In a nutshell

A great value for money, feature-packed carrier with optional layers designed to adapt to the changing weather

What we tested

  • Comfort for baby
    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Comfort for you
    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Sturdiness
    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Good quality, different layers of warmth, multiple seating positions, comfortable, easy to adjust on the go


  • Rain/snow cover is thin, lacks warmth on freezing winter days

Infantino is a children’s accessories designer and manufacturer, which has created a range of toys and products aimed at infants and toddlers. The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is the brand’s latest and most expensive carrier (currently £75 at Argos).


However, despite being Infantino’s priciest carrier, it is a much more affordable option than others available on the market, such as BabyBjorn and Ergobaby carriers, whose bestsellers can cost well over the £100 mark, with their most expensive close to £200.

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is designed to make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions by including 5 optional layers, which give more or less warmth when needed. Like a Mary Poppins bag full of surprises, these layers are hidden in pockets on the carrier and easily tuck away when not needed.

The carrier can be adjusted in many ways to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for you and your baby. It is suitable for newborns weighing 8lb to toddlers up to 40lb and has 4 seating options.

The ergonomic seat, shoulder straps and waist belt are all adjustable to shift weight to the wearer's hips. And to make life even simpler and avoid the need for several bags, the carrier also has a good-sized pocket big enough for a purse, keys and a phone.

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Tested by

First-time mum Donna tested Infantino’s In Season 5 Layer carrier with her 7-month-old daughter Daisy. They went for walks around the muddy fields and lanes of Gloucestershire, to supermarket trips during the winter lockdown and also used around the house.

What are your first impressions of the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier?

Opening the box, it looked a lot like my current carrier – the Baby Bjorn One Air – with its silver (or light grey) colouring, light weight and padded shoulders.

At £75, I expected something about it to feel a lot cheaper than the Baby Bjorn, which is more than twice the price, but I was pleasantly surprised by how expensive it looked and felt. It looks like it has been made with care so I expect it to last until my daughter doesn’t need to be carried in it anymore.

When getting the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier out of the box, there are many straps and layers so I can imagine for some people it could be a bit overwhelming. However, stick with it as it’s not as complicated as it looks and within a few minutes you will know what goes where and how it all works.

How easy is the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier to put on and put your baby in?

As I have a carrier with a similar style of wear, I found it easy to put on but for the uninitiated, the instructions included for this are really clear. The way I remember how to put it on is to think of it like putting on a t-shirt:

  • Work out which is the front and back
  • Slip the shoulder straps over your head
  • Fasten the strap around your stomach
  • Lift your baby in
  • Fasten the clips in place

It is then easy to make any adjustments to your straps as well as your child’s.

Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

To start, I recommend practicing doing up the clips with a mirror in front of you but the clips on this are really easy to find and put in place in comparison to others I’ve used. I was quite surprised by this as I am used to fumbling around hoping to get it right. This one was easy to fasten which meant my baby wasn’t bored waiting for me to get going.

How easy is it to take your baby out of the carrier?

It was very easy to take my baby out of the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier, but I’m not sure if that is because I have a similar one.

If you aren’t used to this style of carrier, as I previously mentioned, I recommend putting your baby in it and taking them out in front of a mirror at first. You will soon realise it is a lot easier than it looks and even easy to do with a wriggly baby who won’t keep still.

When taking them out:

  • Start by releasing the top clips
  • Undo one of the side clips while keeping one arm around your baby
  • Then slip them out
Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

I’ve only used the In Season on the ‘facing out’ settings for my baby and it has always been easy for me to get her out quickly. I look forward to using the back settings when she’s a bit bigger.

How do the layers work on the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier?

The layers are attached onto the In Season 5 carrier and are cleverly hidden in buttoned pockets on the sides of the carrier ready for when you need them.

To use them, you simply:

  • Unroll whichever layer you want
  • Pull it across the carrier
  • Then stick it down using the self-adhesive material on the other side of the layers

I’ve used them so many times over the weeks and was concerned the material would lose its ‘stickiness’ in the same way Velcro-like material sometimes can with repeated use but there were no issues and the layers stayed stuck down securely during use as well.

Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier calls itself 5 layers as it has 5 layering options for different weather conditions.

