Fancy making some Easter baskets to for your children to stow their eggs in when they do an Easter egg hunt? Or to make with your kids and take as a great home-crafted, treat-filled gift when you visit the grandparents or other relatives over the Easter break?


Our free downloadable Easter basket templates are just what you need: simply print them out to get started. In just a few minutes, you can fold and glue the templates into the cutest 9cm x 6.5cm baskets that are just the right size for a small child to carry 3 or 4 Creme Eye-size eggs or a whole stash of mini eggs.

We've got 3 Easter basket printable template options. We used the multicoloured one in our pics and video) but there's also a pink, yellow and red one and a black-and-white option – great if you don't have coloured ink in your printer and/or your child would like to colour it in themselves.

And we have a step-by-step video (above) and picture guide (below) to show you how to put the baskets together. All you need is card, scissors and glue.

How to make Easter egg baskets with our free downloadable templates: choose one, then follow our step-by-step video and picture guides


Option 1: Colour-in-yourself Easter basket template

easter basket template black and white

Best for those without a colour printer – or with a child who loves get busy with crayons – this Easter basket, with flowers and eggs, is designed to be coloured in before you construct it.

Option 2: Pink, yellow and red Easter basket template

easter basket template pink, yellow, red

This basket is designed for the colour printer, and features the same design as our colour-in-yourself basket but already coloured in pretty pinks, yellows and reds on a pale pink background.

Option 3: Multicoloured Easter basket template

multicoloured easter basket template

Our 3rd Easter basket template is a bright and beautiful multicoloured one, designed to spread the maximum Easter joy.


You will need:

  • 1 Easter basket template (from the selection above), printed out
  • scissors
  • card
  • glue
  • shredded tissue paper (optional)
  • mini Easter eggs and chocolate animals to fill the basket, once made
easter basket template materials

Step 1. Print out your chosen Easter basket template, and cut around it. There will be 2 parts: the basket and the handle. If you're using the black and white template, it's probably easier to get your child to colour it in now before you do anything else. Then glue the 2 parts, with a fair space in between, onto good-quality card to reinforce both parts.

glueing template onto card

Step 2. Turn the card over so you can see the basket design. Cut around the basket and handle, following the solid black lines.

cutting round the basket template

Step 3. Turn the basket over again, and make folds (as neatly and as straight as possible) along the dotted lines to make the little flaps.

easter basket template folding dotted line

Step 4. Now turn the basket back over, so the design is face up, and fold along the dotted lines to score the edges of the basket itself.

easter basket template folded lines

Step 5. Turn the basket back over and put glue on the patterned side of the flaps.

easter basket gluing edges

Step 6. Bringing up the sides of the basket, line up 1 flap with its adjacent edge and press firmly to make sure the glued bit stays in place.

easter basket template pressing glued edges together

Step 7. Repeat with the other 3 sides until you have your basket shape.

easter basket template basket complete without handle

Step 8. Now it's time to attach the handle. Make an inward fold of about 5cm from each edge of the handle. Then glue the folded piece on the patterned side. Stick one of the folded flaps inside the basket, making sure the handle stands at a right-angle with the edge of the basket. Then bend the handle round (the patterned side should be on the outside) and glue the second flap (again, put the glue on the patterned side) firmly inside the other side of the basket.

easter basket template attaching handle

Step 9. Once the handle is in place, your basket construction is finished! Line with a little tissue paper (optional), then pop in chocolate eggs, Easter bunny treats or anything else Easter-y you have to hand. Or hand the empty basket to an eager child and send them off on an Easter egg treasure hunt.

easter basket finished and filled

Pics: Emily Longman Wall. Video: Emily Longman Wall and Janet Mtima. Illustrations: Emma Winchester


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