These ultra-simple-to-make bunny ears are perfect for a last-minute Easter 'bonnet' or just a bit of bunny fun over the Easter break.


We've got a step-by-step video guide (above) – and some text instructions below – to show you how to quickly turn a ordinary hairband into a happy, hoppy Easter costume...

Here's how to make an Easter bunny headband

What you’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Grey felt
  • Pink felt or a pink kitchen cloth
  • Liquid glue
  • Gluestick
  • A grey hairband (we found ours in a pound shop)

How to make it

1. Use the pencil to outline 2 rabbit ear shapes on the card, then cut them out.

2. Fold the grey felt in half to make a double layer, then place the cardboard ear shapes on the felt and cut around them, leaving 1cm around all the edges.

3. Now place the cardboard ear shapes on the pink felt/kitchen cloth and cut around them, leaving no margin this time.

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4. Cover the card ear shapes with glue and sandwich each one between 2 grey felt pieces, making sure to leave the bottom 1cm of the felt unstuck.

5. Stick each pink inner ear shape to 1 side of each reinforced grey felt ear.

6. Open out the bottom of the grey felt ears and coat the inside with glue.

7. Take the headband and stick the felt ears to it, first gluing down the back piece of felt, then folding the front piece back over it.

8. Leave to dry… and voila! One set of Easter bunny ears! Just add grey top and trousers (or maybe a cute fluffy onesie), and your child's bunny look is complete.

how to make an Easter bunny headband

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