In a nutshell

A robust, all-rounder of a pushchair that’s budget-friendly, travel-system compatible, and a dream to push across pavements and rougher terrain alike, although urban families may prefer something a little more compact

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.


  • Sturdy brake, easy to manoeuvre, quiet ride, plenty of storage space, quick to fold/unfold, great on all terrains, good value, can be used as a travel system


  • Not parent-facing (without carry cot), on the heavier side, brake pedal can stick, doesn't fit in smaller boots, not as compact as other models

The Mytrax Pro stroller is the latest pushchair from Joie, a global baby gear brand with fun and functionality at its heart. Part of Joie’s new eco-conscious Cycle range, the Mytrax Pro stroller features innovative fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.


The fully reclining stroller can be used from birth up to 22kg (approx 4 years) by itself (£250) or as part of a travel system alongside compatible Joie carry cots and car seats. It’s a robust pushchair that offers a smooth ride across all terrains, be it forest floors or high street pavements. And its easy handling and ample storage space means it’s well-equipped for both big days out and quick trips out. However, if you live in a city and are looking for a pushchair that's nippy enough to use on public transport and carry up and down stairs, this heavyweight might not be the best choice for you.

Tested by

Lou tested the pushchair with her 3-month-old son on forest walks, cafe visits, trips to the shops, and strolls around town. They moved from the city to the Forest of Dean, so needed a buggy that could handle plenty of off-road adventures while still coping with small spaces such as libraries and restaurants.

What were your first impressions of the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

That it was heavy, but clearly very well made. I liked that you didn’t have to fight your way through heaps of unnecessary packaging to get to the pushchair – something that aligns with its eco-conscious design. After removing a small amount of cardboard, the frame and wheels easily lifted out of the box in one fluid movement.

Unboxing Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair

Everything felt sturdy and of a high quality. I was particularly impressed with the upholstery of the pushchair. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, so I was expecting a rougher material, however it was surprisingly soft while still feeling made to last – think burlap sack meets fabric softener – and, since using the stroller, I can confirm that it is a forgivingly wipe-clean fabric, too.

The heavier weight (10.5kg) and larger size of this pushchair (it's L91cm x W59cm x H102.5cm unfolded) probably felt exaggerated to me because, up until this point, we’d been using a BabyZen Yoyo2 – a much lighter and more compact pushchair. However, I can still easily lift the Mytrax Pro with one arm – I just can’t carry it to the car with as many items as I usually do (because it requires one hand to hold, rather than using a shoulder strap carry).

The frame comes already fitted with the pushchair seat. All you need to assemble are the wheels, canopy, and, if you’re using it, the armbar. However, if you’re switching to the ramble or ramble XL carry cot– available to buy separately – then you’ll need to remove the pushchair seat first.

How easy is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller to assemble?

It was really easy to build and could have probably been done without the instructions. The only challenge I actually faced when putting the stroller together was finding the instructions in the first place. The stroller comes folded and the instructions are tucked inside the storage basket, so you can’t find them without first unfolding the pushchair. However, this is really easy to do – you simply release a lever and the pushchair unfolds.

Once I had the instructions, it took a little under 10 minutes to put everything together. All the parts clicked, slotted or zipped into place with relative ease. The wheels slot into place via their axles and give a satisfying ‘click’ sound to let you know they’re secured in place. The canopy clicks into position at the top of the frame and is then further zipped into place. There’s also a cup holder included, which neatly clicks onto the side of the handle, and a rain cover which attaches via hook and loop tabs.

You can choose to simply follow the illustrated instructions, which include the odd bit of text letting you know when to listen out for ‘clicks’, or you can refer to the written instructions which follow the illustrations and provide further detail or clarification. All in all, the construction of the pushchair is so simple that, as said, you probably don’t need to refer to the instructions at all.

The part that took the longest was adjusting the strap anchors. There are three height settings for the straps and to adjust these you have to awkwardly manoeuvre the anchors through gaps in the seat. However, this isn’t really a drawback as you wouldn’t want these to easily come out of place, so some difficulty in securing them is expected.

2 pictures of baby in Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair and a close up of pushchair straps

Despite everything easily slotting or clicking into place, it all feels firmly secured once it’s there. Nothing feels like it might come undone or fall off. Even the cup holder, which simply hooks over the handlebar, feels like it’s going to stay put.

Is this the latest version of a previous Joie pushchair?

If you’ve seen a Joie pushchair before, then the Mytrax Pro is definitely going to look familiar. It boasts the same great features that other models do; Flex comfort, puncture-proof wheels, one-touch braking, easy recline, and so on. The main difference is that, as part of Joie’s Cycle collection, it’s made from recycled materials (94 plastic bottles, to be exact). Joie states that the use of these recycled fabrics not only reduces waste but also gives new life to pre-existing materials.

How easy is the Joie Mytrax Pro Stroller to fold?

It really couldn’t be easier! You lift the panel in the middle of the seat, press a button and pull up on the strap to make the pushchair collapse back on itself. This can all be done one-handed and the strap you pull up on is the same one you carry the pushchair with, so you can go from unfolded to folded and carrying in one quick movement.

It has an automatic fold lock feature (a plastic lever positioned down one side of the handle), and it’s this mechanism that you use to unfold the pushchair. You simply pull the lever out slightly, releasing the lock, and then pull it up to unfold the pushchair.

