Our most stringent testing yet of baby and toddler food and feeding products took place in family kitchens and dining rooms around the country, along with those all-important snacking-on-the-bus tests.


And we couldn’t resist the chance to bring some of our baby and child testers together for a special feeding session at MadeForMums HQ too. Our mini panel of judges spent the morning sampling a wide range of snacks, meals and treats, giving their utterly honest verdicts on each (their faces were a picture!). Meanwhile, their parents looked over the ingredients and considered how easy the food was to prepare, as well as its nutritional value, and mess potential. Our expert judge, dietician Clare Thornton-Wood, shared valuable insight into the true value of those ingredients lists, and the MFM team also taste-tested each entry.

On the non-edible front, we also thoroughly tested the products parents can buy to help make the weaning and feeding process easier. Highchairs and booster seats were tested at family mealtimes, and by the MFM team in-house, while we also examined a wide range of kit, from cutlery to tableware and food preparation gadgets. For each, we wanted to know how easy our parent testers found them to use, how genuinely useful they were, and whether they were worth the money on the price tag.

Mealtime products

Weaning and feeding product

Key features we tested/judged: appeal to parents, appeal to children, ease of use, quality of product, packaging, effectiveness, worth the money


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Super-handy to have for mums who make food from scratch regularly
MadeForMums Content editor Tara, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Our mums loved the quality of this blender - and how it can handle some of the toughest blending situations – like grinding nuts, and bulkier fruit, down to a really fine quality. Oh – and it steams, too. Perhaps the biggest test for any food prep machine like this is how much your kids like their meals. And there’s no doubt it was a big thumbs up from children of our testers, who enjoyed dinners like spinach pesto and mac and cheese made in part with this neat little gadget.

Tester Pathma, mum of 2, says: “Brilliant product hands down!... Biggest test was the children and they've eaten every meal we've used it. It takes up virtually no room on the worktop and is a breeze to clean. We've already been recommending it to friends and family who are expecting, or beginning their weaning journey.”


Why it’s a winner: This luxury blender and steamer works at low-impact environmental cost and will save you time on meals for your baby. As one of our mums commented, it also looks oh-so-stylish on your worktop, which is an added bonus. The steam basket is bigger than many so you can make extra portions of veggies and save them, which one of our testers found to be really convenient. Overall - great for making baby’s first meals when you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole weaning process.

Tester Kailey, mum of 4, says: “Lovely product - so convenient and easy to use. Would definitely recommend this to all parents… It saved me so much time, and to know my baby’s meals were fresh and home cooked was great.”


Why it’s a winner: Weaning’s fun but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking, watching your baby trying to master food for the first time. This handy gadget means you can let your little one try new flavours knowing only the smallest bits of food will pass through the holes. Our mum testers loved this worry-free aspect, as well as how easy it is to wash and sterilise. Added bonus - it’s small enough for your baby to hold and play with, making mealtimes fun (important when you’re little!)

Tester Marta, mum of 1, says: “Amazing idea for the first few weeks of baby led weaning! The first days of the weaning stage are a little bit stressful, and this way of introduce solids to the baby without the risk of choking really helps for both, baby and parents. Baby can start tasting different flavours and textures without any worries. Cleaning is easy and can be washed or sterilised. My daughter enjoyed chewing the silicone teat a lot.”

Finalists: NatureBond Baby And Fruit Feeder | Skip Hop Slide And Store Tray Containers

Highchair and booster

Key features we tested/judged: Ease of use, ease of cleaning, comfort for your baby, features, worth the money


Peg Perego Tatamia
The Tatamia is now referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce of high chairs’ in our house
Lauren, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: A clever multi-functional baby product that works as a swing chair, a reclining baby seat and a highchair. “It completely removes the need to buy a separate baby swing and have several baby products cluttering your home,” says tester Lauren, mum of 1. The non-motorised swing mechanism offers your baby several minutes of a smooth, relaxing swing with a single light push. Our testers also rated the comfy padding and double pullout trays.

