Free Easter colouring activities for children

Download and print off our cute Easter card and 3 Easter-themed drawings for your child to colour in

easter colouring sheets

Need something crafty to keep your child occupied in the run-up to Easter? We’ve put together some egg, chick and bunny-themed colouring sheets and a Happy Easter card for you to download and print out.


All you need is some crayons – and then the Easter artistry (or if not, the enthusiastic scribbles) can begin!

Here are 4 Easter-themed colouring sheets for you to download for your child…

1. Cute Easter card to colour and give to someone special

This printable has been specially designed so all you need to do is print it out on A4 paper or card, colour it in and then fold on the dotted line for the perfect Easter card.

2. Decorated Easter eggs

With lots of detailed designs, these Easter eggs will give little hands plenty of fine-motor-skill practice. This one definitely requires concentration and lots of coloured pencils! The final egg is blank for your child to design their own egg pattern.

3. Easter chicks (plus Mother Hen)

This mother hen and two chickens are perfect for farmyard-loving toddlers who fancy getting that yellow paint, felt-tip or wax crayon out. Extra points if you manage to make the beaks and feet red!

4. Easter bunny (with his Easter egg)

picture of bunny to colour in

And finally, of course, the Easter bunny, hard at work getting all those eggs decorated! See if you can manage not to get crayon on his sticky-out teeth…


We’ve got lots more Easter crafts to make with your kids…

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