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How to face paint an Easter chick: step-by-step guide

Follow our easy picture guide to create a face-painted Easter chick in minutes

how to face paint an easter chick
Published: March 31, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Bring a little Easter fun into your house by turning your little chickadees into chicks with this lovely face-painting idea. We've got a step-by-step guide to show you how to do it for your child just like the professional face painters do...


You'll need:

  • Face paints in the following colours: white, yellow, orange, black (see 4 of the best face paints for children, below)
  • A medium brush
  • A damp sponge

Here's how to face-paint an Easter chick for your child...

First, paint the eyes

face paint Easter chick step 1
  • With white paint and a brush, carefully paint a high semi-circular shape above each eye over the eyebrows and onto the forehead. Make sure your child keeps their eyes closed all the time.

Then paint the chick shape

  • With the yellow face paint, outline the white areas and then draw the outline of the chick.
  • Add 3 tufts of feathers at the top of the chick's head (in the centre of your child's forehead) and 3 tufts at the sides (at the corner of your child's eyes) for little wings.
  • Fill the outline in – a damp sponge will help here.

4 of the best face paints for children

  • Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack Face Paint Kit, £20.50: Contains 10 1ml colour pots, 2 glitter gels, 4 sponges, 2 brushes and a face-painting guide. Age 3+
  • Little Brian Face Paint Sticks, £20.99: Contains 24 colour sticks that twist up and down like a glue stick and include metallic and day-glo shades. Also comes with a brush and a booklet of 12 face-painting ideas. Age 3+
  • BioKidd Natural Face Body Paint Wash, £24.90: Contains 10 10ml pots of paints, made with beeswax/clay/mineral-based ingredients and ready to use without wash. No brush supplied. Age 3+
  • Galt Face Painting Set, £10.99: Contains 12 face paint discs, 2 brushes, 4 sponges, adhesive stencils and a guide. Age 5+

Next, add the outlines

  • With the orange paint and a brush, draw a beak on your child's nose and a foot at each corner of your child's mouth.
  • Outline the whole chick shape with black paint, using a zig-zag shape to create a fluffy effect.
  • Outline the feet, and then the eyes, adding three flicks as eyelashes.
  • Outline the beak, adding two small 'c' shapes as nostrils.

And then you're done!

Easter chick face paint

Pics: Snazaroo


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