If you're reading this, it means it's nearing the end of term and you're in need of a great gift for your child's brilliant teacher. Teachers do so much for our children and of course, you want to give them a little something just to say thank you.


To help you choose the best teacher gift, we asked teachers what the best gifts they have ever received were. The thing all the teachers we asked agreed on was that children don't have to spend any money on them at all and a verbal thank you is all they want. However some did go on to say the little gifts they love, "I' enjoy receiving personalised gifts", "anything handmade is really special to me" "vouchers are nice". From these, we have complied a list of all the best teacher gifts that teachers really want, but also ones that won't break the bank too. And for even more inspiration, check out our guide to the best gifts for teachers for all budgets.

Best teacher gifts at a glance

  • Best practical gift: Star Teacher Water Bottle, £2.49
  • Best handmade gift: Paint Your Own Pen Pot Kits, £8.95 for 3
  • Best personalised gift: Personalised Wooden Classroom Door Sign, £8.99
  • Best whole class gift: Refresh Pamper Day With Treatment For Two, £99
  • Best funny gift: Personalised Report Style Mug For Teacher, £16.75
  • Best heart-warming gift: It Takes A Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Panda Teacher Coaster, £4.99
  • Best pampering gift: Relax & Calm Bath Bomb Pamper Hamper, Gift Set Box, £10
  • Best edible gift: Personalised Pencil Biscuits, £12.95
  • Best gift for tricky-to-buy-teachers: John Lewis Gift Voucher, £10-£200
  • Best gift for remembering the students: Things My Students Say Notebook, £6.90

Best teacher gifts that they really want this year

1. Star Teacher Water Bottle, £2.49

– Best for a practical gift

Star Teacher water bottle

If you want to get your child's teacher something they will use everyday then this reusable water bottle is great, it's also amazing value if you want to buy a little gift.

Teachers need a water bottle, they will love the thought and the practicality of the gift. The water bottle has "Star Teacher" printed onto it and will remind your child's teacher how much they're admired every time they take a sip.

MFM parents and teachers Rumi and Beth said how much they love a water bottle as it's practical and can be used everyday.

More like this

Available from: Card Factory

2. Paint Your Own Wooden Pen Pot Kits, £8.95 for 3

– Best for a handmade gift

Paint Your Own Wooden Pen Pot Kits,

Teachers love a handmade gift. MFM parent and teacher Tina said, "I really appreciate personalised gifts and ones that are made by the child" and MFM parent teacher Natasha said, "creativity will always beat any gift from a shop". With these wooden pen pot kits, they can be made and decorated using the teacher's favourite colours, and designed to feel special to them.

MFM Top Tester Club member Karen is a teacher and she said "Personally I loved the things that were individual to particular children... or things that get used rather than me having to think about storing them, e. g. edible or practical gifts." These pen pot kits tick both boxes, your child's teacher will be touched by the effort and will also love the practical pen/pencil pot that can sit on their desk and be used everyday.

Another bonus is, it comes in a pack of 3, so if your child has multiple teachers, they can each be gifted one.

Available from: Baker Ross

3. Personalised Wooden Classroom Door Sign, £8.99

– Best for a personalised gift

Personalised Wooden Classroom Door Sign

For a personalised gift, this professionally cut and engraved wooden class room plaque is a beautiful idea. It's made from real oak veneered wood and can be personalised to say whatever you want.

The plaque measures 20cm x 10cm x 6 cm and would make a wonderful addition to a teacher's door. It is a gift they will cherish for years and keep proudly hung.

MFM parent and teacher Fi said, "I received a hand painted class sign with my name on it and it's still the best thing I've ever got. It was so personal and lovely".

Available from: Etsy

4. Refresh Pamper Day with Treatment for Two, £99

– Best for a whole class present

Refresh Pamper Day with Treatment for Two

You may be looking at this gift, thinking that's quite expensive for a teacher gift. However, sometimes students come together to buy one big present for their teacher rather than lots of individual gifts.

