rocking stand (£99.99 for basket and stand).

Tester Holly, mum of 1, says, “I’m am really impressed with the quality of the Sleepee moses basket. It’s sturdy, made of eco-friendly material and is really easy to clean as it is wipeable or easily washable. It is great for day time naps around the house due to how easy it is to move. My baby slept well and I feel that I am putting her somewhere safe due to the multiple air holes in the bassinet.”



Why it’s a winner: A long-time favourite of parents, the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ was the first baby sleeping pod on the market. It’s developed over the years while still keeping its distinctive shape and style. “My baby slept very well in the Sleepyhead and it was useful to put him in it on top of his play gym mat so he didn’t get cold from lying on the floor,” says tester Louise, mum of 1. Its portability scored highly – “easy to move from room to room and also to take to friends’ houses for napping.”

Tester Laura, mum of 2, says, “A very high-quality product that keeps your baby very snug and comfy. The Sleepyhead comes into its own when travelling with a small baby. Compared to carting a travel cot (that your baby might not settle in anyway), the Sleepyhead is very easy to transport and use when away from home.”

Read full review of the Sleepyhead Deluxe+

Available to buy from Sleepyhead, Buggybaby and John Lewis



Why it’s a winner: A sleeping cocoon pod suitable from birth to around 8/9 months, the Babymoov Doomoo is covered in soft organic cotton jersey. Our testers loved the breathable mesh in the head area, offering good ventilation, and found their babies slept peacefully in the cocoon. They also rated how easy it is to carry around from room to room.

Tester Sonia, mum of 1, says, “I love the material of this product - organic cotton - which is extremely soft to the touch. The breathable mesh fabric at the head of the cocoon is also very innovative and allows for easy sleeping. The portability of the BabyMoov Doomoo is also a big plus, it comes with a plastic carry case and has a handle at the top.”

BRONZE - CHICCO BABY HUG 4-IN-1, £199 plus £19 (mattress)


Why it’s a winner: A clever 4-in-1 product that transforms from portable crib to recliner seat to highchair to child seat. Its versatility proved very popular with our testers, who rated the space-saving advantage of this multi-purpose product – particularly good if space is limited. Sleep expert Lucy Shrimpton says, “I like the fact that the toys, lights and sounds (which are great for sitting and entertaining) detach or fold away when you use it for sleeping. The ease of wheeling the Baby Hug around your home – without waking the baby – also scored highly.

Tester Casey, parent of 2, says, “Absolutely fantastic. My baby falls to sleep straight away in it, you can wheel your baby to every room, lower her up and down with a press of the foot button and then it converts to a feeding chair!”

Finalist: Kally Sleep Baby Nest

Baby bouncer/swing/seat

Key features we tested/judged – value for money, effectiveness at soothing and entertaining, comfort, quality, ease of use


Excellent value for money; I don't think me or baby could live without it now
Louise, mum of 4

Why it’s a winner: This all-singing, all-dancing Graco All Ways Soother is a real game changer. It may not seem like a parenting essential, but our testers found once they tried it, they simply couldn't go without. Suitable from birth to approx. 9 months (9kg), with 8 ways to swing including arch, swing, bounce, figure 8, circle, wave, zig-sag and sway, it’s no wonder our home testers scored it so highly. The huge variety of functions gave our parents a well-deserved rest, as the rocking motion and lullaby combination soothed their little ones to sleep. We also loved the fact it could be removed from the unit and use as a baby rocker.

Tester Sybilla, mum of 5, says: “This is a premium baby product like one I’ve never seen before. A baby rocker will never be quite the same after this one!”



Why it’s a winner: A timeless classic, our testers loved the fact that this simple but beautiful bouncer is easy to use and does the job well. Home testers found babies content to sit and even drift off to sleep in it, and we loved the sleek design and modern colours. We also like the fact it's powered by the babies own motion (so no batteries required!), meaning it's practically ready for use straight out of the box with minimal setting up needed. It scored bonus points for folding up nice and flat, meaning it doesn’t take up much room when stored away.

Tester Laura, says: “Whether sitting up to look around, relaxing or sleeping my baby loves this bouncer, and therefore so do I!”



Why it’s a winner: A great all round rocker that is easy on the eye thanks to its stylish design and muted colours. As well as looking good, however, we thought the Kori felt really sturdy and supportive, and testers said it was as easy to set up as it is to use. Testers loved the colours, a refreshing change from garish patterns and colours so common in baby products and especially rated the flat fold and premium feel of the fabrics.

