Ahhh, World Book Day. It's something I've known about for a couple of years now, through friends with older kids and glimpsing kids in costume making their way to school. And I love the idea of a day where children of all ages celebrate books and reading.


Except now, for the first time, it's MY turn to be the mother with that child that does WBD and I'm already worrying about a few things. Like....

1. Will I remember on the day?

OK, so RIGHT NOW I know the day (3 March, right?) but when it actually comes to the day itself, when it's a regular morning where I get myself dressed in 3 minutes, my daughter dressed in 2 minutes and both of us out the door faster than a speeding bullet (barely awake, obvs), will I actually even remember this hallowed event on the school calendar? What if I don't? That will be a MAJOR oops. *panics*

2. What's actually supposed to happen?

It's coming up and I know that for sure but I've scouted around my little one's school book bag for a letter and, so far, there isn't one. (She might have lost it, of course.)

So, without that bit of paper in my hand to confirm exactly what happens on World Book Day, I'm not quite sure what to do.

Does she get dressed up for the whole day? Or wear uniform to school and change later? I really need that letter. Oooh, and talking of costumes....


3. What's she going to wear?

Ok, so this is the BIG one, right? Now there's not a chance this side of the Equator that I'll be making one (if you want to have a go though, check out MFM's easy no-sew costume ideas out) so I started to plant the seed a while ago of going as the small bear from the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears fairytale, as we already have a bear costume for Halloween.

And she went for it. Hurrah! Until she didn't go for it anymore. Boo. Now she says she wants to go as Goldilocks and I'm not sure how to do that.

Besides, she'll probably change her mind next week and want to go as something else. And what if I can't do the costume or make a massive faux pas like that mum who did the 50 Shades outfit last year? Ooooh, please don't let me do that.

4. Will I be able to find the book?

Among the bits and bobs of detail, my 4-year-old has actually managed to convey to me is that, as well as the costume, we need to take to school the book the costume is based on.

This is tricky. We have books of course. Lots of them. Possibly into the hundreds. But finding that one we need on the day (because there WILL be a last-minute costume change, I'm SURE) will be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Before 7.30am in the morning, too. Joy.


5. What's the money and token situation?

So, in the week up to World Book Day there's been a school book fair, all part of the Big Day itself, apparently. My daughter has told me she needs money for the fair, so I give her £1 – and am told that this won't get her a book. It might get her an eraser or a pen. OK.

Will there be slight disapproval from the teachers and other parents that I won't be giving my daughter enough money for an actual book? But we usually get them from Oxfam for £1 a time. Um...

Then I hear there will be tokens on The Day itself. They don't get you a book. They might get you money off a book. And there are only a few titles on offer with the token – and the good ones run out quickly.

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This all seems very complicated to me. Can anyone explain?

6. Is there's something else really big I'm totally forgetting or don't know about?

Let's just say – crossed fingers – I actually manage to get the book and costume ready and my little girl to school on time and in her outfit, will there be something major I haven't done?

Will she change costume ideas so many times she dupes me into thinking a character's from a book when it's not? Like Elsa or Anna? (Yes, yes, there are Frozen books but the movie came first, right?) And then will the teachers tell me off?

Oh Lord.

And it's nearly time for the Easter bonnets *groan*

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