In a nutshell

A plush high-end car seat with all the mod cons that enable your baby to travel in safety and comfort up to the age of two

What we tested

  • Ease of installing
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Safety features
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Safe, rotates like a dream, easy to use, comfortable, stylish


  • Heavy Isofix base, expensive

Cybex’s T Line is designed to be the ultra safe, ultra sleek premium car seat accompaniment for your child on car journeys from birth up to when they reach their teens. We tested the Cloud T i-Size, which is the first in the range and intended for babies up to approx 24 months (or 13kg). Featuring an ergonomic lie-flat option and a recent ADAC test win, it does feel like the business class car-seat option.


Tested by

Journalist Jessica Lever and her four-month-old daughter Hettie tested the car seat in the family's Skoda Octavia. They used it on the back seat, next to her older sister’s Cybex Anoris T on both short car journeys around their home town of Stroud and further afield on a weekend trip to Wales.

What were your first impressions of the Cybex Cloud T?

Very impressed! It was compact: the car seat came intact in one box, and the base in another. I loved the sleek black exterior and the seat’s fabric felt super soft and plush.

2 pictures of Cybex Cloud T and Base T in box

How easy is it to install?

Word of warning: I managed to trap my finger in the base whilst getting it out of the box, so please be careful when removing it as it is super heavy. Once I’d recovered from that however, the product was really straightforward to put together. The car seat requires no setup at all, and the base took about five minutes to install using the instructions attached to it. The system also tells you it is installed properly with both a bleeping sound and three green bars on the base, which flash red if it isn’t installed correctly.

How can you install the car seat?

The car seat has two installation methods: you can either use the Isofix base (Base T) or the vehicle's seatbelt. If you choose the seatbelt option, it belts in using the three point system. It still scores highly safety wise using the seat belt method, but I found it more fiddly than using the base where it easily clicked in.

In general, the base is fantastic, and definitely my preferred option as it felt safer, more secure and was just so much simpler. The Base T easily clicks into your car’s Isofix socket with extended release buttons, and the car seat clicks in and out of place using just one button. The base also features an amazing 180 rotating mechanism too, which was an absolute lifesaver for my aching back. It’s worth noting too that as the T range is a modular system, if you invest in the base for the Cloud T seat it also works for the next size up (Anoris T).

As mentioned, it flashes green when installed correctly, which was great for peace of mind. Compared to my previous Joie i-Spin 360 seat it felt way less bulky, and took up less space in the back seat.

2 pictures of Cybex Cloud T installed in car

How does it compare to similar car seats for this age range?

The Cloud T is definitely at the premium end of car seats for this age range, particularly if you add the cost of buying the base. The price bracket, however, is justified in its amazing features which include: 180-swivel rotating mechanism which is a god-send for bad backs and really easy to use, the full recline (perfect for babies who like to sleep during car journeys) and optimum breathability (which I’m sure will be amazing in the summer).

How does it compare to the previous version, the Cloud Z2?

The Cloud T i-Size is the next generation of Cybex’ Cloud car seats, following on from the Cloud Z2. The seats are relatively similar (both are platinum products and the Z2 also features the recline and rotation functions for example) but with a few nice-to-see improvements, mainly within the fabrics used. The Cloud T offers all round air ventilation and a mesh ventilation system in the sun canopy. If you choose the more premium “plus” line the fabrics are also completely breathable.

What are the key safety features?

For starters, the car seat is encased in an energy absorbing shell, which is intended to enhance its overall safety. It also features two easy to pop out linear side-impact protection wings, which reduce impact force by up to 25%. These are optional, and if someone needs to travel in the middle seat, they can be clicked back into the seat in seconds. If using the base, the front load leg provides extra safety and stability and prevents forward rotation in the event of an accident.

The seat was awarded Good by ADAC (a renowned safety testing group based in Germany) last year.

Does the Cybex Cloud T i-Size rotate?

Yes, when installed with the Base T it rotates 180 degrees (you don't need it to rotate 360 degrees as it is a rearfacing-only seat). I used the swivel function every time I put Hettie in and out of the car seat. The rotator moves very smoothly, which was great as it didn’t jolt her awake if she was sleeping!

Any unique features of the car seat?

For me, the rotating mechanism, lie flat option, ease of clicking the seat in and out of the car and the sunshade were the four real winning features of the product. Although none of these are necessarily unique, I think combined together make for a really fantastic, easy to use, premium seat. Although I didn’t test this option, I could really see the benefit to using the seat as part of the Cybex Priam travel system as it would be so easy to take the seat in and out of the car and assemble as your go-to pram.

How comfortable did your baby find the car seat?

Hettie seemed really comfortable and appeared to snuggle into it and sleep more soundly than she did in her previous car seat. We did still have some screaming on car journeys, but I’m not sure the seat can be blamed for that! The padding is really soft and cushioned on both the seat interior and also the straps. The premium seat material option also claims to have optimal breathability to help keep babies cooler in the summer, which would be a definite added benefit.

2 pictures of baby sitting in Cybex Cloud T car seat

How do you rate the straps?

I genuinely believe that the faff of straps and buckles is one of the worst parts of being a parent, but Cybex somehow seems to have created a strap that isn’t a complete nightmare to clip together. They were easy to keep to one side whilst I strapped her in, however, I anticipate as she gets older and more wriggly this could be a bit more of a challenge. The adjuster, although slightly stiff, is easy to use and the straps extend as you change the headrest height to allow for babies getting longer.

How robust does the car seat feel?