Tester Elizabeth, mum of 1, says: “My baby is clearly comfortable, and the material is great quality. The various reclining positions also make it versatile and the pocket at the back to store the padding once baby gets bigger is really useful to keep all the product parts together.”



Why it’s a winner: A comfy baby seat for daytime naps, our parent testers were impressed by how well their babies settled in the Cocoonababy. The soft, removable covers also won approval for being machine washable and waterproof. Bonus points for portability and including a protective bag for taking out and about.

Tester Lorne, mum of 1 says: “Brilliant product. My baby is so much more settled now for her naps. I wish I had one from day one!”

Finalist: The Red Kite Baby Co Rocki

Baby monitor

Key features we tested/judged: ease of use, ease of set-up, sound & image quality, value for money, range of features


Motorola MBP846 Connect
Huge screen with incredible high definition and so simple to set up: what's not to love
Sarah, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: Motorola is a well-established player in the baby monitors market, and this HD video monitor pairs the brand’s expertise with new innovation. Praise from judges and parent testers includes its huge 4.3-inch screen with a super-clear live HD video feed, a great battery life, a smart look, a reasonable price and a self-explanatory set-up. Our parent testers also loved the pan feature, finding it really useful to re-adjust their view if they found they’d accidentally bumped the camera during the day. The camera proved to have good connectivity, and our parents also loved the app, meaning they could check in with their baby in real time using their smartphone as well as the parent unit.

Tester Jennifer, mum of 2, says: “I love how clearly I can see my daughter. I love the pan option – when hoovering a room, the camera can be moved and the pan feature means I don't have to go back into the room to correct it. Great quality image, good battery life, no issues with connectivity, easy to use. It made me feel very reassured that I would hear my child if they needed me.”


Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera

Why it’s a winner: Our judges were wowed by the Lollipop’s cute and stylish design and the clever way the flexible structure can be wrapped around a cot frame. Parents found it really easy to fit, and loved how adaptable it was. Along with a sleek aesthetic, they loved the array of features including a lullaby, air-pollution-and-noise detection and temperature tracking. It also proved to be easy to set up and pair with your phone.

Tester Natasha, mum of 2, says: “A modern, attractive-looking video monitor that offers all the basic functionality parents might need, without any complicated bells and whistles. Good for travel especially as it's small and portable.”



Why it’s a winner: Motorola picked up another win in this category, this time for its pared-back MBP30A. It has slightly smaller, 3-inch video monitor with 2-way talkback, at a great price. Our testers felt this is a solid buy with decent basic features. The monitor performs well and does exactly what it says on the tin – as one judge says, it “does what it is meant to do: allows you to see your child, and talk to them if necessary”. MFM tests also showed it has a great range – easily able to cover the size of most average-sized houses. It was easy to set up, connecting to the camera straightaway, and easy to use.

Tester Becky, mum of 1, says: “A decent camera with some good features. The screen is small, but for some parents that may be appealing. It seems well made, and is very simple to set up and use.”


Nanit HD Baby Monitor and Sleep Tracker

Why it’s a winner: With 2-way audio, background audio, and remote overhead HD viewing via your phone, Nanit takes monitoring up a gear with its additional sleep tracking and analysis feature. Our parents appreciated the premium feel and especially liked the cable cover attachments provided for a tidy installation. They raved about Nanit’s pic quality and night vision, and also loved the great zoom and temperature feature. It does require a little bit of DIY effort to set up but, once in place, our judges found it easy to use. Not all of our judges were convinced the sleep tracker subscription (free for the first year) is an essential feature but some parents will love it.

Tester Felicity, mum of 3 says: “The picture quality is absolutely excellent, as is the night vision and the zoom feature. On these terms, it's the best monitor I have used.”


Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor

Why it’s a winner: Angelcare’s video audio monitor stands out from the crowd with the addition of a movement-sensor mat (now wireless, and smaller than previous versions). Our judges found it was easy to use from start to finish, with a self-explanatory set-up and clear instructions. Once up and running, it felt simple to use, and worked very well. Parents loved the touch-screen feature, and felt the product was of a really high quality – especially the “crystal-clear picture” on the 5” screen. It may lack the lullaby features of other entries, but anxious parents will appreciate the movement sensor feature. A fuss-free monitor that’s as sturdy as it is stylish, according to our judges.

Tester Carla, mum of 1, says: “I like how easy this product was to use, from start to finish. It really is so simple, and delivers what it promises to a high quality. I like the touch-screen element of the screen, the crystal-clear picture it offers and that it’s quite stylish to look at.”

