How to face paint an Easter chick – step-by-step

Follow our easy guide in pictures to help you create a face painted Easter chick in minutes


Thinking of painting your child up as an Easter chick? Check out our simple step by step guide on how to do it…


Step 1

With white paint and a brush, carefully paint a high semi-circular shape above each eye over the eyebrows and onto the forhead – you must make sure your child keeps their eyes closed all the time for this step!


Step 2

Next, get some bright yellow face paint and outline the white areas and draw the outline of the chick over the whole face. Make sure you draw the chick’s head on the forehead, adding 3 tufts of feathers at the top of the chick’s body on the cheeks and chin, adding tiny wings at the corner of the eyes. Fill it all in – a damp sponge will help here.


Step 3

Now you’ll need some orange paint and a brush. Draw a beak on the nose and a foot at each corner of the mouth. With a steady hand outline the whole design with black paint, using a zig-zag shape to create a fluffy effect. Outline the eyes, adding three flicks as eyelashes, then outline the beak, adding two small ‘c’ shapes as nostrils. Don’t forget to outline the feet, too.


Last step

Your toddler can simply wear an all yellow outfit, or go the whole hog with a feathery outfit to match your wonderful face paint.

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