Mountain Buggy +one tandem buggy

We’ve heard that Mountain Buggy is set to launch its first convertible buggy offering, the +one, in the next four months or so. The +one will begin as a travel system compatible single buggy and convert to a tandem. It will include a huge hood to cover both little passengers and a cosy newborn cocoon. You can also expect parent-friendly features such as adjustable handlebar height and quick release wheels. Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand!


Bugaboo Donkey twin buggy

Until now, Bugaboo has just made single buggies, and while the Donkey starts out life as a pushchair for one (as seen here in the pic), it can be transformed into a twin (side-by-side) buggy. As a single, the Donkey sees a storage basket positioned alongside the seat unit. In this mode, the buggy is still only as wide as the Bugaboo Cameleon (60cm). If you want to accommodate twins or a new sibling, the basket comes off, the buggy chassis is extended width ways, and a second seat unit/carrycot/car seat is attached.

Now for the detail that’ll hurt a little – price. We’ve heard the single Donkey configuration will be in the region of £900, with the extras to make it a double buggy on top of this. You can get info on price, release dates and see it in action in our Bugaboo Donkey report.


Jané twone tandem buggy

We’ve been told not to expect Jané’s convertible buggy offering until late 2011 or early 2012, but we just had to share the insider goss with you on this one! Called the twone, it will be sold as a single buggy, weighing about 9.6kg, with the option to buy a second buggy seat. It’s travel system compatible with Jané car seats. If you initially use it as a single travel system, you can then use the car seat in the lower position, with the buggy seat in the top position, to accommodate baby No. 2 without spending anything extra at first. The twone can also take two car seats if you’re after a travel system for twins. No talk of price points just yet.


Phil & Teds Verve 4-wheeler inline tandem

Phil and Teds is well known for its convertible buggy range, or inline doubles, in P&T speak. Last year, Phil and Teds broke with its 3-wheeler tradition and released a 4-wheeler inline double, called the Hammerhead. Now the New Zealand buggy creator is back in 2011 with another 4-wheel convertible called the Verve. The Verve’s style feels more urban than its siblings – there’s something a bit city chic about its finish – but it’s just as feature-rich. It can fold with the doubles kit attached and is freestanding when folded. The rear seat has 3-position recline and the main seat is multi-position, with a toggle recline. It’s travel system compatible, too. You can expect to pay £595 for the single and £109 for the doubles kit.

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Hauck Duet tandem buggy

The Hauck Duet is a convertible buggy that can be used as a travel system compatible single buggy then transformed into a tandem for siblings of different ages. As a single, it can be set up in a pram-like mode, with this carrycot converting into the seat unit as your baby grows. With the second seat in the lower position, you can still attach a car seat in the top spot, and have a travel system for your new baby. The Duet retails for £349 and you should see it in stores and online right now.


Bebecar one&two tandem buggy

Bebecar’s convertible buggy, the one&two, is due out this July, and we're giving you such a sneak preview, there aren't even any images released to the media yet! It changes from a single to a tandem buggy, and boasts the ability to take two car seats at the same time, if you need a travel system for twins. It can also have carrycot/s attached. The seat direction is reversible, and the EasyLock system makes this simple - you just squeeze down either side of the seat unit to release it. We’ve yet to hear any word on price.