Read full review of the Angelcare AC527 baby movement monitor

Finalists: Angelcare AC327 Baby Movement Monitor With Video and Sound | Owlet Sock + Cam | Snuza HeroMD

Nursery accessory - day

Key features we tested/judged: quality, design, ease of use, appeal to parents, usefulness, value for money


These would brighten up any child’s nursery and look great in my twins’ room
Jenny, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: These handmade, seagrass belly baskets' quirky designs, including appliqued animal faces, pastel rainbow, cool grey stars and wild animals with woollen ‘fur’, were an instant hit with our judges. Testers reported they're light but roomy – you can stash way more in them than you think – and come with handles that are just the right size for little ones to hold. And, as our delighted parents found out, the large baskets fit neatly inside the shelves of the bestselling IKEA Kallax storage unit. You never know, they might even make tidy-up time fun!

Sajeela, mum of 1, says: ‘These baskets are beautiful and lightweight – and there’s plenty of room to put things inside. So useful – they’re perfect!”



Why it’s a winner: This large playpen scored big because its push-fit panels make it so quick to assemble and so flexible to use – you can change its size of the playpen to suit the shape of your room. Our testers were impressed by the rounded edges and corners, and how easy it was to move around: one of them was planning to set it up in her garden when the summer comes. We also like the ‘learning panel’ with its clock and cogs to twist and press, the bright, soft playmat floor – and the big bag of colourful play balls.

Catherine, mum of 2, says: ‘An absolutely stunning playpen. I like the colour combos and love that you can change the shape to fit the room you have it in. Brilliant that balls are added in with the price!”

Available to buy from Amazon and Venture UK



Why it’s a winner: This big, double-sided mat has 5cm-thick padding, making it brilliant for tummy time – and all sorts of older-child play – on a hard floor. Our baby testers loved the bright colours – one side has big, bright panels with touchy-feely fabrics and ‘interactive’ features, while the other side features a big colourful picture of an island that’s perfect for toddler play (there are roads, a castle and a volcano). We love that it comes with a pop-on plastic cover, for messy play, and a handles to make folding and storing simple. It’s pricey for sure but our testers were bowled over by the quality.

Tester Emma, mum of 3, says: “The quality of this mat is great: it’s so padded and so big. My baby feels really safe and protected on it. The colours are lovely and bright, too”

Finalists: Flexi Air 3 | Nuby Interactive Baby Walker | Talltape | Venture All Stars Playpen

Nursery accessory - sleep

Key features we tested/judged: quality, design, ease of use, appeal to parents, usefulness, value for money


The classic room thermometer/nightlight, now updated to include adjustable brightness. A great safety product that looks nice as well
MadeForMums deputy editor Helen, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: The Groegg’s been a new-parent nursery must-buy for years and we think this new version is even better. It’s bigger, so you can see the room temperature readout more easily, and made of sleek silicone, so it’s softer to the touch. Parents found it easy to use, and gained real peace of mind from being able to check the temperature so easily. One tester was also impressed by its robustness and accuracy. Judges loved how you can now adjust the brightness of the coloured lights that change from yellow to blue if your nursery’s too cold or to orange or red, if it’s too hot. This means you can find the right level of light to keep your nursery softly lit without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Tester Kate, mum of 1. says: “It’s so easy to use: it’s just plug in and go. The coloured light makes the temperature really easy to read and gives great peace of mind. And it’s so robust: my little one’s grabbed it, sucked and even dropped it but it still works!”



Why it’s a winner: This ultra-light, super-comfy sleep pod has many devoted parent fans, who love it for its portability and its snugness: we’ve lost count of the people who tell us their baby won’t nap anywhere else outside of their arms. Our testers were all super-impressed, too. We like the dozens of different, classy, 100% cotton, machine-washable cover designs.

Gemma, mum of 2. says: “Since I got this, I’ve used it for every one of my son’s naps and his nap time has increased, which has made a real difference for us. He was as a serial cat-napper and now he has regular, proper naps and is sleeping so much better.”

Read full review of the Sleepyhead Deluxe+

Available to buy from Sleepyhead, Buggybaby and John Lewis



Why it’s a winner: It’s such a pretty baby blanket, with lovely scalloped crochet detailing around the edges. Our testers all commented on how soft, warm and cosy it feels. It’s a good size (70 x 90cm) and well made, too (from knitted polyester): our testers found it washes beautifully, without getting out of shape or losing its colour.

