Essential nappy changing accessories for parents

While nappies and wipes are the vital pieces of kit for a nappy change, these days there is a host of additional accessories to make regular nappy changing a little easier.


1. Mamia Nappy Sacks, Aldi, £0.95 for a pack of 150, MFM Gold Award Winner

Aldi’s popular Mamia range takes gold for its great value nappy sacks. Coming in at less than a penny each, these budget bags are impressively thick. They also have a lovely fresh fragrance that is designed to neutralise (not just mask) nasty odours – perfect for when you are out and about.


Safety-conscious mums and dads will also love the clip-top lid, an added bonus helping to keep the bags safely away from children.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Mamia Nappy Sacks:

“This nappy sack does what it says it will, and smells pleasant. The pack fits well into my changing bag, and is also ideal for bringing home soiled clothes. I also caught my Mum sneak some for picking up dog mess – a real all rounder.” Mum of 2, Natalie

“Large, strong nappy sacks with tie handles. They are lightly fragranced, which took the majority of the smell of poo away.” Mum of 1, Karyn

 You can buy Mamia Nappy Sacks from Aldi


2. Squishy Cosy Changing Mat, Shnuggle, £45, MFM Silver Award Winner

Shnuggle’s high-quality changing mat lives up to its name (and its premium price tag) with a checklist of smart design features.

There are no skin-chilling vinyl surfaces here – our silver winner cleverly retains room temperature, meaning its nice and warm on your little one’s back while you change them.

As well as raised edges to contain any unexpected trickles, the mat lies at a slight incline. This is great for babies with reflux, and if you have a little girl it also helps direct accidents away from the body.

The mat fits onto standard cot top and dresser units, but is portable and thick enough to use on its own, and has an easy-clean surface. You can even use it for tummy time and baby massage.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Shnuggle’s Squishy Cosy Changing Mat:

“This is a very well made and comfy changing mat. It is costly, but worth it.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

“This is a unique product. The soft foam, that doesn’t feel too cold on baby’s skin, is a great idea. The foam seems robust enough not to split easily, and the incline isn’t too steep, so tiny babies don’t slide down. The incline is certainly useful for little ones who are prone to reflux.” Mum of 1, Anne

You can buy the Shnuggle’s Squishy Cosy Changing Mat from Shnuggle or Amazon


3. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub, £27.99, MFM Bronze Award Winner

Nappy bins have become a staple feature in most nurseries and homes thanks to their hygiene and convenience – who wants to head out to the wheelie bin on a chilly evening? Tommy Tippee’s latest version wins our bronze award for its odour-busting technology, which twists and wraps each nappy in a fresh portion of multi-layer antibacterial film to lock away odours. It’s easy to set up, and the clean, sleek design will fit in with most nursery themes.

As well as protecting against germs, it’s super-quick and easy to use, and promises to be 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks.

The bin holds up to 28 nappies a time, which means considerably fewer trips out to the bin for parents!

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub:

“I feel from newborn this would be a fantastic help. It did contain any smell and the grey colour blended well into our living room. It looks sleek, and didn’t look like an obvious ‘nappy bin’.” Mum of 2, Natalie

“Love this new Tommee Tippee nappy bin! Having had the original version, seeing the updated colour and new scented casettes was a welcome surprise. The new citrus scented casettes are much better at keeping smells at bay and the plastic seems to be slightly thicker than previous cassettes. I would be lost without it.” Mum of 2, Sarah

You can buy the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub from Amazon, John Lewis or Asda


4. Natralus Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm & Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream, £13.95 for 75g 

This multi-purpose balm is made from organic ingredients to help soothe sore bottoms in an instant. It has a soft, natural fragrance, and uses shea butter, oatmeal extract, calendula, aloe vera, rosehip and jojoba oils to take the sting out of changing time.

These skin-friendly goodies will also provide relief from dry skin, minor insect bites, rashes and scratches, and helped it win our Nappy Rash Cream gold award.

You can see our pick of the best nappy rash creams here.

 You can buy Natralus Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm & Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream from Chemist or Mamma Organica


5. CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes, £0.03 – £0.05 per wipe

This innovative product picked up gold in our Wet Wipes category, and is loved by parents for its super-soft feel and eco-friendly credentials. You can use them as dry wipes or tissues, or simply add water for home-made wet wipes.

Highly absorbent, and free from lint or chemicals, these biodegradable wipes make a great choice for newborns and babies of all ages.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes:

“These wipes are slightly larger than standard wet wipes, which is a bonus when you’re dealing with a wriggly toddler or particularly mucky nappy change. The wipes are beautifully soft, which is especially nice when you’re using them on a nappy rash or to wipe a little face. I tested them on my two-year-old, but I would also use them for a delicate newborn as they’re chemical free, and nicer to use than cotton wool and water. I’m not sure I would carry them out of the house with me, in case I needed to do an impromptu change with no water nearby. But the size and softness, and being eco-friendly, mean they definitely earned their place on our changing table.” Mum-of-two, Christy

You can buy CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes from Amazon


6. Ikea Sniglar Changing Table, £25 

This practical table brings your little one up to the perfect height for a nappy change, while the storage shelf underneath keeps everything from wipes to nappies within easy reach. It comes in beech or white options.

You can buy the Ikea Sniglar Changing Table from Ikea


7. Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World Nappy Stacker, £29

Part of the Welcome to the World range, which comes in soft grey and white colours, this simple organiser keeps nappies within easy reach. It attaches easily to dressers and wardrobes, and is also machine washable.

You can buy the Welcome to the World Nappy Stacker from Mamas & Papas


8. Munchkin Nappy Change organiser, £17

If you’re short on space, take a look at Munchkin’s handy nappy changing organiser. It has nine sturdy storage compartments (including space to hold more than 50 nappies), and can be attached to dressers, changing tables, crib walls, or doors.

You can buy the Munchkin Nappy Change organiser from Munchkin


9. Tiny Love Kangy Changing Time Toy, £21.99

With its soft, textured fabric, and stimulating features, this cute toy is a great way to turn changing time into a fun experience for your baby.

The brightly coloured kangaroo comes with a multi-sensory book and built-in rattle which little ones will love. You can attach it to the changing table, and once they are older it turns into a cuddly toy. 

You can buy the Tiny Love Kangy Changing Time Toy from PreciousLittleOne

We’ve got more award-winning nappy changing products… 


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