Turn your child into the Easter bunny with face paints! We've got easy, step-by-step guides to show you how to do it for your child just like the professional face painters do: you can either watch our how-to video (above) or follow our photo steps (below).


Huge (Easter) hat tip to ace facepainters Fi Jennings and Emma Rodgers, both from our Top Testers Club: Fi is the one painting her son Hamza's face in our step by step video, and Emma provided the photo-step pics, with her daughter Mya as model.

You'll need:

  • Face paints in the following colours: white, pink, black (see 4 of the best face paints for children, below)
  • A medium brush
  • A damp sponge

Here's how to face-paint an Easter bunny, step by step...

Step 1

how to facepaint an easter bunny step 1

With the sponge and the white paint, create a bunny-shaped base over your child's nose, eyelids, lower forehead, cheeks and top lip. Dab a little white paint over the middle of your child's lower lip

Step 2

how to face paint an easter bunny step 2

With the brush and the pink paint, carefully draw 2 large arches, one over each of your child's eyes. Pop a dot on their nose. Then, use the sponge and the pink paint to create a rosy edge to the cheeks.

4 of the best face paints for children

Step 3

how to face paint an easter bunny step 2

With the brush and black paint, draw on the whiskers and eye details. Draw an upside-down triangle between the top lip and nose., and then fill it in. Outline the pink dot on the nose with a heart shape. Add 2 'teeth' by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the white paint on your child's lower lip. You might want to paint the test of the lower lip pink, too, to make the teeth stand out.

And you're done!

Pics: Emma Rodgers. Video: Fi Jennings. Video edit: Janet Mtima


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