In a nutshell

A durable, stylish Group 2/3 car seat packed full of safety features, providing peace of mind for parents and superior comfort for children if your budget stretches this far

What we tested

  • Ease of installing
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Safety features
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • Stylish, multiple colour options, Isofix installation, very comfortable, packed with safety features, easy to use, great quality


  • On the pricier side, accessories are expensive, doesn't recline

The Cybex brand is synonymous with good-quality, high-safety car seats. The Solution Z i-Fix is the latest in their range of high-backed boosters and, as with all their products, it is stylish and packed full of safety features.


With an RRP of just under £190, the Solution Z i-Fix is at the higher end of the market – similar in price to other premium car seats like the Britax KIDFIX III M, £180, sitting somewhere between the top-end BeSafe iZi Flex Fix iSize, £259, and the more basic Joie Trillo, £44.99.

Tested by

Journalist Anna Richardson Taylor is a mum of two primary school-aged children. She tested the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix with her 7 and 5 year olds, both on the school run and for longer car journeys, allowing her to assess both comfort and practicality. Anna has reviewed a number of car seats for MadeForMums.

What were your first impressions of the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat?

Really positive. The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix is a very stylish car seat. The Autumn Gold colour was stunning – bright, without looking garish or tacky. The seat felt compact, robust and very well made.

Cybex Solution Z i-fix installed

What age range is the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat suitable for?

The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix is a forward facing Group 2/3 high backed booster. The Solution is designed for children from 100cm to 150cm (around 15kg to 50kg in weight). Cybex promotes this seat as suitable for children from approximately age 3.5 through to 12 years, although ultimately, this will depend upon the size of your child.

How does the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat grow with your child?

Voted the best car seat for adjustment in the MFM round up of the 10 best car seats for children from 4 years, the Solution Z i-Fix is fully adjustable as your child grows. The width of the seat extends from 53cm to 61cm and the side-wings of the chair expand as you lift the headrest, easily allowing you to adjust and swap between differently sized children. Fellow MFM parent reviewer Puneet used the Cybex Solution with her 8 and 5 year olds, and found it to be “very flexible and adaptable, and all achievable with a one-hand operation”

Most high-back booster brands say they are suitable until 12 years of age, but as with all of them, I doubt my eldest will still fit by the time she is that age.

How easy is the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat to install?

The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix comes with Isofix connectors and I found it very easy to install. A lever at the front of the seat extends the connector arms, which then simply slot straight into your car’s Isofix connectors. When you push the car seat towards the backrest, safety indicators on the Isofix connectors change colour from red to green, showing that the seat is installed correctly.

Cybex Solution Z i-fix

How do you find the car seat to carry around?

The seat weighs 7.2kg, so not super light and heavier than some of the other high backed boosters on the market. That said, for a high-back booster it’s quite easy to carry in and out of the car. I found taking it in and out straightforward and you could easily swap between vehicles if required.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy, who bought a Solution Z i-Fix for each of her daughters, aged 7 and 9, agrees. "We've move ours regularly between cars, or in and out of the house when we want to expand the car boot, and find them fairly portable despite their size."

When the Isofix arms are retracted and the headrest is at its lowest, it feels compact, so I would probably take it on overseas trips too.

How easy are the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat instructions to follow?

I will be honest, having connected quite a few car seats over the years, I can do Isofix installations in my sleep, but the instructions are also easy to follow.

Can you install the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat with a seatbelt?

Yes, if your car does not have Isofix, you can retract the metal arms and secure the Cybex Solution Z using seatbelts alone. The seatbelt guides are easy to use, just make sure you follow the instructions on how to position the lap belt, as it is possible to get this wrong. Both the diagonal and lap belt need to go under the supporting arm closest to the seatbelt clasp.

What are the key safety features of the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat?

The Cybex Solution Z is absolutely packed full of safety features, including a patented adjustable reclining headrest. This is designed to prevent your child’s head from tipping forward if they fall asleep and ensure they stay positioned in the optimal safety zone in case of impact. I did notice that on the many occasions we used the car seat – including on long journeys – my 5-year-old’s head stayed back and didn’t once roll forward.

Cybex Solution Z i-fix

The Solution Z also includes Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection which reduces the forces in the event of a side-impact collision. In combination with its energy-absorbing shell, this seat can reduce the force of a side-impact by approximately 25%, which sounds impressive and reassuring to me.

Other safety features include the side pads of the headrest, which according to the brand, ‘actively guide’ the head of the child into a safe position in the event of an accident.

Cybex Solution Z i-fix

Such great safety features make me more likely to keep my children in high-backed boosters instead of backless boosters as they grow.

These safety features make the Cybex Solution Z a popular choice on online retailer reviews too, with reactions such as “stylish and safety in one” and “a stylish and practical seat that scored well on safety tests”.

How comfortable did your child find the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat?

