Easter basket templates to print and make

Easter baskets for your Easter Eggs! Download our template, print and cut out our free and easy-to-make Easter baskets. There's one for your child to colour in and three ready-to-go templates

Template and completed easter basket

How to use our printable Easter basket templates

Our Easter basket printables are free to download and easy to make.


Each basket template will fit on an A4 page of paper or card.

We have three colour options – ready for you to print, cut and stick – plus one black-ink only design, that’s ideal for your child to colour and decorate.

Follow these instructions to put your basket together:

  1. Print out your chosen basket on an A4 page of paper or card
  2. Cut around the black outline of both parts (the basket body and handle)
  3. Fold along the dotted lines to create the tabs
  4. Glue/tape/staple the tabs to the adjoining side and attach tabs on the handle to the basket
  5. Get creative decorating the basket! Scroll down to see some suggestions

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Bunnies and Chickens Easter basket template

bunny chick template

Best for those with a colour printer, this Easter basket features a basket weave look, thin pink edge and cute bunny and chick ribbon design.

Download the Bunnies and Chicks Easter basket template

Chicks and Eggs Easter basket template

chicks eggs template

Another basket designed for the colour printer, the chicken Easter basket features a basket weave background, thin green edge and sweet chickens (hatched and in eggs) on the “ribbon” .

Download the chicks and eggs Easter basket template

Easter egg basket template

eggs template

Best for colour printing, this basket features a basket weave look, thin purple edge and blue, green and pink spotty eggs along the band.

Download the Easter egg Easter basket template

Chicks Easter basket template to colour in


Ideal for black-ink only printers and those after a craft project! The decorate-your-own basket has a blank background to take any design, glitter or colour, plus a little chick on each side to colour in.

Download the decorate-your-own Easter basket template


Get creative

Once you’ve put your basket together you can even add some extras such as easter-themed stickers or coloured crepe paper to fill the basket.


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