Turn your child into the Easter bunny with face paints! We've got a step-by-step guide to show you how to do it for your child just like the professional face painters do...


You'll need:

  • Face paints in the following colours: white, pink, black (see 4 of the best face paints for children, below)
  • A medium brush
  • A damp sponge

Here's how to face-paint an Easter bunny for your child...

First, paint the white base

how to face paint an easter bunny step 1
  • With the sponge and the white paint, create a bunny-shaped base over your child's nose, eyelids, lower forehead, cheeks and top lip.
  • Dab a little white paint over the middle of your child's lower lip

Next add the pink details

  • With the brush and the pink paint, carefully draw two large arches, one over each of your child's eyes.
  • Pop a dot on their nose.
  • Use the sponge to create a rosy edge to the cheeks.

4 of the best face paints for children

Then add the finishing touches

  • With the black paint, draw on the whiskers and eye details.
  • Outline the pink dot on the nose with a heart shape.
  • Define the mouth and draw a upside-down triangle between the top lip and nose. Fill in the triange.
  • Add 2 'teeth' by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the white paint on your child's lower lip.

And you're done!

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