1. Mamia Apple & Pear Fruit Pots, Aldi, £0.99, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

Aldi’s budget-busting range is a great choice for parents who want to feed their little ones an organic diet while stretching that maternity pay to the max. Our judges loved the convenience of these fruit puree pots, which are contain 100% organic apples and pears (and no added sugar).


They are suitable from 4 months plus, and make up one of your baby’s five a day.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Mamia Apple & Pear Fruit Pots:

“My son loved these fruit pots and the value for money is brill! The pots are quite big and 4 for 99p is a bargain. I also like that you don't have to have them in the fridge so they are good for taking out and about as a simple pudding. The packaging is very eye catching, pointing out all the right information that mums and dads want to know.” Mum of 1, Vicki

“My 18-month-old loves these! They're great for taking out and about and they have a great shelf life which is handy.” Mum of 1, Amy

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You can buy Mamia Apple & Pear Fruit Pots from: Aldi


2. Organix Finger Food Range, from £0.80, MadeForMums Joint Silver Award Winner

With a 'No Junk Promise' and tasty options including banana baby biscuits and gingerbread men, the Organix Finger Food Range is a fab choice for little ones aged seven months upwards.

Organix promise there are no colourings, flavourings or unnecessary additives in their products, and the snacks are well designed with little hands and mouths in mind.

Chunky rice cakes are the perfect size for little fingers to grab, while melt-in-the-mouth corn puffs help introduce your little one to new textures. Mums and dads may even find themselves dipping into a pack!

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Organix Finger Food Range:

“My three-year-old absolutely loves the carrot cake, gingerbread men and the banana rings. He feels like he is getting a treat because cakes and biscuits are a rarity in our house, yet these snacks are very nutritionally beneficial! My eight-month-old loves the carrot sticks, cheese puffs and apple rice cakes. They're great smelling and tasting and the price is great. Perfect, healthy snacks for on the go without taking up too much room or needing to heat like jars. I will definitely be seeking out most of these products again in the future.” Mum of 2, Lauren

“Organix does brilliant snacks for babies and toddlers and is always my go to snack provider. They are delicious and easy to munch on for children and also for parents to snack on if we get hungry on the move!” Mum of 2, Lisa

You can buy Organix Finger Food Range from: Ocado, Amazon and Planet Organic.


3. Lupilu Stage 1 Fruit and Veg Pouch – Carrot, Apple and Parsnips, MadeForMums Joint Silver Award Winner

A great mixture of wholesome veg and tasty fruit, these pouches are Soil Association certified organic, have no added sugar or salt, are dairy and gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Lupilu Stage 1 Fruit and Veg Pouch – Carrot, Apple and Parsnips:

“The Lupilu Apple, Carrot and Parsnip pouch was a great hit with our little boy, he loved it served cold and warmed through. The design makes it easy to use on the go as well as it can be squeezed straight onto a spoon. The easy screw cap also means it can be resealed if they don't want it all in one sitting - the product also did not leak when we tested it,” Mum of 1, Emily.

“I really like that this blend contains 2 veg to 1 fruit, and that whilst they are all naturally sweet foods, the overall taste is not overly so. The size and shape of the pouch is really convenient as with all of its competitors, but what marks it out for me is the very pleasing price tag. Having a 19-month-old we do not tend to use pouches any more, although when out and about and getting a bit whingey I do know a pouch will placate him - quite convinced he thinks it's a smoothie. I would not hesitate to recommend Lupilu Pouches,” Mum of 2, Katy.


4. Mamia Stage 1 Pouches - Strawberries & Apples, Aldi, £0.52, MadeForMums Joint Bronze Award Winner

Perfect for munching on the move, these handy pouches are 100% organic, with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.

