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The Je Porte Mon Bebe HoodieCarrier has been designed with comfort, ease and closeness to your baby in mind. The French brand have successfully mixed the sturdiness of a baby carrier with the joys of a sling, meaning you can have lots of quality, buggy-free time. However, the lack of seating options and fastenings will make you question the price.

What we tested

  • Comfort for baby
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for you
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Sturdiness
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.


  • Closeness to baby, protective hood, stylish, easy to put on


  • Not great value for money, lack of seating positions, general fit

Je Porte Mon Bebe is a small, independent French brand who made their name with their ergonomic baby slings. The HoodieCarrier aims to give you all the benefits of a sling with the positive extras of a carrier.


Stylish, soft and comfortable, the carrier allows you to feel close and snug with your child. Suitable for babies from 4 months old, you can position them facing you with their legs in the ‘M’ position. Once your baby is over 6 months old, you can switch positions and wear them on your hip and on your back.

Priced at £100, the HoodieCarrier is a very similar product to the Sleepy Nico, which is slightly cheaper at £79 but doesn’t offer any added protection like the Je Porte Mon Bebe carrier’s hood. It’s also comparable to the Ergobaby Original baby carrier, which has all the same features and seems to offer more in terms of comfort and support for the wearer, but costs £119.

Tested by

Zoe tested the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie carrier with 5 month old Nate.

First impressions?

The Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier instantly gets your attention with its distinctive style. Available in athletic grey, it looks less fussy than other baby carriers. The fabric is nice and soft, but I was slightly concerned with how washable and durable it would prove to be, as my baby is often sick with reflux.


How many seating positions does the Hoodie Carrier have?

The Je Porte Mon Bebe HoodieCarrier comes with 3 carrying options – facing you on the front, on your back and your hip. This for me was quite a big negative as I found it quite limiting. At 5 months old, Nate is already very curious about the world around him and it seemed a shame that I couldn’t face him out - a problem I can imagine only growing as he gets older. That said, he seemed very happy facing me and he was able to turn his head comfortably.

The limited seating positions also mean you either have to buy extras or you can only use it from 4 months - which isn’t handy if you want to use it with a newborn. Your baby also can’t sit in the back position until they’re 6 months old.

Is the Hoodie Carrier supportive and ergonomically designed?

Yes definitely. The seat allows your baby to sit in the ‘m’ or ‘froggy’ position, which supports their hips and pelvis.


Does it follow the TICKS guidelines?

One of the biggest pros of the JPMBB HoodieCarrier is how well it follows these guidelines. Nate felt extremely close to me at all times, meaning I could see and interact with him perfectly. He was able to move his head freely and I felt confident that his back had all the support it needed.

How does the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier compare to other structured slings?

After Nate was born I did invest in the Baby Bjorn One carrier (£163, Amazon), which I have loved. In comparison, the HoodieCarrier is much more compact, more straightforward to put on (as it has less fastenings) and offers more freedom in terms of bending and sitting. I also felt much more direct contact with him on my chest, with no material in between us.

However, the HoodieCarrier doesn’t offer the same support for the wearer and I felt more of a strain on my back due to the back fastening not distributing the weight as well. I also think the Baby Bjorn carrier is much more durable - the darker colour options don’t show up any marks and I feel the fabric is more weather-resistant.


What age is the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier suitable for?

If you were to use the Je Porte Mon Bebe carrier as it comes, your child would need to weigh between 5kg to 20kg (around 4 months to 3 years old). If you buy the attachment seat then it’s suitable from 7.7lbs (roughly from birth).

How do you put on the Hoodie Carrier?

As with most carriers, it was tricky the first few times but then became a lot easier. There aren’t many fastenings or straps but that means you need to have them all spot on to feel comfortable.

