How to face paint Easter Eggs and flowers – step-by-step

Follow our easy guide in pictures to help you create an Easter-style face in minutes


Just in case your child fancies getting painted up with Easter eggs and flowers on their faces – our simple guide will tell us exactly how you do it and what you’ll need.


Step 1 – paint the main shapes

You’ll need:

  • Yellow, pale green, pale blue, white and black face paints

What to do:

  1. With yellow paint on a medium brush, paint 6 petal shapes on your child’s forehead.
  2. Repeat this to create a smaller flower next to it and on one of your child’s cheeks.
  3. With the same yellow, paint an oval egg shape on the opposite cheek.
  4. Using pale green, paint a smaller egg shape to one side of the yellow egg, and with pale blue paint another egg shape on the other side of the yellow egg.
  5. You can decorate these Easter eggs with pastel shades in dots and lines, or get creative!

Step 2 – Add grass effect and outlines

  1. Create a grass effect with pale green paint by painting a couple of short and quick flicks under the egg shapes.
  2. Next, take white and black paint and outline the flower and egg shapes, shadowing the grass and creating swirly lines by the flowers.

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