Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers, pre-schoolers and children

We have 25 Easter egg hunt picture clues and word poems to print out for fun-filled (and easy) indoor and outdoor hunts

Collection of Easter egg hunt clues

Planning an indoor or outdoor egg hunt for your family around Easter Sunday (21 April 2019)?


Hunt no further! These downloadable and printable clues are perfect for making your egg hunt much more exciting and fun ? And it’s so easy to do…

We have 4 sets of Easter egg hunt clues

Jump or scroll down below:

You can either stick to one matching set, or mix and match the different types of clues.

How it works

  1. Download the clues you want by clicking the links below
  2. Print them on an A4 sheet of paper and cut them out
  3. Plan the order of your hunt – eg, under bed, in a drawer, in a bookcase, etc
  4. Hold on to the 1st clue
  5. Plant the 2nd clue in the hiding place shown on the first clue – eg, if your 1st clue is ‘bed’, hide the next clue (eg ‘drawers’) in the bed hiding place. Hide the 1st egg here too if you want to include eggs along the way.
  6. Plant the 3rd clue in the hiding place shown on the 2nd clue – eg  if your 2nd clue is ‘drawers’, hide the next clue (eg ‘bookcase’) in the drawers hiding place, and so on until you’ve hidden all the clues (and eggs)
  7. Give your child the 1st clue and let them start following the trail to their eggs

Of course, they don’t have to be chocolate eggs, either. You can choose whatever you’d like ?

Have fun! ?


graphics easter egg hunt indoor clues

We’ve got 5 handy picture clues for everyday household items: a sofa, a TV, a bookcase, some drawers and a bed. Think about hiding inside, behind, underneath or nearby but do make sure you’re watching them when they’re searching, particularly near the TV.

Download our indoor Easter egg hunt clues here


Here are 5 suggestions for outdoor hiding places: a birdhouse, a bush, near a flower, inside some wellies or behind a tree.

Download our outdoor Easter egg hunt clues here

3 Rhyming poem clues

Here are those poem clues in full – with the answers written in):

  • What goes brrrum, and travels far? Yep, your next clue is in the car!
  • Is it time to eat some grub, or have a bath inside the tub?
  • Now you’re clean it’s time to glide, out the door and to the slide.
  • Go outside and walk to where, you like to climb up on the stairs.
  • Solving clues isn’t hard, you see! When the next one’s hiding by the TV (or tree – up to you)!
  • Where the tooth fairy leaves your pound, is where the next clue can be found.(under pillow)
  • The treasure hunt is almost up, so have you checked inside a cup
  • The next clue is easy, it’s not hard to look, and find the answers inside a book.
  • Congrats, you’ve made it! Shout it out loud! You’ve solved the riddle, and made us all proud ?

Download our Easter egg hunt poem clues here

4 Colour clues

A great idea for young toddlers who can’t yet read but are learning their colours – we’ve got pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and lilac/purple options.

Download our colour Easter egg hunt clues here

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