1. The BFG, £16

Age: 3-8 years


Following on from the smash-hit movie (though it was definitely a book first ? ) we reckon this could be a pretty popular costume this year.

Officially, the Big Friendly Giant's job is to distribute good dreams to children. But he can probably get away with dealing out a fair few whizz poppers too (that's farts to us humans).

Available from: Matalan


2. Little Red Riding Hood, £10

Age: 3+

This lovely Red Riding Hood combo comes complete with skirt, cape and apron. Let's just hope none of the other kids turn up as the wolf ?

Available from: Very


3. The Queen of Hearts, £12

Age: 3-10

This regal number comes complete with a crown headband and the gold thread running through will make your little one feel very royal indeed. Get ready for lots of shouts of "Off with their heads" if you plump for this one ❤️️

Available from: Sainsbury's


4. Willy Wonka, £16

Age: 6-13

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it in chocolate and a miracle or 2 - the candy man can....

This instantly recognisable character is bound to be a hit. This outfit comes with signature top hat, bow time, cane, waistcoat and trousers. The priciest in our list - but you do get a lot for your money. Sweet!

Available from: Amazon


5. Cat in The Hat, £12

Age: 3-10

This quirky costume comes with a super-cute puff skirt and Cat In The Hat stripey top hat. LOVE!

Available from: Asda


6. The Worst Witch, £6.99

Age: 4-10 years

Long before Harry Potter there was the Worst Witch and she was way cooler (if slightly more rubbish at spells).

Available from: eBay


7. Mad Hatter, £11.75

Age: 4-12

This eclectic costume comes with a brown jacket with an attached waistcoat and bow tie. It also includes a pair of blue trousers and an oversized purple top hat. Bonkers.

Available from: eBay


8. Very Hungry Caterpillar, £13

Age: 2-4

We can't resist this Very Hungry Caterpillar tunic and head piece with antenna. Awwwww!

Available from: Tesco


9. Mr Toad, £10.99

Age: 4-9

This rather dapper outfit is marketed as being a frog who once kissed becomes Prince Charming - but we think it's just perfect for the main character from The Wind in the Willows.

Available from: Funshack


10. Cinderella, £16

Age: 3-9

Cinderella is the original happily ever after – and we love this flouncy gown. Comes with the crown too (in case you don't have any at home already ? .) Nice!

Available from: Matalan

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