Both my children really liked the seat and found it comfortable. This matched the experience of Puneet, another MFM parent reviewer, who said the Cybex Solution Z was “the softest and most comfortable carseat” she had ever used, and with four children, she’s seen a fair few!

The seat pad is not quite as wide as some others we have tried, but it is well padded. The sides and headrest are very supportive and both children were calm and comfortable on long journeys. The seat also comes with an air ventilation system to help children keep cool in warm temperatures. Whilst we didn't have the opportunity to test this, that sounds like a great additional feature.

Parent tester Christy adds: "My 9 year old is tall for her age at around 144cm – she still finds this comfortable and I feel confident that the headrest is at the correct height for her."

How robust does the car seat feel?

The Cybex Solution Z feels very robust and well made. The fabric is sleek and firm, and all the parts are perfectly finished.

Cybex Solution Z i-fix

Does the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat recline?

Once installed, the Cybex Solution Z is not designed to recline, however, the headrest is adjustable to make for a comfortable ride.

How easy is it to clean?

The material on the Solution Z is quite robust, so you can give it a good scrub for a bit of spot cleaning. The fabric covers are also removable and machine washable at 30 degrees, so ideal for a more thorough clean. Another MFM parent tester Puneet found that the fabric can mark quite easily, however was easy to wipe down and spot clean as required.

How does the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat compare to previous versions?

The Solution Z i-Fix is the newest high-back booster from Cybex. It is an iSize car seat so meets all the latest UN R129/03 regulations. In a nutshell, this means it had to pass more rigorous testing with a particular focus on side-impact protection.

What’s in the box?

  • Car seat
  • Plastic Isofix connector guides
  • Instruction manual.

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

You can get the following accessories for the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix:

  • Summer Cover (£50)
  • Cup Holder (£24.95)

Personally I think both of these seem a bit expensive, but I am tempted by the latter – my kids would really enjoy a place to store their bottle or a random ride-along toy.

What would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat?

We had no surprises with this car seat - it was fantastic. But as always, make sure you test the seat in your car, how it fits with the seatbelt buckles, the space and the angle of your seatbacks. I can’t imagine this seat not being suitable for every car, but this is always worth checking before buying. Especially at this price.

Who would the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat be most useful for?

The Cybex Solution would be most attractive to those who want the latest in safety and value style too. The Solution Z i-Fix comes in a lovely range of colourways, from the pop of the Autumn Gold (red) to the gorgeous Mountain Blue (teal).

Is the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat worth the money?

For the ‘magic’ anti-roll-forward headrest and its enhanced safety features alone, I would say the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat is worth the money. Add in its style, ease of use and the fact it grows with your child and I would definitely recommend spending the extra. We really couldn’t fault this car seat. It seems we aren't alone, with one John Lewis reviewer stating “I cannot recommend this car seat highly enough – the best car seat we’ve had the pleasure to purchase!”

Where can I buy the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat?

The Cybex Solution Z i-Fix is available from John Lewis and Halfords.


How does it compare to other car seats on the market?

NameSuitable forWeight (Kg)DimensionsInstallationRRP (£)
Cybex Solution Z i-Fix3.5 - 12 years - (15 - 36kg or 100-150cm)7.2 kg40.5cm x 53cm x 62.5cmIsofix or seat belt£189.85
BeSafe iZi Flex Fix iSize4 - 12 years / 100 -150cm7 kg42cm x 52cm x 64cmIsofix only£239
Joie Traveller3.5 - 12 years (15-36kg)5.68 kg40.9cm x 55.5cm x 85.4cmIsofix or seat belt£79.99
MaxiCosi RodiFix Air Protect4 - 12 years (100-150cm)6.15 kg49cm x 51cm x 63.5cmIsofix or seat belt£150
Silver Cross Discover3.5 - 12 years (15.36kg)8.7 kg46cm x 48cm x 64cmIsofix or seat belt£150

MadeForMums verdict:

A stylish, safety-packed Group 2/3 car seat that ticks all the boxes, including style and functionality. Most importantly, the children were comfortable and content – a big bonus on long journeys.

Product Specifications

ModelSolution Z i-Fix
Dimensions & Weight
Suitable for
Child age (approx)3 years to 12 years
Child weight15kg to 50kg
iSize compliantYes
Car seat installationIsofix connectors and seat belt
Travel system compatibleNo
Removeable cover for washingYes
Side crash protectionYes
Height adjustible headrestYes
  • Compliant with i-Size regulation
  • Isofix compatible (points attached)
  • Patented reclining headrest keeps your child's head in the safety zone of the car seat at all times
  • Adjustable head and shoulder protectors with automatic width adjustment
  • Integrated ventilation system provides a comfortable seat temperature
  • Reclining backrest perfectly adjusts to any vehicle seat
Optional extras
  • Summer Cover - £50
  • Cup Holder - £24.95