As the song says, “There’s no one quite like grandma…” or grandpa for that matter – and so here’s our literary list in honour of grandparents everywhere.


Take note - some of these books might require you to have a few tissues handy as they are very poignant and a little heartbreaking - but we don't think that should put you off getting them as they are really beautiful too, with important messages to share.

5 great books about grandma and grandad...

1. Granpa


Granpa by John Burningham (Jonathan Cape) is quite simply a wonderful book. But beware, it comes with a mascara warning.

The tender tale tells of the relationship between Emily and her beloved but increasingly frail grandad. Together he shares his memories of days gone by, the Second World War and exciting adventures until sadly, Emily one day Granpa’s story book is stolen by some monkeys, and he cannot finish the story.

This is a beautifully imagined story that introduces the ideas of loss in a poignant way. I struggled to get to the final pages, so good luck.

Age: 3+
Price: £4.66
Available from: Amazon

2. Travels With My Granny


Don’t put the tissues away just yet as Travels with My Granny by Julia Rix is another beautifully crafted title with a sensitive message at its heart.

Narrated by a young girl, the story follows her granny’s adventures as the elderly lady travels to far flung outposts and exotic places.

But the adventures are all on in granny’s mind as she is no longer quite sure where she is any more.

Dealing with the issue of old age and dementia, this is a very tender story that will reassure children than no matter how confused things may be for granny, she can still be lots of fun.

Age: 5+
Price: £11.66
Available from: Amazon

3. How To Babysit Grandma / Grandad


On a lighter note, there is the delightful How To Babysit a Grandma which is packed with lots it top tips for spending a day or even better a sleepover with granny.

Author Jean Reagan offers a warm-hearted guide to all the things grannies do best - playing in the park, reading stories and providing cuddles at bedtime.

A great celebration of the bond between grandchild and grandparent. How To Babysit a Grandad is also available.

Age: 3+
Price: £6.99
Available from: Penguin Random House

4. I Love My Grandad


From Giles Andreae’s bestselling I Love My... series comes I Love My Grandad - a lovely tribute to grandads everywhere. Suitable for very young children, the lilting, rhyming text recounts the unabashed joy of spending time with that special person.

Cosy illustrations by the award-winning Emma Dodd add to the overall warmth. Would make a great gift, and there’s one for Granny too.

Age: 2+
Price: £6.99
Available from: Book Depository

5. Peppa Pig: My Grandpa


And finally, you can’t write a review of grandparent books without including one about everyone’s favourite elder statesman... Grandpa Pig.

As you would expect, Peppa Pig: My Grandpa is an amusing, board book dedicated to all things Grandpa Pig and is perfect for fans of this ultra-popular porcine family.

Grandpa is great at everything as he quite happily tells everyone and luckily Peppa and George think so too!

Age: 2+
Price: £4.99
Available from: WH Smiths

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