For many, cleaning windows falls right to the bottom of the priority list, especially for busy parents. You may have hired a window cleaner to clean the outside but unfortunately most don't clean your inside windows. There's no avoiding vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floor, but who cares if the windows are a little dirty, right?


However, as the warmer weather approaches and the hours of sunlight increase, the more obvious the sticky fingerprints or dusty windows become. If your dirty windows are bothering you then keep on reading. For more household products, take a look at the best toilet brushes, the best oven cleaners, best grout cleaner and best limescale removers.

We have asked parents in our Top Testers Club how they clean their windows and which products they recommend. When testing and selecting the best window cleaners, we considered, effectiveness, quantity, sustainability, versatility and value. We have a whole host of options, from conventional window cleaners to slightly more versatile options. In fact, one of them, you may already use to wash your dishes.

Take a look at all the different products you can use to clean your windows to leave them streak-free and squeaky clean.

Best window cleaners at a glance

  • Best window cleaner for scent: Method Window Cleaner, £4
  • Best window cleaner for dissolving grease: Windolene Glass & Shiny Surfaces Spray, £2.10
  • Best versatile window cleaner: Dishmatic Brilliants Berry Bright Dynamic Duo Pack & 1 Refill, £1.99
  • Best speedy window cleaner: Karcher WV1 Handheld Window Vac, £43.99
  • Best window cleaner with a super concentrated formula: HG Window Cleaner, £3.75
  • Best window cleaner for quick cleans: Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner, £1.50
  • Best window cleaner for exterior windows: Leifheit Window Cleaner, £23
  • Best window cleaner bundle: Koh Starter Bundle, £49.80
  • Best cloth window cleaner: Minky M Glass and Window Microfibre Cloth, £3.50
  • Best window cleaning wipes: Windolene Glass & Shiny Surfaces Wipes, £2.94

What to consider when choosing a window cleaner

Ease of use – The different types of window cleaners have varying ease of use. Sprays are very easy, but you will likely need a cloth, kitchen roll or newspaper to wipe them clean. Wipes are the easiest option as you can just grab one, wipe clean, then dispose. On the other hand, sponges and cloths are just as easy as sprays, but again they often work best together. A more expensive, yet easy to use option is a window vac which sucks up condensation and is a very quick way to clean your windows.

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Value – The options featured in this list are largely around the lower price point but there are some more expensive options. However, the more expensive options are reusable or have large quantities meaning less or no repeat purchasing. It's important to weigh up the initial cost and repeat purchasing needed to determine the true value. Wipes and sprays may seem cheaper than an electric window vacuum, however, you will need to buy new bottles of window cleaner quite often, whereas the vacuum could last you forever or at least a very long time.

Scent – A lot of window cleaners include chemicals, making them have that pungent chemical smell. If you have young children and don't want them exposed to strong chemicals, or you just don't like the smell yourself, then you can find slightly weaker options which actually have a nice, refreshing scent. However, do be aware that they may not be as heavy duty for really dirty windows.

Sustainability – As previously mentioned, most window cleaners include chemicals – some of which are not great for the environment. However, you can get more eco-conscious options which are made from naturally derived ingredients and have environmentally-friendly packaging. Wipes, although quick and simple to use, need to be disposed of and are not great for the environment.

Our pick of the best window cleaners

1. Method Window Cleaner, £4

– Best for scent

Method Window Cleaner

Type: Spray | Quantity: 828ml

This glass cleaner is made from naturally derived ingredients and is non-toxic. It has a lovely fresh, icy wild mint scent.

Parent tester Jemma uses Method glass cleaner to clean her windows and said, "It smells so good, regular window cleaners often have such a strong smell to them."

Not only is the actual glass cleaner made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, the bottle is also made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Our parent testers recommend using this product with screwed up newspaper for the best results.