Tester Carla, mum of 1, says, “One of my biggest likes is how easy the Tatamia is to fold and how small and compact it is once folded; no more tripping over high chairs in the kitchen! It’s very easy to use and most importantly, easy to strap the baby in. Great as an all-in-one product if you're short on space or just want an easy one-product-does-it-all.”


Why it’s a winner: A chic reclining highchair that’s both comfortable and sturdy. Our testers found it was easy to fold up and move around, due to the front wheels. The ability to lie almost flat means the chair can be used for young babies, while the seat is large enough to accommodate pre-schoolers. Ease of cleaning rated highly as did the ability to take the seat off to use a travel booster for when you’re out and about.

Tester Annabelle, mum of 1, says, “The Minla was really simple to set up and it's been really easy to use on a day-to-day basis. My son doesn't like being strapped into things, especially his car seat, but he loves getting into this highchair and the seat belt is really easy to take on and off which helps with little wrigglers.”


Why it’s a winner: The big selling point of the Bumbo Multi Seat is its versatility. It can be used as a floor seat once your baby is 6 months old, a highchair (using the stowaway straps to fix it to a chair) and a travel booster seat. The insert can easily be removed as your child grows and the Bumbo itself can be raised by a few centimetres if you need some extra height. Our testers loved the quality materials, how easy it is to clean and its lightness. The fact that you can store the tray in a slot at the back when it’s not being used is a nice touch.

Tester Elaine, mum of 1, says, “The Bumbo 3 in 1 is a nice shape and moulded perfectly for a young child. The seat has been made of material that’s soft on your baby’s bum to sit on and easy to clean for any messes.”

Finalist: Mamas & Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

Cutlery and tableware

Key features we tested/judged: usefulness, ease of cleaning, appeal to parents and children, worth the money

JOINT GOLD – VITAL BABY NOURISH POWER SUCTION PLATE AND BOWL, £5.99 for the plate, £6.99 for the bowl

I love this product. It’s given my daughter a new love for food!
Ann-Marie, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Vital Baby calls this plate and bowl ‘Power Suction’ – and our testers found it really is (although you need to work out the suction knack first). The plate offers different compartments and the bowl has different ‘channels’ with high solid sides to keep food from escaping. Our testers found them hard wearing after regular washing in the dishwasher and showing no signs of the dreaded tomato-sauce staining.

Tester Laura, mum of 2, says, “We do BLW with my 13 month old and having the little dip section proved a massive hit. She absolutely loved having her dippy eggs separate from her toast, plus the suction is so good that even my 4 year old struggled to un-stick this plate. If I could score this 11 out of 10 I would!”


Striking design and lovely soft, flexible spoon for little hands and mouths”
Clare Thornton-Wood, registered dietitian

Why it’s a winner: Our testers loved the look and feel of this bowl and spoon feeding set – a beautiful addition to home tableware or equally attractive as a gift, especially as it contains no plastic. Our testers found it very effective in helping their little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and “a good product to help little ones work on self-feeding using utensils”, says Jonny, dad of 2. The suction base also scored highly.

Tester Sarah, mum of 1, says, “The nice high side meant that my son could scoop up his finger food without pushing it out of the bowl. I could also use it with purées and feed him, as I could put a nice amount on the spoon using the lip.”

SILVER – BABYCUP FIRST CUPS, £6.99 for 4 cups

Why it’s a winner: Encouraging your baby and toddler to move from a teat/spout to a cup is an important developmental step, and Babycup First Cups are a simple and colourful way to help. Though they look very basic, our testers found them effective and could see their babies and toddlers learning as they used them. Their robustness was also praised. “I've used and dishwashed them every day for two weeks and there is no sign of wear yet,” enthuses tester Katie, mum of 2.

Tester Melanie, mum of a weaning baby, says, “When feeding my 7.5 month old and holding it myself it was pretty good. A lot of water did go straight down her chin but she did swallow some and was very excited about using it. She often tries to drink from my glass so it was great to be able to replicate it with a mini version for her.”