Célina, mum of 1, says: “A beautifully soft cosy blanket in a nice range of colours. It’s thicker and softer than other cellular blankets – I will be buying these as a new-parent gift for my friends.”

Finalist: Shnuggle Moonlight

Baby & child sleepwear

Key features we tested/judged: quality of fabric, effectiveness of design, ease of use, usefulness, value for money


Great value with a long lifespan, all stages of its use are designed well
MadeForMums consumer & reviews editor Christy, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: As a 4-in-1 convertible swaddle, the Owli Sleeping Guru is truly innovative and delighted our judges with its versatility. Not only does it convert from a newborn cocoon swaddle to a toddler sleeping sack with built-in legs and can be used from 0 to approximately 26 months, we also found it easy to use and made from good quality materials. It picked up points for practical details including 2-way zips for easy nappy changes and concealed snaps to avoid skin irritation. We felt confident this would last a number of years, making it fantastic value for money.

Tester Notoya, mum of 2, says: “This sleeping bag is great. It’s very innovative - I’ve never come across anything like it in my 8 years as a mother. I love the fact that I can use it as my baby grows older, and the production quality is superb.”



Why it’s a winner: This tog-rated sleep onesie from ErgoPouch is a great addition to children’s sleepwear as it offers an alternative to using sleeping bags or blankets. Our testers loved the way it effectively keeps their little ones toasty. They also appreciated the quality of the natural fibres and practicality of the design with its 3-way zip for easy access to nappies.

Tester Sinead, mum of 2, says: “This product is amazing and totally worth the money. It kept my toddler warm and cosy all night long - she didn’t wake up cold like she usually does. I can’t fault it at all.”



Why it’s a winner: We loved the luxurious quality of this sleeping bag's merino wool lining, which is not only natural and soft, but helps regulate your child’s temperature. Our home testers were amazed by how well this sleeping bag works and how much it aides a restful night. They all reported much improved sleep from their little ones. The Go Go Sleeping Bag can be used in both summer and winter, and its sizes last 2 years – 0-24 months and 2-4 years.

Tester Aimee, mum of 1, says: “My son has never slept better than when he is in this sleeping bag! I absolutely love it and so does he. As the sleeping bag’s lining is made from wool it has a lovely feel to it. We have been very impressed with this product.”

Available from: Merino Kids



Why it’s a winner: Our judges loved the snug fit of this swaddle product and how easy it was to use. With its clever shape, the Swaddle Up allows the baby to self soothe while preventing the startle reflex, and its material is good quality and very soft. Our testers also loved the double zip that made getting even the most wriggliest of newborns ready for bed easy.

Tester Cherie, mum of 2, says: “I liked this product a lot. It is a lovely snug fit and fit my newborn son really well. It is also a wellmade, quality item, and the fabric feels lovely.”



Why it’s a winner: Made from 100% organic cotton in Germany, our judges particularly loved the fabric's quality and feel. The use of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and GOTS certified fabrics also really made this product stand out. Parents found it easy to use and loved how it can be adjusted to different temperatures, as the sleeves are detachable. Our home testers also appreciated the lovely designs the sleeping bag comes in, which feature hand embroidered appliqués.

Tester Ocean, mum of 2, says: “ My baby girl loves this sleeping bag. It was easy to use and keeps her really cosy. Most importantly, she has a good sleep in it. The Slumberorganix sleeping bag has really soft material making it kind to her skin.”

Available to buy from Slumbersac

Finalists: ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle | Tommee Tippee Snuggle | BabyBoo SnuggleBoo Sleeping Bag | BabyBoo SnuggleBoo Sleepsuit | Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag

Baby & toddler sleeptime product

Key features we tested/judged – Worth the money, how much it would help baby/toddler to sleep, quality of material, ease of use and appeal to parents


Great for improving sleep. Excellent model, lightweight and stays up. Love it!
Lucy Shrimpton, sleep expert and founder of Sleep Nanny

Why it’s a winner: We thought these blinds were a simple but brilliant idea, and found the Velcro brand tabs really helped it stay in place giving our parents a pitch-dark room to help their little one drift off to the land of nod. One tester even found it extended their little one's 5.30am wake-up time by 2.5 hours! Testers loved the fact that the Daydreamer Blinds are the first to supply their blinds with securing straps, allowing the blinds to be rolled up in the daytime.

Tester Hannah, mum of 2, says: “A great idea and great value for money! Definitely worth it!”