Pros: Has a fresh minty scent, made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, bottle made from recycled plastic bottles, easy to use
Cons: None

Available from: Amazon, Waitrose and Dunelm

2. Windolene Glass & Shiny Surfaces Spray, £2.10

– Best for dissolving grease

Windolene Glass Cleaning Spray

Type: Spray | Quantity: 750ml

This window cleaner is particularly good at dissolving grease. It cleans with vinegar to leave your widows streak-free and shiny. It's suitable for use on your appliances to0, such as your fridge and other glass surfaces and mirrors.

To use, just spray onto the window and wipe off.

Many of our parent testers recommended Windolene with home tester Debbie suggesting using it with some decent kitchen roll.

Pros: Uses vinegar for streak-free windows, easy to use, affordable
Cons: Strong cleaning smell

Available from: Waitrose, Wilko and Asda

3. Dishmatic Brilliants Berry Bright Dynamic Duo Pack & 1 Refill, £1.99

– Best for versatility

Dishmatic Brilliants Berry Bright Dynamic Duo Pack & 1 Refill

Type: Sponge | Quantity: N/A

When you think of Dishmatic, you may think of washing dishes. However, it's actually very versatile and can be used to clean pretty much anything, including your windows.

One of the best things about it is that it's reusable – until you need to replace the head – and you can choose whichever scent you like by filling it with your favourite washing up liquid.

Parent tester Yasmin uses a Dishmatic to clean her windows and recommends, "using the wand with washing up liquid and rubbing all over the windows and then wiping down with a soft cloth".

However, do make sure you're using the non-scratch heads.

Pros: Versatile, easy to use, can fill with your favourite scented washing up liquid, reusable, affordable
Cons: Will need to buy replacement heads

Available from: The RangeRefills from: Asda

4. Karcher WV1 Handheld Window Vac, £43.99

– Best for speed

Karcher WV1 Handheld Window Cleaner

Type: Vacuum | Quantity: N/A

For cleaning windows quickly, this nifty window cleaner is great. It sucks up any moisture, including condensation, leaving your windows streak-free.

The battery lasts up to 25 minutes so you should be able to clean all your windows in 1 charge. It's also lightweight and easy to use, making the tedious job that little bit easier.

Parent tester Rebecca has this window cleaner and said, "It's excellent and so quick." Parent tester Sophie added, "It's something I never knew I needed but it's amazing".

Once you've finished cleaning your windows, just open up the tank and pour the contents away.

It can also be used on shower screens, tiles and mirrors too.

Although this is by far the most expensive option featured on this list, it does not require repeat purchasing and should last a very long time.

Pros: Quicker than manually cleaning your windows, sucks up condensation, lightweight, no contact with dirty water
Cons: Expensive initial cost

Available from: Halfords, Amazon and Argos

5. HG Window Cleaner, £3.75

– Best for a super concentrated formula

HG Window Cleaner

Type: Concentrate | Quantity: 500ml

This window cleaner is slightly different from the other spray on, wipe off options featured in this list. It is super concentrated, meaning you need to mix a small amount with water to create a cleaning solution.

Parent tester Shanya recommends using this window cleaner with a microfibre cloth for the best results.

Due to its highly concentrated formula, it's great at removing tough marks. However, it's still gentle on varnish and plastic so you don't need to worry about it ruining your window panes.

It's so good in fact, that it is the same window cleaner some professionals use.

Pros: Super concentrated formula, removes tough-to-shift marks, used by professionals, gentle on plastic and varnish
Cons: Needs to be mixed with water

Available from: Amazon, Morrisons and B&Q

6. Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner, £1.50

– Best for quick cleans

Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner

Type: Spray | Quantity: 500ml

This window cleaner was one of the most recommended products by our Top Testers Club. The spray includes vinegar, which creates a shiny streak-free finish.

Much like Windolene, it can cut through grease. Parent tester Rebecca said, "We use Mr Muscle window/glass spray for quick jobs."

It's easy to use, just spray onto the window and wipe off with a cloth, preferably microfibre.

Pros: Affordable, streak-free, cuts through grease, easy to use
Cons: Chemical smell

Available from: Wilko, Amazon and Asda

7. Leifheit Window Cleaner, £23

– Best for exterior windows

Leifheit Window Cleaner

Type: Telescopic cloth | Quantity: N/A

Most of the products on this list are for washing internal windows. If you want to wash your exterior windows or even your upstairs windows then this telescopic microfibre cloth head window cleaner is ideal.