Why it’s a winner: Made from naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial bamboo, this fun elephant-face plate was enjoyed by our testers’ children. Our testers themselves liked the quality of the plate – “definitely beautifully made” comments registered dietitian Clare Thornton-Wood, while tester Caroline, mum of 2, adds, “A quality product that I will keep using for years to come.”

Tester Caroline, mum of 2, says, “You can tell only the best wood and rubber have been used and that this is likely to be a long-lasting product. I noticed that when I served richly-coloured food – such as beetroot and spaghetti bolognese - it didn’t stain the wood.

With only two pieces, this suction plate is super easy to rinse and wash

Finalists: Nuvita Easy Eating Bowl and Plate Set | The Wood Life Project Bear Plate | Mummy Cooks ThermoSpoon


Key features we tested/judged: effectiveness, design, appeal to parents and children, worth the money

GOLD - BABYCUP FIRST CUPS, £6.99 for 4 cups

I love these now and will be recommending them to my mums’ group
Kara, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Sometimes simple ideas are epic ones. Babycup First Cups are brightly coloured mini cups with measurements on the side, aimed at helping your baby move from breast or teat to a rim, learning how to drink from a cup from as early as weaning. Our testers liked the simplicity and their size. “They’re very easy for my baby to hold and sip from. My daughter, who is 6 months old, has had real difficulty using a bottle and these cups are really helping her learn to sip and swallow in a coordinated way. It's a real relief to have found something to get her to drink from easily,” says tester Katie, mum of 2.

Judge and registered dietitian, Clare Thornton-Wood, says, “They’re a good size for tiny hands and will encourage drinking from an open cup which is good for oral health. The markings on the side mean you could use them for baking once finished and they’re also good to get an idea of volumes being drunk.”


Why it’s a winner: So this is different – a toddler cup with a suction technique on its base that means it won’t be knocked over by enthusiastic flailing hands but can still be picked up. Tommee Tippee’s No Knock Cup also does it in style – all of our testers loved the funky design and so did their children. Once you and your child get the knack (place it gently on the surface rather than squashing it down), our testers found it really does reduce spillages.

Tester Frankie, mum of 2, says, “Not being able to knock over a cup on the table filled with drink is great! Worth the price for the more clumsy or very energetic children who knock everything over, like my toddler.”


Why it’s a winner: Dentist-approved and shatter-proof, the Tritan Grip N Sip cup is designed for use from 4 months to 1 year. It features a silicone spout that feels similar to a bottle teat if your baby has been drinking from a bottle and so helps the transition to drinking from a beaker – although it can take time for babies to change their drinking action and work out how to use a spout. Our testers loved the robust design and its non-leakiness and how easy it is to clean.

Tester Charlotte, mum of a 1, says, “This cup is great for out and about. We love the lid, the handles make it easy for my baby to hold and the clear design is great – it’s good to see how much she has managed to drink. It’s lasted well with a baby who loves to play with her cup as much as drink from it.”


Key features we tested/judged: practicality/effectiveness, ease of use, style, value for money


Wipe-clean, practical and pretty: a genuinely useful weaning range
MadeForMums Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Aside from the gorgeous prints and colours, our judges loved the practicality of this easy-clean range of bibs from Bibetta. The smaller bib, with a large catch-all pocket, is great for trips out, but the sleeved coverall bib (£19.99) proved to be the real star. Covering babies and toddlers from neck to the edge of their highchair tray, the wipe-clean fabric stops mucky crumbs and spills falling into their entire outfit. Parent testers also found the range washes well, and the colours stay fresh.

Tester Tara Breathnach, MFM Content Editor and mum of 1, says: “I really like everything in this range: so much more practical than soft bibs which just get damp and soak through to your baby’s clothes. I also love the fact they have 3 different options. You could get rid of all your other bibs and just have this set.”


Why it’s a winner: Like Bibetta’s coverall, judges loved the way the Cover & Catch bridges the gap between tummy and highchair tray, preventing food from dropping into little ones’ laps. The suction cups, which help stick it to the front of the tray, are really handy for keeping it in place while they eat, too. Testers also appreciated the soft fabric, easy-to-use Velcro neck fastening and portable travel bag. The fact it’s machine washable was also a bonus.