Available from: Day Dreamer Blinds



Why it’s a winner: Testers were impressed by this firm, supportive mattress' list of clever features, such as how it adapts to the changing weight of a child and the ClevaFoam technology's promise to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby’s head and increase support, helping to prevent plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). We also loved the fact it is hypo-allergenic and pH balanced, so ideal for babies and toddlers with asthma and allergies. Home testers were wowed by the high quality and comfort, saying it was easy to unpack and use, a perfect fit for their little one's bed, and – most importantly – finding their baby "slept really well on it".

Lucy Shrimpton – sleep expert and founder of Sleep Nanny says: “Beautiful quality and could certainly aid a little one's sleep.”



Why it’s a winner: The fact that this product is so well known for getting babies to sleep meant it was no surprise that home testers were delighted with the results after testing. With a comforting cushioning effect, the womb recreation soothes babies and helps them sleep better for longer. The array of gorgeous prints is just an added bonus to this product that really helps gets little ones asleep. Suitable from birth to 8 months, the Sleepyhead replaces the need to buy a separate travel cot, moses basket or play gym. Our testers loved the fact that it was super portable, whether it be taking it from room to room or away on holidays.

Lucy Shrimpton – sleep expert and founder of Sleep Nanny says: “Definitely has a benefit to soothing and sleep”



Why it’s a winner: Judges felt this was a lovely product that could act as a sleep cue to calm children before bedtime. Thumbs up for being certified organic, GMO-free and suitable for sensitive skin, we loved the essential oils' calming aroma.

MFM content editor and mum of 1, Tara, says: “I love this, lovely ingredients, can act as a trigger to sleep. Great as part of a bedtime routine.”



Why it’s a winner: All parents know the battle of getting a baby to sleep and nothing is worse than when they are snoozing away and having to change a nappy. So our testers were delighted to find this bag's clever 'nappy change zip' minimised disruption, as well as being easy to put on even the fussiest baby tester. Being used everyday, they also felt it was good value, and were impressed by how well it washed – even after repeated spins in the tumble dryer. Featuring a lovely stylish range of designs, our judges also loved the fact that matching bedding sets were available to complete the look.

Tester Charlotte, mum of 1, says: “Well made, long lasting quality, with eye-catching designs.”

Finalists: COSI bed sheet | Dreamy Sleep Trainer | Silentnight Safe Nights Alphabet Baby Sleep bag | SnüzSurface Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress

Night-time comforter/sleep aid

Key features we tested/judged: effectiveness, appeal to parents, ease of use, quality of product, value for money


tommee tippee rechargeable light toy
Lovely product. Just gorgeous
Lucy Shrimpton, sleep expert and founder of Sleep Nanny

Why it’s a winner: We thought this sleep aid, which comes as an owl or panda, was lovely. Our testers found it not only looks gorgeous hanging on your baby’s cot but can genuinely soothe a child and help them to sleep with its calming sounds and lullabies. Judges felt the adjustable light's warm and calming glow will assist, not hinder, sleep and loved that, for ease, it doesn’t need batteries. Instead, this product recharges with a USB cable. It turns off automatically after 20 minutes, too – but if baby stirs it will come on again to soothe them once more.

Tester Jade, mum of 4, says: “My little boy loved this, he literally put his head to the pillow when we turned it on, would definitely recommend… There are different strengths of light on this which is brilliant and the sound quality is really good – [it] even made mummy and daddy sleepy!”



Why it’s a winner: If you have a baby that takes a soother, these MAM ones are a great option, according to our home testers. Their most prized attribute is their extra-bright glow in the dark feature; meaning that can be found easily at night when you’re searching for them at nighttime. We also liked the cute colours and graphics on these, and the cut-out design to allow baby's skin to breathe, plus the fact they come with their own sterilising container.

Tester Jenny, mum of 3, says: “They always sent my boys straight to sleep… The glow in the dark is really handy for when baby spits it out in the middle of the night… They were a godsend to me. I only used the MAM ones because I loved how you could sterilise them in the microwave.”



Why it’s a winner: These beautiful comforters have a wide satin edge that not only adds a luxury look to them but will also be super-soft and comforting to the touch - so perfect for calming your baby. Our mum testers loved the eye-catching prints of these cloths, and felt they were the perfect size for baby to grab and hold. We also received a number of comments on their exceptionally high quality.

Tester Lucy Shrimpton, sleep expert aka The Sleep Nanny, says: “Lovely feel. Great that parental input is not required for this to comfort a child.”

Finalists: Miffy First Light: miffy and friends | Skip Hop Cry-Activated Soother



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