The microfibre cloth which is wrapped around the telescopic pole is made of thick fibres to help remove stubborn dirt and marks.

The soft cloth will not scratch your windows and there's also a rubber squeegee feature to remove excess cleaning solution, to avoid leaving streaks.

The telescopic handle is 110cm to 190cm long. If the window isn't high up, you can still use this window cleaner, simply detach the cloth pad from the pole.

Once you've finished cleaning your windows, the pad can go in the washing machine, ready to be used again.

Pros: Reaches high exterior windows, telescopic head, squeegee function, machine washable pad
Cons: Quite large to store, may still need a window cleaning solution

Available from: John Lewis and Amazon

8. Koh Starter Bundle, £49.80

– Best bundle buy

Koh Starter Bundle

Type: Spray, sponge and cloth | Quantity: 1 x 4L Universal Cleaner, 4 x Microfibre Cloths, 4 x Diamond Sponges

This bundle-buy universal cleaner is great for cleaning windows. The bundle includes a large 4L box of universal cleaner which you can decanter into the atomiser. It also comes with microfibre cloths and sponges which work brilliantly alongside the cleaner.

This bundle allows you to save up to 50%, compared to buying all the products individually.

Not only is the bundle great value, including everything you need for squeaky clean windows, but it's also eco-certified, allergy friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

Parent tester Samantha loves her Koh bundle for cleaning windows, "I use it for most cleaning but it's the best I've found for glass – and I've tried wipes and vacuums! It's got no chemicals in it and no smell, so my son gets to enjoy helping me clean too as I know it's safe for him."

Pros: Includes spray and sponges/cloths, large quantity of cleaner, eco-certified, allergy friendly, vegan
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: Koh

9. Minky M Glass and Window Microfibre Cloth, £3.50

– Best window cleaning cloth

Minky M Glass and Window Microfibre Cloth

Type: Cloth | Quantity: 1

This microfibre cloth is brilliant to use with one of the window cleaning sprays or solutions featured on this list. It's made with high density microfibres and is a good size for optimal cleaning.

The cloth is treated with an anti-bacterial protection to prevent any growth of bacteria on the cloth.

If you don't want to use a window cleaner then you can use this cloth when it is dry for chemical-free cleaning.

When the cloth gets dirty you can throw it in the washing machine and use it again and again.

Parent tester Megan explained how she uses a mixture of methods to clean her windows, including this Minky cloth, "I use a Dishmatic with Fairy Liquid, squeegee off the bubbles, then spray with any generic glass cleaner and use the Minky Glass and Window Cloth. It works a treat."

Pros: Antibacterial protection on the cloth, can use without window cleaner, machine washable, reusable
Cons: May also need a window cleaner spray for tough marks

Available from: Ocado, Amazon and Asda

10. Windolene Glass & Shiny Surfaces Wipes, £3

– Best window cleaning wipes

Windolene Window & Glass Cleaner Wipes

Type: Wipes | Quantity: 30 wipes

If you want a super quick and easy method to clean your windows then these Windolene wipes are ideal.

They're designed to leave the windows sparkling clean and smear-free. They dissolve dirt, lift off grease and clean with vinegar which is what ensures your windows are left streak-free.

They couldn't be easier to use, just grab a wipe out of the pack and wipe your windows clean. There's no need to use a cloth and a window cleaner as the wipe acts as a 2-in-1.

The only downside, is that of course using wet wipes is not the most sustainable method. For this reason, this method might work well for quick cleans, perhaps when your child chooses to press their sticky chocolate fingers against your freshly cleaned windows.

Pros: Easy and quick to use, includes vinegar for streak-free windows, no cloth needed
Cons: Not the most sustainable option


Available from: Ocado and Amazon

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

When testing and selecting the best window cleaners, we considered, effectiveness, quantity, sustainability, versatility and value.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don't just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.


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