  • Layer 1 - for hot days, the carrier base has an exposed mesh panel to cool your baby so no other material is needed. Additionally, there is a pocket at the top of the carrier containing a soft, muslin hood for babies facing inwards to protect them from the sun.
  • Layer 2 - for milder days, there is a soft, jersey knit panel to stretch over the mesh panel
  • Layer 3 - for colder days, there is a quilted panel
  • Layer 4 - when it’s particularly cold, you can use both layers 2 and 3 together
  • Layer 5 - there is a rain or snow cover tucked away underneath the carrier

Before using it, I thought the layers would be confusing, complicated and a hassle on the go but it is so easy and quick to do.

One thing I have learnt, however, is not to try just stuffing the layers back in the pocket when not needed as they will not go in as easily. An extra second to roll them in means they go back in to the pockets quicker and easier.

Is the carrier ergonomic?

Yes, the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is ergonomic and even has ‘ergonomic’ in the name to make sure you know it is! The leg positioning is easy to adjust with sliding clips with colours around the leg area to ensure you remember the position you use.

As a full-disclaimer, I didn’t know what an ergonomic carrier meant as a first-time mum. If you’re like me, it means a carrier which properly supports the natural posture of babies and encourages healthy hip development.

An ergonomic carrier will have a wide, comfortable base, which can be adjusted as needed, and which holds your baby's hips and legs in a frog leg or ‘M’ shape to ensure your baby’s hips are kept firmly within the hip socket and their weight is evenly distributed.

Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

This carrier ticks all the ergonomic boxes due to the various ways it can be adjusted and supports my baby’s posture properly.

How comfortable is the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier for your baby?

My 7-month-old baby looked comfortable, content and very well supported. The carrier is soft, lightweight and it is easy to make quick adjustments to the straps to ensure your baby is in safely and is snug.

I love how you can easily improve comfort in the key areas such as the head support and also the seat areas. I particularly like the way the straps don’t impede arm movement for my baby, unlike so many of the others we have tried.

Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

She only likes facing out at the moment and this carrier was so soft and comfortable around her front and her chin when she leans forward. This has made trips out much more pleasant for her than others we have tried.

How comfortable is the carrier for you?

Wearing the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier felt comfortable for me and was easy to adjust, not only when putting it on but also on the go. The straps are thick and padded around the shoulders and back which means they don't dig in. What I particularly like, having put on weight since having my baby, is it fits well for the larger mum as it has a good adjustable belt around the waist.

After wearing it for a few weeks and using it over different terrains and lengths of walks, there has been no pressure on my back or shoulders.

It also has an invaluable feature for parents on the go – a pocket big enough for your phone, keys and money, which has been so useful on countryside walks.

How many different positions does the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier offer?

The carrier has 4 seating options:

  • Facing in (infant seat)
  • Facing in (widened seat)
  • Facing out
  • On your back

My baby is only ready for being carried facing out at the moment, but looks secure and comfortable in this position and it’s easy to put her in and out of this position on my own. I’m looking forward to wearing her on my back soon.

How easy is the carrier to adjust?

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is easy to adjust on the go using the straps. Sometimes, however, I’d get annoyed with the excess strap material from the waistbelt.

The belt extends from 28.5 to 63 inches, so there may be a lot of the material that needs tucking away. There is a band you can use to bundle it together but I wasn’t doing that properly at times. If you make an effort to do it though, it will stop it flapping around.

Is it easy for you to do other things while wearing the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier?

I used the carrier for walks and shopping and there were times when my 7-month-old baby wanted to be carried around the house, so I would use it when I had jobs to do.

My baby felt securely fastened to me, so I could bend and move with confidence, whatever task I was carrying out.

How well does it fit?

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier would fit a range of sizes. It found it really comfortable, as did my mum who is shorter and a slimmer build than me. The straps can be adjusted to ensure it is comfortable as well as holding your child securely.

What age range is the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier suitable for?

The manufacturer states it will carry children from birth (minimum weight 8lbs) up to 40lbs (Argos estimate to be 3 years old). This seems appropriate to me as you can adjust it all over to ensure a good fit.

How easy are the buckles, straps and buttons to use?

Before using the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier, I’d recommend taking time to look at all the buckles and straps – because there are many – and read the instructions to check you know what goes where.

Once you have done this, it really is intuitive and easy to use. The layers simply roll into the pockets and when in use, they easily stick down. The carrier uses a lot of pop-in buttons which are simple to use to secure the pockets and quick to open.

Is the fabric on the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier durable?