The seat feels extremely robust and sturdy, with plush material that feels very high quality. The covers can also be washed too, which will help with longevity (especially if you have a car sick baby!).

2 pictures of baby in Cybex Cloud T car seat

Does it recline? – If so, how easy is it to recline; does it recline far enough?

One of the seat’s selling points is its recline function, which I would say works really well. With just a click of a button, the seat goes into recline mode, which really adds to the comfort for a small baby.

How good is the headrest?

The height adjustable headrest has a whopping twelve positions meaning the seat can easily grow with your baby. Hettie felt very secure in the seat, and I felt assured that she was safe. I adjusted the headrest (with a simple press of a button) during the time we’ve been testing it, and could really see the difference.

How easy is it to clean?

The covers (bar the fashion and design collections which are wipe clean only) are easily removable and all machine washable at 30 degrees. The fabric is also wipe cleanable for a quick spruce up if it starts to look a bit grubby. The straps are a light blue, however, which look nice, but does seem like a bit of an error on a product for small children.

How do you find the car seat to carry around?

The car seat weighs 4.5kg, which I think is pretty standard for car seats of a similar ilk (Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 is 4.3kg). I have really relished having a car seat that you can move in and out of the car, and found it super helpful when Hettie was sleeping and to take her into cafes that were a short walk away. Although manageable, it did feel heavy to lift, so may not be ideal for someone struggling to recover postpartum.

Does it have a sun hood?

The seat has a fantastic XXL hood which easily pulls up to provide shade from the sun. It’s rated factor 50+ and also features mesh parts for complete breathability, and helps to shade your little one whilst travelling in the car.

Is the car seat big enough for a growing child?

Hettie is big for her age range; at 4.5 months she already weighs 8.5kg and is also really long, so I can’t imagine she’ll fit into the car seat up until the suggested 24 months. If I had to hazard a guess I think it will last her up until she’s around one, at which point I think she will be too big, although I’m intrigued to see if the adjustable head rest position helps this. My older daughter Adelaide is two and well over the 13kg weight limit, so I didn’t try her in the seat. However, I know that she would definitely have outgrown the seat by around 14-15 months as she is really tall. This is something to consider if you have a long baby and were planning on using the seat up to the 24 month mark.

For a smaller child (from a less giant family!) I think the car seat could easily work up until around 18-24 months.

2 pictures of baby in Cybex Cloud T car seat in the car

What’s in the box?

  • Car Seat including newborn insert and user guide
  • T Base (sold separately to the car seat)

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

  • Base T (I’d say this is well worth a purchase if you’re investing in the Cybex Cloud T)
  • Summer Cover
  • Sun Shade
  • Insect Net
  • Rain Cover
  • SensorSafe 4-in-1 Kit Infant
  • Snogga Mini 2
  • Platinum Winter Footmuff Mini
  • Priam Frame

What did you think of the Cloud T's sustainable credentials?

The product arrived in a large cardboard box, wrapped in plastic and with some polystyrene padding. Although not overly excessive, and partially recyclable, it would be nice to see Cybex using more sustainable packaging on their products.

Cybex promote their green leaf initiative, which essentially highlights products across their range which feature responsibly designed products that use recycled materials. Sadly neither the Cloud T or the Base T are part of this initiative. You could argue that, as the system is modular, if you buy into the Base T set from the start you’re at least having to purchase less products as it will work for the first four (ish) years of your child’s life. Cybex doesn't offer a specific recycling option, such as other brands like Silver Cross, however you can recycle car seats at some household waste collection points, so it’s worth researching to find out once you’ve finished using the product.

Although I couldn’t find this clearly on Cybex’ own website, says that all Cybex car seats have a 24 month warranty for any defective products e.g. they will restore or replace any items that are broken due to defect but not due to usual wear and tear. I also found an extensive replacement parts section on the US site, but this doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, but people do sell a lot of spare parts on eBay.

Who would this car seat be most useful for?

I think the seat is aimed at parents who are able to splash cash on a premium product that will make your life that bit easier.

Is this car seat worth the money? If it’s expensive, is it worth the price? If it’s budget, then does it still do a good job even if it’s fairly basic?

Although expensive, I can see why the Cloud T comes in at the higher end of the price range as it’s functionality makes it more than just a car seat. It not only ticks the boxes for safety, but also comfort for baby and ease for parents - priceless?


MadeForMums verdict:

I would definitely recommend this car seat to any parent who has money to spend on a premium product that ticks all the boxes. It essentially made my life as a parent easier; its functionality is slick, it looks great and it seems super comfortable for a growing baby. Combine that with using the rest of the Cybex system, and I think you’d be onto a winner.

Product Specifications

ModelCloud T
Dimensions & Weight
Suitable for
Child weightUp to 13kg
Child Height45cm to 87cm
iSize compliantYes
Car seat installationIsofix base and seat belt
Travel system compatibleYes
Removeable cover for washingYes
Side crash protectionYes
Recline positionsMulti-position
Height adjustible headrestYes
  • Innovative recline system flattens the backrest and leg rest simultaneously, for an ergonomic lying position
  • All-round air ventilation
  • 180 degree rotation with Base T
  • Linear Side-Impact Protection 
  • UPF50+ Sun Canopy
  • Height-adjustable headrest
Optional extras
  • Base T (£199.95)
  • Rain cover (£24.95)
  • Insect Net (£24.95)
  • Snogga Mini 2 (£74.95)
  • Snogga 2 (£89.95)
  • Sensor Safe Infant Safety Kit (£54.95)