Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster review

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4.2 out of 5 star rating 4.2
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£16.64 RRP

In a nutshell

Ideal for families looking for an affordable, portable booster seat that can live in the car boot for outings, or stay at Grandma's house
Ease of use
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Ease of cleaning
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Worth the money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: Lightweight, smooth finish is easy to wipe clean, tray is sturdy
Cons: Difficult to adjust straps that attach it to seats, backrest is difficult to install and remove, swing tray removal is awkward
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The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster is a sturdy, well-built booster chair that provides a comfortable, supportive seat for your child.


Dorel is a company with 45 years under its belt in the nursery industry. With names like Quinny, Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st, it’s a company to trust. Dorel is the world’s biggest nursery products company.

The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster has a smooth, easy to clean surface, a swing tray that allows you to quickly put your child in and out and adjustable feet that can give your child the height they need when sitting at a table. It’s compact and easily transportable, which makes it a welcome addition to any family. The price alone is enough reason to purchase this booster seat. 

The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster is extremely lightweight, but still sturdy and stable. While relatively compact, it’s not something that could be taken out and about for a shopping trip or day out in the pushchair. The recommended age range is  6 months to 4 years, which allows you to get many years use out of this purchase – a welcome feature in today’s economy!

What we love

The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster has a very long name but definitely lives up to it! The plastic has a very smooth finish, so is a breeze to wipe down.

The tray swings to allow you to put your child in place quickly and easily. The swing tray also has a smooth, wipe-clean finish and is large enough to take most children’s plates or bowls. It has a cup holder, too, which is rather unique with booster seats.

The price of the Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster makes it extremely affordable.

What to watch out for

The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster is made of quite durable plastic but was a bit fiddly to assemble. There’s a backrest that’s removable but it takes considerable force to do so.

The swing tray is a bit awkward to remove, as you must reach up through the underside of the chair to remove it from its hole.  If you’re not using the swing tray, however, there’s a plug that you can put in the hole (this is stored behind the backrest). The swing tray is only useful for younger children in the recommended 6 month to 4 year age bracket – older children simply will not fit. This effectively defeats the purpose of having a swing tray.

My 14-month-old daughter Ella was quite comfortable in the Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray booster but she was also quite snug in it.  Ella weighs a little over 11kg and has a very proportional belly but she was very nearly too big for the swing tray to be attached. 

If you are looking for a transportable booster seat, to take out to the shops for example, the Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster would not be your first choice, but it would be ideal for putting in the boot or leaving at the grandparents. 

The straps, which hold the booster to the chair and feature a buckle attachment, are very difficult to adjust and tighten properly. This may ease over time but it is quite challenging to get a very tight fit with the straps.

Who is the Dorel Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster for?

Families who need a portable budget booster.


MadeForMums verdict

The Dorel Safety 1st Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster is an excellent choice for families on a budget who are looking for a booster seat that they can throw in the boot or leave at the grandparents’ house.  It’s well built, sturdy and reliable, and easy to clean. The only features that let it down are the straps, which are difficult to tighten fully, and the somewhat awkward assembly of the backrest and legs.     

Product Specifications


Brand Dorel Safety 1st
Model Easy Clean Swing Tray Booster
Price £16.64

Suitable for

Child age (approx) 6 months to 4 years

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions H:39cm W:35.5cm D:38cm
Dimensions (folded) H:25cm W:37cm D:23cm


Made from Plastic
  • Swing tray
  • Adjustable legs
  • 3-Point seat harness
  • Straps that adjust to fit seat to most chairs