Having a new baby or toddler roaming freely around the house can be a pretty daunting thing. There are so many things to think about, so many areas to babyproof. It’s enough to give you sleepless nights that are nothing to do with sleep regressions!


As a parent, we want to make sure our little ones are protected and safe, at home or out and about. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 baby and toddler safety products that you didn’t know you needed. From tap guards to car mirrors and bed rails to sun-shielding tents, we’ve got you and your little one covered.

If you want a playpen for your child to be able to play safely, take a look at our best playpens for babies and toddlers. We've also rounded up the best stair gates to keep your baby safe in your home.

Here's our pick of the best safety products for babies and toddlers...


1. Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail, £19.99

When your little one is ready to transition from a cot to a bed, you might want to consider adding a bed rail. Bed rails not only provide the comfort of feeling a little more “cocooned”, but they are one of our number-one safety must-haves. Nothing is worse than things that go bump in the night, especially when that thing is your little one taking a tumble out of bed.

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We love this portable bed rail from Safety 1st. Not only is the price point brilliant, but it can extend to over a metre to provide excellent protection for wriggling toddlers. It is so easy to use – simply unfold the frame, extend by pulling the sides and slot it under a firm mattress.

You can also take it away with you thanks to its compact nature. An all-round winner.

Available from: Amazon


2. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor, £269

It can be so tempting to watch over your new baby while they sleep. We can fret and fuss over every little sound they make, and sometimes even worry if they appear to be sleeping too well.

This brilliant Smart Sock Baby Monitor from Owlet will take that worry away, as it measures your baby’s vital statistics while they slumber. The clinically proven technology tracks their heart rate and oxygen levels, sending the information to an app that you can check as often as you like.

The smart sock wraps around baby’s foot and it will alert you with light and sounds if something appears to be wrong. You can check these stats from anywhere with the app, so even if you are enjoying a night out, you can have peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound.

Available from: Amazon, Owlet and Kiddies Kingdom


3. Calish Safety Corner Protectors for Kids (20pcs - Large - Clear), £6.99

When your baby becomes a toddler, there is nothing and nowhere that they won’t explore. One of the most accident-prone areas of the house is anywhere with sharp corners, such as tables, cabinets, sideboards and chests of drawers.

You might have seen those large foam sausages that can be fixed to every surface of the house, but let’s face it, these will make it feel more like a soft-play centre than your home! That is why we love these safety corner protectors from Calish. Not only are they a bargain – from Amazon you can get 20 protectors for less than £7 – but they are made from a clear, soft and shock-absorbent PVC material.

This means that not only will your little one will be protected from nasty bumps, but your furniture won’t be ruined by ugly protectors. They adhere to most surfaces with a strong adhesive that can be easily removed, so your baby’s safety, furniture and style won’t be compromised.

Available from: Amazon and Airtots


4. Aldi Turtle Heat Spot Kids’ Bathmat, £8.99

Make bath time safer and more fun with this adorable bathmat from Aldi. Not only is this bathmat incredible value, but it provides two distinct safety features as well as a cute design. The mat is non-slip and has 10 suction cups to keep it firmly in place in the bath.

The sweet and colourful, under-the-sea design will delight babies and small children, but what we love best about this bargain is its clever heat spot that will display a “too hot” message when the temperature reaches above 37 degrees, so you’ll never put your baby in water that’s too hot.

Available from: Aldi


5. Quacks Innovation Tappy Tap Guard and Bath Toy, £12

Another great one for bath time, this cute octopus will keep your little ones safe from the potential dangers of the bath tap.

Made from soft and flexible neoprene, this fun addition to bath time will cushion the hard tap, preventing banged heads and possible scalds.

The octopus features colourful numbers on his tentacles and an open mouth, so your bath-time crusader can pour water in his mouth and watch the water trickle down his tentacles, making them wriggle.

We also love that he is machine washable, mould-free and attaches to taps easily with a Velcro strap.

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Amazon and Safe Tots


6. LittleLife Family First Aid Kit, £24.99

No home is complete without a little first aid knowledge and a first aid kit. This family first aid kit from LittleLife is at the top of our list thanks to its price, compact design and useful contents. Developed by LittleLife’s first aid team, this kit is ideal to take on days out, holidays or to keep in the house in case of accidental boo-boos.

The kit contains everything from swabs and bandages to plasters and burn gel and just about everything in between. It even contains scissors, tweezers and a primary care information leaflet. We also love that it has “brave little star” stickers to reward your little soldier for being super-brave.

Available from: LittleLife, John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe


7. Babymoov Anti-UV Tent, £34.99

It’s so lovely enjoying family fun time out in the garden or in the park, but nothing can get in the way of fun more than worrying about the sun. When sun cream and sun hats aren’t enough to keep the fear of those harmful UV rays away, then this anti UV tent by Babymoov really comes into its own.

Keep your bubs safe in the sun with this handy outdoor playpen. With UPF 50+, this tent is ideal for babies and toddlers. We love how lightweight and portable it is, considering its impressive protection.

You can pop the tent up easily and place baby on the waterproof fabric bottom. There are two window flaps that provide optimum ventilation and it’s made from a water repellent fabric to protect from the odd shower (or sprinkle from the garden hose!). It also comes with 3 pegs so you can secure it to the ground.

Available from: Amazon and Natural Baby Shower


8. BabyDan Anti Tip Furniture Strap – 4 Pack, £14.99

Furniture can look very much like an adventure playground to a toddler who is just starting to explore the world. That is why these simple yet brilliant anti tip furniture straps from BabyDan have made it into our top 10.

Furniture such as chests of drawers, cupboards and sideboards can act like climbing frames, but the risk is not only that your little one falls off, but the furniture tips over onto them. It is recommended that you use 2 straps per piece of furniture; these attach to the reverse of the furniture while the other end connects to the wall, so your stylish fittings won’t be compromised.

Available from: Argos, Safe Tots and eBay


9. LittleLife Butterfly Toddler Backpack, £19.99

Give your little explorer the freedom to do so, all while keeping you close at hand with this utterly adorable butterfly backpack from LittleLife.

When babies turn into toddlers, the world becomes their oyster and keeping them still is pretty much impossible. Forget the constricting wrist straps of days gone by, and instead treat your wanderer to the LittleLife toddler backpack and give them freedom while you stay in control.

The backpack is in the style of a butterfly and has enough space for her essentials. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and we love how there is a name and address label inside.

Best of all is the grab handle and the optional parent’s safety rein, to keep your kiddo safe when you are out and about. Other designs are also available.

Available from: John Lewis, LittleLife and Boots


10. Brica Munchkin Baby Insight Mirror, £12

When baby is in a rear-facing car seat, it can be quite disconcerting not to be able to see them while driving – especially when they start crying and you don’t know why. This is when the Brica Munchkin Baby Insight Mirror comes into its own.

This shatter-resistant mirror offers a clear and vivid reflection of baby, so you can feel more connected. The large mirror is surrounded by a soft and shock-absorbent frame and the multiple attachment option means it fits most vehicles.

The mirror is large enough for baby to be able to see you, too, giving them the comfort that they need when separated from you in the car.

Available from: Amazon and Tesco


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Claire is mum to 3 children; Elijah, Teddy, and Lottie. She has worked as a journalist and writer for almost 10 years. She has written product reviews and articles for MadeForMums since becoming a mum for the first time in 2013, as well as parenting articles and other content (from fashion to wellness to sustainability) for newspapers, websites, and blogs.