Red Nose Day is back this month (Friday 19 March) and celebrating the power of funny. What better excuse for your own little superhero to don their cape and get to work raising a smile?


My own supergirls are only 2 years apart so it’s a safe bet that wherever one is, her trusty sidekick is not far behind. They’re a tight knit duo, a formidable team ready to tackle injustice in their world, whether that is a woeful supply of snacks from grumpy grown ups or litter louts in our local park.

They love the thrill of transformation with a fabulous superhero costume, and have been known to invent their own cute heroes too. Superhero bunnies are a firm favourite with a pair of tights on the head to create flowing bunny ears!

Try these super-duper costumes out for size…

1. Personalised Superhero Cape Superstar Rainbow, £34

Size: one size | Material: cotton and felt

The fabulously vibrant rainbow colours on this cape will have your little one soaring with excitement. Personalised with your child’s initial and with a soft felt eye mask to add to the mystery, children can become the star of their own adventure. Matching power cuffs are available and because the capes are one size they fit from 18 months to eight years, promising value for money.

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Reviewers rave about how popular the capes are with their little ones. “My granddaughter has not taken this off since it arrived, it’s brilliant,” said one grandparent. Another said, “I bought this as a birthday present for my three-year-old niece. She was so excited to try it on and zoom off around the living room.”

Available from:Not on the high street, Wild Things Dresses

2. Wonder Woman Children’s Costume, £12.99 to £15

Size: 2 to 3 years | Material: polyester

If you’re searching for the perfect girl’s superhero costume, you might as well start with the iconic Wonder Woman. Flowing red cape? Check. Sparkly starred skirt? Check. Jewelled golden headband? Check. DC’s awesome Amazon princess has been fighting crime, battling oppression and smashing the patriarchy since 1941. That’s a pretty powerful superhero message to empower our young girls today.

She commands plenty of respect from the grown ups too. “My little wonder niece loves this,” said one proud auntie on the John Lewis site. “Great quality/value for money and shows everyone just what a sassy little girl she is.”

Available from: John Lewis, Party Delights

3. Kids Avenger Black Panther Fancy Dress Costume, £16 to £29.96

Size: 3 to 9 years | Material: polyester

Black Panther is not just a phenomenal superhero, he’s king and protector of his nation, the secretive and highly advanced African nation of Wakanda. That’s an impressive CV for any wannabe leader. This Black Panther costume is an all-in-one and has padded details to enhance those toddler muscles.

Your little one will enjoy fighting crime and righting injustice, or perhaps more likely tearing around the garden burning off energy. Once they slip on the mask they can become their hero, a superior warrior granted extra-special powers. Black Panther’s cat-like reflexes and agility are a perfect match for an energy-filled pre-schooler.

Available from: Matalan

4. Marvel Spider-Man Red and Blue Costume, £14

Size: 3-4 years | Material: polyester

What child wouldn’t want Spider-Man’s incredible climbing skills? They can slip on the red and blue jumpsuit and instantly feel invincible. Let them shoot imaginary webs from their wrists and pretend to scale the highest heights. Great fun for tackling a front room obstacle course, or practising your spidey moves in the local park.

Rippling printed muscles add to the all-important wow factor for toddlers who want to feel heroic and the spider emblem on the chest lets everyone know your little one means business. The spidey mask completes the look with its giant spider eye holes and over-the-head fabric.

Available from: Sainsbury’s and Argos

5. Disney Store Captain America Costume, £31

Size: 3 to 10 years | Material: polyester

He’s a super-soldier fighting for his country and leading the epic Avengers in their fight against crime – Captain America is one powerful superhero. He’s got amazing strength and agility and an important sense of justice, exactly what the world needs in troubling times.

The star-spangled costume comes with plenty of special features. Your pre-schooler will love the motion-activated sounds on the bodysuit, as well as the textured panels and padded muscles. It has a masked helmet, as well as a built-in utility belt with working buckles and pockets. That means little superheroes can stash everything they need, whether that’s small world toys or a box of raisins. One happy reviewer said, “The quality and detail make this outfit special, worth every penny.”

And for little Captain America fans who don't love an all-in-one costume, this hoody (£25) has all his distinguishing features but might be more comfortable.

Available from: Disney Store

6. PJ Masks Owlette, £14-£16

Size: 2-8 years | Material: polyester

She can fly! She has super eyesight! And when she flaps those powerful wings, Owlette will send the baddies packing. The PJ Masks trio are a huge favourite with pre-schoolers, because after all, superhero children are pretty spectacular. Let your little one explore their own superpowers and transform into this feathered friend.

The costume comes complete with a swooshing cape and mask, as well as feathered details on the shimmery suit and easy Velcro fastening at the back. Reviewers are happy with the results too. “It’s easy to put on and my son loves the wings,” said one mum on the Argos site. Another said: “This is a must-have if like mine your child loves these superheroes.”

Available from: Argos and Sainsbury’s

7. Blue Superman Superhero Costume, £14.99

Size: 2 to 12 months | Material: polyester

Just about the original superhero, we couldn’t leave Superman out of this list. Fighting crime and patrolling our skies, Clark Kent has been transforming into the man of steel and fluttering that red cape since 1938.

This cute baby costume fits from 2 months old, proving that you are never too young to be your own little superhero. The bright red pants are over the legs, with a sweet little abs pattern on the chest, and of course the instantly recognisable S logo. It comes with a silky satin detachable cape that attaches to the shoulders with Velcro fastenings.

Reviewers on H&M love its dinky nature. “The best present for a little new arrival,” said one. “Such a cute outfit,” agreed another.

Available from: H&M

8. DC Comics Batman Costume, £15

Size: 3 to 10 years | Material: polyester

Watch out for the caped crusader! Batman is flying into town in this great fancy dress costume. The suit has padded effect abs on the top half to replicate those rippling bat muscles, and a mask to ensure this superhero can whizz about incognito.

Gold details on the belt and embellishments on the cuffs add to the appeal, as well as the detachable cape, essential for any crusader. When Gotham City needs protecting – or maybe just the living room – your child will be able to spring into action. Batman is a playground favourite, as this Argos reviewer confirms. “What more can you ask for than a very happy little grandson,” she said. “ He loves playing his superhero.”

Available from: Sainsbury’s, Argos

9. Girls Batgirl Black Costume, £17.99

Size: 3-12 years | Material: polyester

You’d think Gotham City would be a pretty safe place to raise a family – because as well as Batman keeping the peace, there’s the fabulous Batgirl here to save the day too. This fab superhero has been looking after the city since the early sixties, most often as the alter-ego of super librarian Dr Barbara Gordon. Superhero skills AND super-smart too…she’s a fantastic role model.

This costume comes with that all-essential swirling black cape, and a mask to provide the required superhero disguise. It’s got a full tulle skirt too, as well as the gold bat emblem on the chest.

Available from: H&M

10. Classic Child Kids Warner Bros Robin, £15.79

Size: 3 to 4 years | Material: polyester

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and if you’ve got two little ones then it’s the perfect chance to have your very own Robin at home alongside Batman or Batgirl. The Boy Wonder is a best friend for Batman, helping him fight crime and always managing to save the day. His tales of daring were inspired by that other Robin, memorably stealing from the rich and giving to the poor in Sherwood Forest all those years ago.

This Robin costume will bring your miniature superhero up-to-date with his bright yellow cape and cheerful red and green costume. The stretchy jumpsuit has a muscly padded chest and of course an eye mask to keep your toddler incognito.

Available from: Amazon