Giant carrot and bunny Easter bonnet: step-by-step guide

This brilliant giant carrot and rabbit Easter bonnet is a real head-turner - and it's not too tricky to make. Follow our step-by-step guide to how to create it

carrot Easter bonnet to make

In the world of unusual Easter bonnet ideas, we reckon this giant carrot hat stands out – both figuratively and literally.

The central piece of this hat creation is actually a tall cone shape. Once you have that in place, all you need to do is pop a bunny on the side to finish it off. We’ve used a soft-toy bunny here but you could cut one out of cardboard if you’d prefer.

Huge (Easter) hat tip to our parent tester and photographer Claire, from our Facebook community for testing this Easter Bonnet craft with her child, and demonstrating how easy it is to make with her fab step by step photos…

Giant carrot and bunny Easter bonnet: how to make it, step by step


You Will Need

  • Card (white or orange)
  • Orange paint (if using white card)
  • Sticky tape
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Green tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Black elastic
  • Small bunny soft toy or beanie

Total time:

Step 1

Roll the card into a cone shape, ensuring that it’s the right size to fit your child’s head. Use sticky tape to fix the cone in place. If you’ve used white card, paint it orange and wait for it to dry.

Using the black marker, draw marks on the card  to give it a more ‘carroty’ look.


Step 2

Cut lots of 2cm-wide strips of the green tissue paper (they can be as long as you want), and attach them with glue all around the bottom rim of the carrot. Make sure you glue at least 1cm of each strip inside the carrot, so it’s as firmly attached as possible.


Step 3

Place the carrot on your child’s head and work out how much of the black elastic you will need to run from one side of the bottom edge of the carrot, under your child’s chin over to the other side. Allow for 1cm of extra on either side (so you can fix it firmly inside the carrot). Cut the elastic to the right length and then use sticky tape to fix it firmly onto the inside of the card on either side. Using another piece of elastic, tie the cuddly toy bunny onto the side of the carrot.


Step 4

Your giant carrot and bunny Easter bonnet is ready to wear! If the leaves are too long, you can trim them a little shorter around the front so that your child can see out.

homemade giant carrot and bunny Easter bonnet

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