There is a range of materials used on this carrier and they all seem of a high quality. The layers feel like they will last a long time and the stitching for all elements looks secure.

If you are expecting the winter layer to be thick, however, you might be surprised. It feels warm but is light, as is the other jersey layer. You can use them at the same time but I’m not sure just how much real warmth in the coldest weather it provides.

The torso is definitely given extra warmth but the arms and legs are still exposed so you have to ensure your child is dressed warmly anyway and just have the carrier to add more protection as a bonus.

It has a rain/snow cover but this is thin. What would make this carrier perfect would be if it had a soft fleece wind-resistant cover like the one I have for my Baby Bjorn. This would add extra protection on those frosty, icy winds days.

Infantino in season 5 layer carrier

Obviously, this wouldn’t be able to be rolled away onto the carrier like the other layers, but it could be kept separately. You can buy covers for carriers, so I am sure I could buy one separately that would fit this.

How easy is it to clean?

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier was easy to wipe clean – my baby was teething so there was a lot of dribble on the front and like all baby clothes and any carrier, it does get covered in random bits of food and sticky fingers.

The manufacturer recommendation is to machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle and drip dry. I did this once and it cleaned up well.

How does the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier compare to other carriers you have used?

I have a Baby Bjorn Air, which costs more than twice as much in price but this is just as good. In fact, the Infantino carrier is more comfortable for me as it seems easier to adjust the straps when on the go.

The only area where the Baby Bjorn Air does better is that it has a better cover for the wind and cold.

Infantino have some cheaper options in its range too. For example, the Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier is only £35.99, so it is ideal if you’re shopping on a budget or if you’re looking for a second carrier.

However, it doesn’t off a front-facing position (unless wearing on the back) like the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier does, so this may not suit some people.

What’s in the box?

  • Carrier
  • Instructions

Now you’ve tested the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing it?

I would have wanted someone to tell me to read the instructions first to ensure you are clear on the layers and how to adjust the straps. It only takes a few minutes and saves a lot of messing around trying to work it out yourself.

I’d also have urged myself to buy it instead of the Baby Bjorn Air – it’s cheaper but just as good quality with more hidden extras. The optional layers are great, but that’s not the only reason this is a good carrier. It is just a strong, good quality and comfortable carrier, which is more important to me than anything – and it’s a cheap price for what it offers.

Who would this carrier be most useful for?

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier would be perfect for parents who want a good carrier at a reasonable price.

It is also a great choice for those who plan to use the carrier outside a lot, as the layers are particularly handy for the British seasons, where the weather changes on a whim.

Particularly, in spring, summer and autumn, the British weather can be quite unpredictable, so you can just layer up and down as needed. I also look forward to using the carrier in the summer with just the exposed mesh panel to keep my baby cool – and prevent both of us sweating which is a common occurrence with carriers.

However, I found on the coldest winter days, I couldn't rely on just the carrier to keep my baby warm. Yes it offers warmer layers, but not enough in freezing conditions.

Layers aside though, it’s still a decent carrier without them if you plan to mostly use around the house.

Is the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier worth the money?

This is a brilliant purchase for the money. It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it costs and also offers so much more than a lot of the top brands.

It's durable, soft and versatile and perfect for a parent who likes to spend time outdoors. Yes, the layers are a unique selling point but the main reason I like this carrier so much is more to do with the fit, comfort and the ease of use and adjustability.

Where can I buy the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier?

Available at, Amazon, Vertbaudet and Feel Unique.

MadeForMums verdict:

The Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is a bargain and yet still holds its own up against the top brands when it comes to quality, ease of use, adjustability and is an ergonomic, secure and comfortable fit for your baby.


The layers are an added bonus especially if you plan to use mostly outdoors. The little extras like the pocket and the fact it will last several years due to you being able to wear it on your back as your child grows also makes it a brilliant buy.

Product Specifications

ModelIn Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Child weight3.6kg to 18.1kg
Washing instructionsMachine washable
Carrying positionsBack and front – 4
  • 5 layering options for different weather conditions that tuck & store away
  • 4 ways to wear supporting infant-to-toddler (no insert required)
  • Facing-in Infant Seat, Facing-in Widened Seat, Facing-out, Back Carry
  • Customizable seat width for “M” positioning with knee-to-knee support for newborns through toddlers
  • Waistbelt extends from 28.5 to 63 inches