Hamleys Top Toys for 2010

From Lego's Hero Factory to warrior hamsters, we take a sneak peak at Hamleys' recommendations for Christmas 2010!


Top toys on your children’s Christmas wish-list this year

It’s not quite time for toy adverts to take over TV but it won’t be long before your little ones are thinking about what to ask for from Father Christmas. Here are our favourite picks from what Hamleys think will be on the list!


Kung Zhu Hamsters, £13

Who’d have thought hamsters could be so interesting? Zhu Zhu Pets are taking their robotic critters a step further this Christmas by turning them into warriors.

You can train your Ninja hamster in the training centre before sending him into battle in full armour.

Accessories include armour plates, swords and the little things can even push along a plastic tank, taking the warzone to a whole new level.

Mums, you’ll definitely be wanting one of these of your own!


Zing-Zillas range, £7+

Including everything from figurines to jigsaws to guitars and microphones, little fans of the Zing-Zillas will go ape for this great new range to accompany the BBC series.


Stinky the Garbage Truck, £82

It might not be the most attractive subject but this rubbish collection lorry is set to be the big Christmas hit of 2010. Stinky talks, eats garbage and even farts (lovely) and little boys are bound to fall in love with him at first sight.

Check out Matchbox’s promotional video on YouTube.


Lego Hero Range, £13+

Lego has come a long way from simple building blocks. Its successful Bionicles series has been a massive hit and it’s continuing its move into transformer territory with this snazzy Hero Factory collection.

The factory provides a one-stop-shop where robot heroes can pick up all the equipment they need to fight villains and restore peace to the universe. Phew.


Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear, £50

The next generation of Buzz toys comes out to coincide with the launch of Toy Story 3 which, let’s face it, all children are going to be obsessed with for the next few months!


This incarnation of Buzz comes with rocket lights, laser arm lights, a retractable helmet and he even spouts key phrases from the film.


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