If that's what's happening this year then a relaxing spa day may be the perfect gift. After a long teaching year, they probably want nothing more than to just relax and unwind. With this Virgin Experience voucher they can do just that. They can enjoy a 55 minute pamper treatment from a choice of 3 and full use of the facilities. There are 6 locations for them to choose from.

As it's a gift for 2, they could take their partner, friend, TA or anyone.

MFM parent and teacher Mo loves this idea, saying, "If you can club together with other parents, vouchers for a treat are lovely and often very cost effective per person".

Available from: Virgin Experience Days

5. Personalised Report Style Mug for Teacher, £16.75

– Best for a funny gift

Personalised Report Style Mug for Teacher

If you know a teacher, you know that they may not be the biggest fan of when Ofsted comes to the school. That's why this Ofsted style mug changed to 'Off on hols instead' is a funny yet personal gift. It can be personalised with the dates they were your child's teacher, with their name and school name. Your child's name is also listed at the bottom as the reporter.

If the teacher is known for something in particular such as their jazzy skirts, or patterned ties, this can be added to the report where there is a rating of outstanding.

This is a great gift to make a teacher chuckle, but also, a mug is handy and great for in the classroom, MFM parent and teacher Nimah backs this up by saying, "I always love getting coffee mugs from my students".

Available from: Not On The High Street

6. It Takes A Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Panda Teacher Coaster, £4.99

– Best for a heart-warming gift

Teacher coaster

Most teachers enjoy a hot drink whilst teaching, and we've already established that they love to get mugs as gifts. But this coaster would be another great addition to their desk.

The cute message will remind the teacher why they do what the do, and perhaps help them through the hard days and hopefully make them smile.

Available from: Amazon

7. Relax & Calm Bath Bomb Pamper Hamper Gift Set Box, £10

– Best for pampering

Relax & Calm Bath Bomb Pamper Hamper, Gift Set Box

Help your child's teacher unwind with a set of pampering treats. This gift set includes bath salts, a bath bomb, mini bath bombs and blue soap in the shape of a rose.

You can add a label to say "thank you" to make it an excellent thank you gift for a teacher. Relaxation and calmness is an amazing present after an eventful year.

Available from: Etsy

8. Personalised Pencil Biscuits, £12.95

– Best for an edible gift

Personalised Pencil Biscuits

Teachers often get a lot of chocolate as end of term gifts. If you want to get the teacher an edible gift but want to give them something a bit different, these fun personalised biscuits could be perfect.

Just let Biscuiteers know the teacher's name and they will ice it onto the 5 pencil biscuits which come presented in a hand illustrated gift box. It's a great personalised gift that tastes as good as it looks.

Available from:Biscuiteer Baking Company

9. John Lewis Gift Voucher, £10-£200

– Best for tricky-to-buy-for-teachers

John Lewis Gift Voucher

If you have looked through this list and still have no idea what to get for your child's teacher, perhaps consider a John Lewis voucher which they can use to spend on whatever they like, whether that's a fun gadget, clothes, tech, a beauty treat or a bottle of bubbly. John Lewis is a very varied shop making it a great place to give a gift voucher to, and vouchers can be used at Waitrose too.

As with the pamper day for 2, if you're clubbing together as a class, then this is also a great gift for that as you can spend however much you want. MFM Top Tester Club member Tina is a teacher and she says that "at my school, the parents club together and get John Lewis vouchers which are always appreciated as you can make sure you get something you want or need."

Available from: John Lewis

10. Things My Students Say Notebook, £6.90

– Best for remembering the students

Things My Students Say Notebook

Teachers will love this quirky gift as a way to remember the class and the different students they teach. Each page has a place to put the child's name, age and the date and then the teacher can write the funny, weird, or maybe even lovely thing they said into the journal.

Teaching can be hard some days and having this journal to look back on to make them laugh or see how much they have helped a student will really go along way.

Before giving it as a gift to the teacher, you could even get your child to fill in a couple of the pages if they remember things that have been said during their time with them.

MFM parent and teacher Karen said how she loves gifts that relate to students and makes her remember them, so this is a perfect gift for just that.


Available from: Amazon

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