This super-cute bunny-themed Easter bonnet is eye-catching and unusual, and actually quite simple to make – especially if you follow our step-by-step instructions.


Huge (Easter bonnet) hat tip to our parent tester and photographer Emma Rodgers, from our Facebook community for testing this Easter Bonnet craft with her daughter May, and demonstrating how easy it is to make with her lovely photos...

Bunny rabbit Easter bonnet: how to make it

You will need:

  • Hat
  • PVA glue
  • Cotton wool balls (lots!)
  • Stiff white card
  • Glitter or glitter pen (optional)
  • Sticky tape
  • Pink felt-tip pen or crayon
  • Black felt-tip pen or crayon
  • Pipe cleaners, white and/or pink x 6

Step 1: Create the fluffy bunny body


Cover the top of the hat with PVA glue and then stick on cotton wool balls until you can't see any of the hat fabric underneath.

Leave the brim of the hat free.

Step 2: Make the crown and prepare the bunny's face

Bunny rabbit bonnet step

Now, make a crown. Take your white card and cut a strip about 10cm wide. Cut zig zags along 1 of the long edges, to make a crown effect. You can add some glittery decoration, if you like.

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Fold the strip round to make a circle that's just a little smaller in diameter than the top of your hat. Stick it together with sticky tape and then glue it, zig-zag side up, to the top of hat.

Now cut 2 bunny ears, 2 eyes and 1 nose from the white card. Use your pink felt-tip pen to colour all of the nose and to colour some pink bits on the ears. Use your black felt-tip pen to draw pupils on the eyes.

Bend round 1 end of each of your pipe cleaners to make them look like whiskers.

Step 3: Stick on the bunny ears and features

homemade bunny rabbit Easter bonnet

Now stick the ears, next to each other, inside the crown on top of your hat. Then glue the eyes and nose onto the cotton wool balls at the front (it can be tricky gluing card to cotton wool; press and hold for a minute or so before taking your hand away).

Dab glue on the unbent end of each of the whiskers and stick them, 3 on each side, to your hat, tucking them between the cotton wool balls.

Now that you're done, says our parent tester and step-by-step photographer Emma, "Put on your child’s head, sing Hop Little Bunny, Hop, Hop, Hop and watch as complete joy unfolds!"

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Pics: Emma Rodgers


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