Tester Katie, mum of 2 says: “The suckers are really handy, as the bib then creates a canopy to catch the food in.”


Why it’s a winner: Parent testers loved this cute and easy-to-use design that does its job well, finding it “comfortable for my baby” and “very practical”. While there are cheaper variations on the market, Babyboo’s bib stood out for its high quality, triple-layered fabric, and durable feel. Our judges loved the way the front pocket can be easily popped back down for easy and thorough cleaning after a meal, minimising clear-up times.

Tester Anne-Marie, mum of 2 says: “I can't fault the quality: 10 out of 10. I love the long-sleeved design and generous length of this bib. It covered every part of my toddler and, despite a messy feeding session, her clothes were clean.”

Baby and kids food

Organic baby food

Key features we tested/judged: effectiveness, nutritional benefits, appeal to children, ease of use, taste, quality of product, value for money


My baby kept wanting more!
Sophie, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Even our mums were tempted to try this tasty organic snack (some did!). Little Freddie uses organic milk from Somerset to make their thick and creamy Greek-style yoghurt snacks. They also use wild blueberries and, our judges' favourite bit, the prunes in it are made from plums dried using a wood-fired drying kiln. We found all of these lush ingredients added up to make a real treat for babies. And time and time again our mums said how their little ones just wanted to keep on eating this creamy yoghurt.

Tester Justyna, mum of 1, says: “I want to buy more of this for my son, he liked it. After testing I trust this is an interesting option for breakfast. And this is something new. [My son’s] mouth was open all the time for the next spoon. I tried it and the taste was good!”


Why it’s a winner: Our mums love that there’s a good amount of veg in this – plus the beef means your baby is getting iron. It’s simple to warm if you want to, but a number of our babies were happy to eat it cold too (not always the case with savoury flavours), so it can still be an on-the-go option. Price-wise – it was commented several times that these are brilliantly priced, and you get plenty per packet, too, so the value will be hard to beat.

Tester Pathma, mum of 2, says: “We were slightly sceptical as we had used a main market leader with our first child and spent a pretty penny. We have been pleasantly surprised with Lupilu and will be using this now as part of our on-the-go lunches!”


Why it’s a winner: Coming in at less than 50p per pouch, our mums agrees this is exceptional value for an organic baby food product, and felt it was a tasty and satisfying meal for their babies. Our guest Awards nutritionist, Clare Thornton-Wood, loved the fact that a number of herbs have been used in this recipe to get your baby used to different flavours from early on.

Tester Catherine, mum of 2, says: “My little boy enjoyed this meal. I split the pouch into 2 meals for 2 days and both days he enjoyed his food… Fantastic value for money. I would be more than happy to purchase this again for this price.”

Finalists: Little Tummy Chickpea, Cauliflower and Kale cold-pressed baby food

Baby food

Key features we tested/judged: value for money, quality, taste, effectiveness, nutritional benefits

GOLD – ALDI MAMIA TOMATO WHEELS, 35p for 20 crisps

The taste and texture are great, and there's a good level of tomato flavour
Danni, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: We thought these light airy snacks are brilliant to help your little one with self-feeding, and we loved how light and crunchy they are. Bonus points for the fact they contain B1, have no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and they’re made using organic corn. Lots of our mums agreed that these are great value, and work as a brilliant snack to keep your child going until it’s time for a proper meal.

Tester Danni, mum of 6, says: “The appeal to children is great. The idea of having wheels as an edible snack plus relating it to the wheels on the bus nursery rhyme is fun, exciting and contributes to early learning.”


Why it’s a winner: This fruit-filled treat proved to be popular with mums and babies – even those who aren’t so easily pleased! Heinz have used only fruit puree (no concentrate) and extra virgin olive oil in this blend. The pouch (which we know parents love for its convenience and use of use) is a great size, and the snack has a nice consistency - smooth and just thick enough.

Tester Alison, mum of 5+, says: “Very impressed as my son loved this and he is currently quite fussy. Will purchase.”

