Best pancake day tools and accessories

From nifty 'I love you' and smiley face pancake moulds to clever cooking tools and pans, we've got everything you need for perfect pancakes

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You’ve got the milk, the eggs and the flour, but what other kitchen essentials will ensure your Pancake Day goes off without a hitch? From whisks and pans to spatulas that help you flip with ease – here’s our round-up of the best pancake tools to get you set for the highlight of the culinary calendar. Perfectly proportioned, golden-brown, hot and fluffy pancakes are all yours…


Here’s our pick of the best tools and accessories for Pancake Day…

1. Stainless Steel 8 Piece Cooking Rings, £11.99 – best for fun shapes

Forget plain old circular pancakes, this set of 8 moulds means you can whip up a pancake shaped as a star, heart, teddy bear or elephant.

If you’re a pancake-making pro, ditching circles in favour of something jazzier is a sure-fire way to up your credentials and get the culinary compliments rolling in – who knows, the fun shapes may even entice picky eaters to tuck in.

The moulds are made from stainless steel and are non-stick – just apply a small amount of oil to the mould before cooking and you’re ready to go.

Available from: Amazon

2. Sparks and Daughters Personalised Apron Set, £31.20 for two – best for baking pros

First thing’s first, if you’re going to take Pancake Day seriously, looking the part is a must. These lovely aprons will protect you and your little one from all the spills and splashes that inevitably come with cooking together and they look pretty sweet, too.

They can be personalised with your own choice of words, they’re available in 6 colours and the child’s apron comes in 2 sizes – 3 to 6 and 7 to 10 years.

They work out at just over £15 each, which isn’t bad value considering they’re bespoke. Just the thing for budding bakers at the beginning of their cooking journey.

Available from: Not On the High Street

3. Silicone Whisk Egg Beater, £1.80 – best for little hands

This cute and colourful whisk looks and feels like a full-sized version, but with its miniature handle and rainbow-bright finish, it’s ideal for any little helping hands whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Whisking eggs is one of the first steps in making pancakes and the loops on this whisk are coated in vibrant silicone, so pint-sized bakers won’t damage delicate non-stick surfaces. It’s a bargain buy with a multitude of uses – the perfect pancake tool.

Available from: Amazon

4. The Little Pancake Company Fluffy American Banana and Chocolate Pancake Mix, £6.50 – best for speedy pancakes

If it’s warm, fluffy pancakes you want and you’re not averse to cutting a few corners, this delicious Banana and Chocolate Pancake Mix by The Little Pancake Company is just what you need for your Shrove Tuesday.

Made with sweet and soft banana and Belgian chocolate, each mix contains enough for 4 servings – simply whisk together with egg and milk, pour onto your pan and your delicious, springy pancakes will be ready in no time!

Available from: The Little Pancake Company

5. Pancake Presents Gifts I Love You So Much Silicone Pancake Mould, £9.48 – best for spreading the love

It’s well known that food is the way to the heart and this silicone mould is the cutest tool for making your pancakes. It’s made from silicone and makes pancakes around 5in in diameter.

To use, you simply place it on your pan, pour on the pancake batter and wait for the magic to happen! There’s also lots of other cute designs available including a superhero, unicorn and fairy.

Available from: Etsy

6. Smiley Faces Pancake Pan, £20.46 – best for novelty value

If a pancake mould is too low-key for you, go one better and upgrade to an entire pancake pan – this brilliant emoji pan creates cheeky pancakes guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

It’s non-stick and it can create 6 plump pancakes in one fell swoop. It’s the ideal pancake accessory for your kitchen cupboard if you’ve set your sights on a fluffy breakfast treat on the regular.

Available from: Amazon

7. Norpro Batter Dispenser, £17.19 – best for precision pancakes

If you really want to up your pancake-making game, let us introduce you to this piece of kit – the Norpor Batter Dispenser.

Forget uneven pancakes and family arguments about who gets the biggest one, this clever-yet-simple gadget allows you to mix your batter in it, then accurately dispense it onto your pan to make perfectly proportioned pancakes every time. It also means less mess and waste, so it gets our vote.

Available from: Amazon

8. KitchenCraft Pancake Flipper, £5.99 – best for pancake flipping

Ah, the pancake flip – easy if you know how, a floppy mess if you don’t. If you’re a flipping novice, enlist the help of this KitchenCraft Pancake Flipper.

Made from stainless steel with a nylon head, it’s the ideal size for pancakes and one of the best pancake flippers around, which means you’ll master the move in no time.

Chefs advise timing your flip when bubbles appear across your entire pancake and scooping it up whole. This spatula supremo can also be used for turning omelettes, French toast and grilled cheese sandwiches, too.

Available from: Amazon

9. Lakeland Citrus Juicer, £9.99 – best for adding zest to your pancakes

Adding a punchy burst of fresh lemon to your warm, sugary pancakes is easy with this nifty Lakeland Citrus Juicer. It’s simple to use and takes minimal pressure to squeeze out a serious amount of lemon juice.

It’s not the cheapest citrus tool on the market, but users report it as one of the best. If you’re a fan of the classic sugar-lemon combo, it’s a must-buy.

Available from: Lakeland

10. Tefal Non-stick Peppa Pig Pancake Pan, £12 – best for Peppa Pig fans

Little Peppa Pig fans will love creating these fun, shaped pancakes and it’s super simple to use. You get a squeezy bottle with your pan to draw your pancakes into the mould, then flip over to get your perfect Peppa shape.

It also comes with a handy non-stick coating making it even easier to dish up your tasty creations. Add sprinkles, sauces and syrups to make your creations even more colourful!

Available from: Asda


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