Celebrate Easter with some bright and colourful face-painted Easter eggs and flowers. We've got a step-by-step picture guide to show you how to do it for your child just like the professional face painters do...


You'll need:

  • Face paints in the following colours: yellow, pale green, pale blue, white and black (see 4 of the best face paints for children below)
  • A medium brush

Here's how to face paint Easter eggs and flowers for your child...

Step 1: Paint the main shapes

  • Tie back your child's hair.
  • Then, with yellow paint, paint 6 petal shapes in the middle of your child's forehead.
  • Repeat this to create a smaller flower next to it and also one on one of your child's cheeks (not shown in the pic, above).
  • Then, still with the yellow, paint an oval egg shape on the opposite cheek to the one with the flower petals on it.
  • Rinse your brush. Then, using pale green, paint a smaller egg shape to one side of the yellow egg.
  • Rinse your brush, and then, with pale blue, paint an egg shape on the other side of the yellow egg. Decorate the Easter eggs with pastel shades in dots and lines.

4 of the best face paints for children

Step 2: Add grass, outlines and stalks

  • Using the pale green paint, add a couple of short, quick flicks under the egg shapes to make grass.
  • Next, take black paint and outline the flower and egg shapes. Add a swirly 'stalk' line to each of the flowers and put a line of 'shadow' under each of the grass leaves.
  • Finish off with the white, making another outline around each flower petal.

Pictures: Snazaroo


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