5 easy last-minute Easter bonnets

Easter bonnet parade coming up? Fear not, we have 5 incredible ideas to make a simple Easter hat that will impress your little one’s friends (and their mums - maybe)


Need to make an Easter bonnet but found yourself short on time? We’ve got 5 ideas to help you make a brilliant bonnet at record speed. Take a look…


1. The Bunny Bonnet – by MFM’s Magda Ibrahim


This brightly-coloured Easter hat is easy to make, with simple cardboard bunny decorations, and a full video tutorial for you to follow. It’s the perfect bonnet to begin with even if you’re not the craftiest or it’s your first go…

Watch the full guide to making this Bunny Easter Bonnet right here

And if you want to spice up the bonnet with a wonderful bunny or chick face, try our Easter face-painting tutorials here:

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2. The Newspaper Hat – by RedTedArt


These look complicated, but they’re actually just a sheet of painted newspaper with a band tied round, holding them into a hat shape – how clever is that! Nothing says Easter chic more than a floppy, wide-brimmed bonnet – and this one will be a breeze for even the Edward Scissorhands among us.

You need:

  • Newspaper
  • Paint
  • Masking tape/sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Plus tissue paper, and any other decorations you have available

How to do it:

Paint two sheets of newspaper any colour you like on both sides, and, when they are dry, cut into large circles.

The easiest way is to fold the paper twice and cut a quarter circle.

Place on child’s head and make a band around the hat using the tape. Fold up the brim.

Decorate with flowers made of tissue paper, or create mini eggs by scrunching up the paper and gluing to the hat.

You could also decorate with pictures of lambs, rabbits or anything else suitably Easter-themed.

3. The Mad Hatter Bonnet – by MummyMummyMum


Make a statement in this structured (but uber-easy) Easter hat.

You will need:

  • Two sheets of cardboard
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Ribbons
  • Feathers/feather boa

How to do it:

Cut the first sheet of card to the height you want the hat to be and fold around child’s head and tape to make the right size.

Cut slits all around one end of the cylinder, about 1.5cm in length and fold out the cut sections.

Cut the second piece of card into a circle, around 7.5cm larger than the width of the cylinder.

Glue the bottom of the cut sections and stick the cylinder to the second piece of card to make the brim of the hat.

Cut out the middle so it fits on your child’s head.

Decorate with ribbon, and cover the base with feathers or an old feather boa.

4. The Paper Plate Hat – by Domestic Goddesque


This hat – inspired by Philip Treacy – is definitely one for the fashion forward child.

You will need:

  • Paper plate (dinner plate size)
  • A drinking straw
  • A craft knife
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Plus pictures, stickers or other decorations of your choice

How to do it:

Cut a spiral from the inside lip of the plate to the centre, making sure it remains attached to the rim.

Tape the bendy part of the straw across the width of the plate’s rim and attach the other end of the straw to the central point of the spiral.

You could use two straws to create more strength, or use a wooden skewer through the straw as well.

The hat is ready for decorating – Domestic Goddesque used butterfly stickers and cutouts, but you could use flowers, Easter egg pictures cut from magazines, or even hang decorations from the hat if you have time.

5. The Poundland Hat – by SarahMumOf3


This is the perfect last-minute hat. Every element has been bought at Poundland – including the basic straw hat. There’s a full range of Easter decorations and the beauty is, you just stick them on with glue.

You will need (all £1 each from Poundland):

  • One straw hat (variety of colours)
  • Glue
  • Shredded purple decorations
  • Set of 6 polystyrene eggs
  • Easter paper chains
  • Easter stickers

How to do it:

Push the top of the hat down so it bends inwards and stick a handful of the shredded purple decoration to the top – you’ll need plenty of glue.

Cut one of the polystyrene eggs in half and place one of the Easter stickers in the cracked open egg. If you can, glue this to the hat top and shredded ribbons.

Make a short chain with the paper chains and sit them on the brim.

Cut 5 small holes in the brim of the hat and thread through the ribbons of the 5 remaining polystyrene eggs. Attach with a dab of glue and a knot in the ribbon under the brim.

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