  • Firstly, you secure the HoodieCarrier’s waist buckle
  • Then slip one shoulder strap on and insert your baby
  • Pull up the second strap and secure using the long fastenings around the back.
  • Tidying up the straps flowing freely at the back can be tricky – you need to roll up the excess and secure with the elastic, which is not easy to manage on your own
  • Finally, there’s a buckle fastening across your back that you need to secure, but I always struggled to reach it

Can you put the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier on and take it off by yourself?

Yes, but you’ll definitely need help in the beginning. I’m not too sure I’d be so confident with the HoodieCarrier in the back position though.

What are the Hoodie Carrier’s shoulder straps like?

Wide and cushioned – and they hold your baby’s weight comfortably. I think an improvement would be for the cushioning to continue all the way around as, after a long walk, I felt the buckles on the back of the HoodieCarrier rubbing under my arms.


Are the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier's buckles adjustable?

The buckles are great, easy to adjust and they feel secure too. The waist one is nice and big, so it’s not too fiddly to use, and the one across the back is the same. The HoodieCarrier’s shoulder fastenings are nice and easy to tighten, too.

Is it easy to put your child into the Hoodie Carrier?

What I like about the structured sling is that you do most of the fussy parts before you put the baby in, so there’s no time for them to get annoyed before you’re all strapped up and ready to go!


Is the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier comfy for your baby?

Most definitely. The Hoodie Carrier’s fabric is nice and soft and I really loved how close to me Nate felt. He fell asleep when we used it on our first walk so there were definitely no complaints from him.

How useful is the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier's integrated hood?

I loved the concept of the hood, as I often find I need to bring a hat or some form of protection with my other carrier. The Hoodie Carrier’s net option is perfect for hot weather, with the fabric part being an added bonus for colder climates.
It’s great for a bit of extra head control when baby falls asleep too, although my 5-month-old wasn’t too keen on it as it limited his head movement and was only handy for when he fell asleep.


Can you breastfeed while wearing the Hoodie Carrier?

Nate is bottle-fed so I couldn’t test this but I think you probably could if you had to. I imagine it would be easier to get them out to feed, though.

Does the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier feel durable?

The Hoodie Carrier is made from cotton and ‘3D breathable all-seasons material’ so it should be able to take on a lot. However, I imagine that all the very soft fabric will wear much more quickly than other carriers on the market.


Is the Hoodie Carrier easy to clean?

It isn't wipe clean, which is annoying with a baby. I had to mop up a few sick moments, but it does dry very quickly. It’s machine washable at 30 degrees.

Who would the Hoodie Carrier be most useful for?

If you enjoy the closeness and softness of a sling then this structured HoodieCarrier is the perfect next step. It’s also great for anyone who has a slightly older baby and is new to the world of carriers, as this will ease you in nicely!


Are there any design elements you find particularly useful?

Je Porte Mon Bebe have done a great job of combining a sling and carrier together. I really do love how Nate was able to snuggle into me for our long walks, which I think is largely down to the HoodieCarrier’s lovely material. I also think the hood would be a real winner if your baby is more compliant.

Is the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier value for money?

The Hoodie Carrier costs around £100 and, for me, doesn’t offer great value for money. You can buy carriers for around the same price that you can use from birth and in the forward-facing position, meaning you get more use from them.
You can buy an additional seat element for the carrier to make it suitable for newborn, but this makes it more expensive. I also wonder how long the soft fabric would last, too.

Where can I buy the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier?

It is available to buy from Vertbaudet and Love to Be Natural.


MadeForMums verdict

Overall, the Je Porte Mon Bebe Hoodie Carrier is stylish, comfortable and easy to put on. You can’t fault how lovely it feels to wear and have your baby so close to you.
However, I feel you can get those same qualities from other carriers, that you can use from birth and for longer, for a similar price.


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Product Specifications

BrandJe Porte Mon Bebe
ModelHoodie Carrier
Suitable for
Child weight3.5kg to 20kg
Washing instructionsMachine washable
Carrying positionsBack, front and side
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • 3D all-climates technology
  • Baby hood
  • Cotton on the inside and outside
Head huggeryes
Optional extras

extension pack