They are also gluten-free and suitable for babies from six months plus.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Mamia Stage 1 Pouches - Strawberries & Apples:

“The taste was lovely – my little one ate every last drop. The pouch is very handy for on the go or for busy periods when there isn't time to mash and puree. It would also be useful for older children who could eat the fruit straight from the pack. I tasted the product and it was pleasant and has a lovely smooth texture for little mouths. It's useful that it can be resealed and kept in the fridge for 48 hours.” Mum of 1, Kathryn

“My son loved this. It has a great texture and flavour and the pouch makes for easy storage. The fact it can be used for more than one meal is a huge plus – we add this to his breakfast porridge which he now wolfs down. It is a great price and is easily as good quality as the more expensive brands of this type. I would definitely recommend.” Mum of 4, Jo

You can buy Mamia Stage 1 Pouches - Strawberries & Apples from: Aldi


5. Lupilu Stage 1 Fruit Pouch - Apple & Banana, Lidl UK, £0.52, MadeForMums Joint Bronze Award Winner

Use these additive-free fruit and veg pouches at home or pop them in your handbag for on-the-hoof snacking.

The tasty apple and banana receipt contains organic ingredients (certified by the Soil Association) and no added sugar or salt.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Lupilu Stage 1 Fruit Pouch - Apple & Banana:

“I loved the packaging of this product! My son loved the taste and texture of it and I will definitely be buying them again.” Mum of 1, Amy

“My little boy demolished this within a matter of seconds! Safe to say he loved it. I'm happy with the product – if my son is happy then I'm happy. The pouches are great as they are easy to take out.” Mum of 1, Vicki

You can buy Lupilu Stage 1 Fruit Pouch - Apple & Banana from: Lidl


6. Ella’s Kitchen’s pouches – vegetable-only flavours, £1.10

Ella's Kitchen steps in to help parents with the age-old problem of getting little ones to eat up their greens. This vegetable-only range, made with only organic ingredients, is suitable from weaning stage upwards, and the handy pouch format mean it’s easy to store at home or carry while you’re out and about.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Ella’s Kitchen’s pouches – vegetable-only flavours:

“Love the bright colour of the packaging corresponding to the flavours. It's also easy to use when out and about. I think the veg combinations are a genius idea and perfect for adding to solid food for older babies. The taste and texture are perfect for babies from six months and gives them a great start on the weaning journey.” Mum of 1, Rachel

You can buy Ella’s Kitchen’s pouches – vegetable-only flavours from: Ella’s Kitchen, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.


7. My First Savsé, from £1

My First Savsé aims to comes as close as possible to home-made food without the faff, and to revolutionise the baby-food markets with it cold-pressed processing technique.

Unlike many cupboard-dwelling products, My First Savsé pouches are never heated and so retain most of their natural nutrients. Stored in the fridge, it is made with 100% organic fruit and veg, with no added sugar, no additives, no flavourings and no colouring.

You can buy My First Savsé from: Waitrose, Planet Organicand Real Foods.


8. Piccolo organic baby food, £1.10

Piccolo's collection of yummy pouches is inspired by Mediterranean values of healthy living, quality ingredients and supporting communities. For your little one, this means tasty concoctions such as ‘Mango, Apple & Kale with a dash of yoghurt’, and Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple & Pear’. For parents, it’s good to know that Piccolo has committed 10% of profits to help fund food education, as well as donating pouches to families in need.

You can Piccolo organic baby food from: Amazon, Ocado and Boots.


9. Miniscoff meals and sauces, £3.09

Suitable from one years old, Miniscoff’s tasty ready meals have fun names such as Mr Macgregor's pie and Ali Baba's shepherd's pie.

The handmade organic range is packed full of wholesome, natural goodness, and as well as meals there are delicious pasta sauces for a quick, easy solution.

You can buy the Miniscoff range from: Miniscoff and Ocado.


10. Little Yeos Fromage Frais, Yeo Valley Farms, £1.65 for 6 x 45g

Little Yeo's Fromage Frais are a classic, healthy pud for all little ones. Created from 100% British organic milk and sweetened using just pure fruit juice - these are guilt free, truly healthy sweet treats.

Little Yeo's are healthy, delicious, free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives, making them the best start for your children: sweet treats with no hidden nasties.

These little pots are also the perfect size for small hands!

You can buy Little Yeos Fromage Frais from: Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.


11. Hipp Organic tray meals, £1.75

Hipp has a huge range of organic products for little tots, from cereals and pouches to fruit pots and drinks. It’s tray meals are great when parents are tight for time but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Scrummy dishes include Garden Vegetable Risotto with Flaky White Fish (from nine months) and Wholesome Vegetable & Chicken Risotto (12 months upwards).

You can buy Hipp tray meals from: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.


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