BRONZE – ALDI MAMIA RED BURST, £1.99 for a box of 5 pouches

Why it’s a winner: Not quite as thick a consistency as some of the pouch options out there, lots of our mum testers said their babies loved this fruity snack. It includes strawberries and raspberries - great if your little one has a sweet tooth – and there’s no added sugar, low salt and only extra virgin olive oil included.

Christy McGhee, Reviews & Consumer Editor and mum of 2, says: “A nice sweet snack - a lovely flavour they really seem to enjoy!”

Finalist: Heinz for Baby sweet potato and chicken and veggies

Baby breakfast food

Key features we tested/judged: ease of use, value for money, quality of product, effectiveness


Happy parents and baby when trying this porridge. We loved it and will definitely be replacing our usual brand with this going forward
Ashleigh, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: The eye-catching packaging was a big hit with our parent testers, who also liked the useful scoop that came with it. This porridge has a shelf life of 6 weeks, which means you don’t have to give this to baby every morning (unless they want it!) – after all, just like us, babies like a change every now and then. And our mums agreed it kept baby full for a long time. Judges felt the porridge is simple to make (just add water), and approved of the fact it has no artificial colours or preservatives, and contains 12 vitamins and minerals. It’s also gluten-free and has little lumps – great for getting your baby used to new textures.

Tester Harriet, mum of 2 says: “It is definitely appealing. It is reasonably priced and it is all very simple to use. The shelf life is also great too, because it is good to keep a varied diet, not just the same thing every day.”


The main puree is actually mango (31%): you don't always see the 'named' ingredient as being the 'main' ingredient, so it was great to see this in a pouch product.
Claire, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: This convenient breakfast pouch is 100% organic and brilliantly priced. As mum Claire mentions, the fact it includes almost a third mango – one of those harder-to-prep fruits, as its key ingredient, means it stands out from other similar on-the-go pouches. We love the fact you can keep this pouch for more than one sitting (up to 48 hours) as long as it’s refrigerated, too.

Tester Justyna, mum of 1, says: “I think this is a good quality product for a very good price. I want to buy more for my son for his breakfast. I can take this everywhere to feed him.”


Why it’s a winner: Our mums really loved the fact these pouches have no ‘nasties’ – they’re gluten-free and 100% organic with no added sugar. The yogurt is lovely and creamy, and the pouch packaging means it’s an on-the-go snack if you want it to be. That no fridge is needed is a seriously nice added bonus.

Tester Selina, mum of 2, says: “Really nice product and great value for money!”

Toddler and child food

Key features we tested/judged: quality and proportion of ingredients, taste, ease of use, appeal to children, worth the money


Good flavour, generous pieces of fish and good proportion of meat/fish to potato
Clare Thornton-Wood, registered dietitian

Why it’s a winner: “As close to home cooking as you can get”, “my son ate it all up – no persuading”, “smells as appetising as it tastes” were some of the enthusiastic comments from our testers. With a satisfying 14% chicken breast in Mild Chicken Tikka with Rice and 17% minced beef in the Lovely Beef Lasagne, these Annabel Karmel meals were a firm favourite with our home testers and at our toddler tasting session. We saw clean plates and smiley faces plus the characterful new packaging was a big hit.

Tester Elizabeth, mum of 3, says: “They look homemade, and I can confirm that they taste homemade (I know they were meant for my toddler but I couldn't resist trying a little bite of each one - the chicken tikka in particular was lovely)!”


Why it’s a winner: This is organic toddler food without the normal organic price tag. Containing 100% British beef, the pasta Bolognese tray meal was a popular choice with our toddler testers. It’s long life so easy to store and heats up in 20 seconds in a microwave. Registered dietician praised the portion size, adding, “The shape of the dish means toddlers can eat it directly while on the go, without having to transfer it to a plate or bowl.”

Tester Samantha, mum of 3, says, “For a quick and easy meal that can be pulled out when needed, this is ideal. It’s easy to store and prepare quickly if you have access to a microwave.”


Why it’s a winner: A tasty snack in a bag of under 100 calories, these biscuits were wolfed down by our toddler testers. Parents liked the organic ingredients and no added salt, while their little snackers liked the colourful packaging and biscuits shaped as the Gruffalo and Mouse. Registered dietitian Clare Thornton-Wood praised the portion size and low sugar.

Tester Ruth, mum of 2, says, “Nice packaging and good-sized biscuits that aren't too big, but easy for toddlers to hold. My child was very happy with them and I liked that they weren't too unhealthy.”

JOINT BRONZE – NIM’S KIDS AMAZING APPLE CRISPS, £2.79 for 5 packs (in Waitrose)

Why it’s a winner: Air-dried rather than fried, each pack of apple crisps are certified by Public Health England as 1 of your child’ 5 a day. They’re also vegan and kosher. Registered dietitian Clare Thornton-Wood praised the quality of the crisps, commenting, “These are nice even whole pieces with a great apple flavour and crispy texture.” Nim’s include the whole fruit so there’s minimum waste, although this does mean you’ll find dried seeds and cores.

Tester Sohayla, mum of 1, says, “These are amazingly juicy and flavoursome crisps, though I would recommend they’re more suitable for older toddlers with lots of teeth as they can be a little chewy.”

Finalist: Little Dish fresh toddler meals

Organic baby or toddler snack

Key features we tested/judged: effectiveness, nutritional benefits, appeal to children, ease of use, taste, quality of product, value for money


Went down well with my children. Happy kids... happy parents
Caroline, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Our mum testers loved the bright packaging and fruit content of these smoothies, along with the fact they’re not only organic and gluten-free but dairy-free too. We loved how easily the packets open – Little Freddie recommends feeding your baby with the smoothie on a spoon, there’s an address you can send them to for recycling. As the name suggests, they’re smooth, rather than lumpy, so are perfect if your little one’s not quite up for lumps yet. Tester and nutritionist Clare Thornton-Wood loved the fact they contain flax seeds, which is great for providing ‘good’ fatty acid omega 3.

Tester Melanie, mum of 1, says: “Very appealing to a parent - nutritious, handy-to-use pouch, organic ingredients and best of all an environmentally-conscious company providing recycling opportunities… Yummy food enjoyed by baby (and mum!). The makers have clearly identified nutrition as a key selling point to this product and I believe they succeed in this. All ingredients organic, healthy, tasty and nutritious.”

SILVER – ORGANIX MELTY VEGGIE STICKS, £2.30 (4 X 15g bags) or 70p per 15g bag

Why it’s a winner: Convenient and tasty, judges felt these baked rice and corn sticks are a great starter snack for weaning, and a great way to get your little one used to new flavours such as peas, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Tester and nutritionist Clare Thornton-Wood loved that these had the portion size on the bag, and lots of our mums said that their children really enjoyed these sticks – and they’re super convenient to have on the go.

Tester Raegan, mum of 1, says: “They have no added salt, which is a game-changer for us… Another product with good wholesome ingredients that I don't mind feeding my child… Emmeline sees the bag and screams! Loves them!... I kid you not, Emmeline has eaten a whole bag of these in one sitting. They must taste really nice!”


Why it’s a winner: Our mums love how easy to open these gently baked snacks are, and the fact that they’re made with great ingredients - organic maize, and carrot. These sticks are chunky but easy for babies to hold - and our young testers found them really tasty. These snacks are great as a filler between meals but are also light, so they won’t leave your little one too full to eat at dinnertime.

Tester Alysia, mum of 1, says: “The taste was quite mild but my 22-month-old loved them. I tried them myself and they have more flavour than some baby/toddler snacks which is good… Easy to open and good size for little hands… Very good value for money, especially in comparison to other large named brands.”

Finalists: Heavenly Baby Yummy Wafer Wisps, Apple, Spinach & Kale



The MadeForMums Awards team is led by Editorial Director Susie Boone, Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy McGhee and comprises Janet Martin, Melanie Grant, Sonali Hindmarch, Anna Richardson Taylor, Jenny Yu, Sabrina Sahota, Natalie Brown, Bethan Jenkins, Tara Breathnach and Helen Brown, who have created, written and edited these pages after rigorous testing and judging.