How compact is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller once folded?

On the one hand, for a stroller of this size it’s fairly compact once folded, measuring L59cm x W29.5cm x H 84.4cm, but it does still feel quite large. Admittedly, this might just be compared to the Yoyo2 that I’m used to, which costs £200 more, with an RRP of £450. The Yoyo2 barely takes up half my boot space – the Joie Mytrax Pro, however, takes up nearly all of it (horizontally, at least). I even have to take a wheel off each time just to fit it in – although, since it’s so easy to remove and replace the wheels, this isn’t really a big deal. I will say, another reviewer had the opposite experience and found the pushchair fit really well in their boot space. For context, my car is a Peugeot 207 and has a medium-sized boot.

Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair folded in car boot

Is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller free-standing once folded?

Joie states that once folded, the pushchair is freestanding. And while, for the most part, this is true, it’s actually quite easy to topple over. How smoothly the pushchair folds/unfolds also depends heavily on the terrain it’s on. Again, this isn’t really a big deal, it just means you might need to steady the stroller with your other hand while folding/unfolding it.

2 pictures of Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair folded

How easy is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller to push and steer on different terrain?

From looking at it, I thought I would find this stroller difficult to push, at least compared to my usual one and especially when going up hills. But it is surprisingly nimble. Its weight distribution means it feels really stable going over bumps and curbs, and it was actually easier to push uphill than the Yoyo2. Where we live currently has lots of kerbs in varying states of construction and the Mytrax Pro has no problem tackling any of them. When tipping the stroller (up or down a kerb), I feel in control of it at all times.

I found it easy to manoeuvre the stroller one-handed, whether in a cafe or out in the forest, and could smoothly spin it around to change directions (still using just one hand). I was surprised by how well it handled tight spaces, such as navigating restaurant tables or shop aisles. And it handled forest paths just as well thanks to its foam-filled wheels and all-over suspension.

2 pictures of Joie Mytrax Pro in forest

The forest walks were where the wheel locking function really came into play. Locking the front wheels made all the difference to the ride, which was smooth anyway (for a forest path, at least) but got all the more smoother once the wheels were locked – our little one dozed off a few times, even when going over branches and cobbles.

How easy is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller to go up and down stairs?

Taking it up and down stairs was easier than I was expecting. Usually, with our smaller Yoyo2 stroller, I just carry the whole thing up or down the stairs. With the Mytrax, however, that wasn’t an option. Instead, I reversed it up the stairs, lifting the back wheels up and then carefully pulling the front ones up the next step. To go down the stairs, I lifted the front wheels up and then slowly worked the back wheels down each step.

Baby in Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair in wooded area

How well does it work on public transport?

I haven’t made it onto a bus or train with the Mytrax Pro yet, but having taken it around busy cafes and up and down lots of steps and kerbs I can only imagine it will hold its own on public transport. The only drawback I can foresee is that, unfolded, it will take up a lot of space.

What’s the chassis like on the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

It’s sturdy and feels like it’s built to last. The frame is matt black and doesn’t scratch easily – we’ve been taking it to the forest for weeks now and it still doesn’t have a mark on it. It’s also had shopping chucked on top of it in a hurry in the boot and still doesn’t have a single scratch.

How do you rate the buggy handle of the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

The handle is very comfortable to hold, and you can easily adjust its height by pulling up the levers on each side and then repositioning. However, it locks into one of a few set heights rather than being completely free to adjust.

2 pictures of Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair handle

What do you think of the seat unit?

I really like it! I'd only used a carry cot until now so switching to a pushchair with a 3 month old seemed a little daunting at first. But the Joie Mytrax Pro's seat is well designed and can go from near-fully reclined to upright at the pull of a lever. Obviously, we mostly used the lie-flat or reclined positions (however, the lie-flat still has a slight angle to it). Our little one enjoyed both snoozing in the stroller and looking out at the world as the seat is roomy (at least for a baby, I’m not sure how spacious it would be for a toddler) while still feeling cosy and secure.

The footrest came in really handy both when strolling and when parked. Our little one is on the longer side and so could stretch his legs out fully. And, when stationary, I could quickly raise the seat to sit him up and use the footrest as a perch for toys. Being able to sit him up when stopped and then lay him back down when setting off was great. It meant that we could easily interact with him without unstrapping him from the pushchair and then ensure he was in a comfortable and safe position for walking.

2 pictures of baby in Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair

The fabric of the seat, as mentioned before, can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe and the strap covers can be removed for a more thorough wash if needed. It’s a very breathable fabric that is soft to the touch but has enough of a texture that our little one was fascinated by it at times.

Does the Mytrax Pro seat recline?

Yes. Changing the position of the seat is incredibly straightforward. You simply pull up a lever behind the seat and then you can raise or lower the back of it as needed. I will say, Joie states that the pushchair is lie-flat, but the lowest setting still has a slight angle to it (compared to the flat bed of a carry cot).

Is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller's seat both parent- and world-facing?

No, the seat can’t be parent-facing – just world-facing. If our little one was any younger then I would definitely want to get the carry cot to use for the first few months. Joie does try to counter this with convenient viewing panels, however it just isn’t a replacement for the reassurance of having your little one facing you.

Parent view of Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair

What’s the hood like on the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

The UPF 50+ hood clicks into place and stays there, and it has a hidden zip that allows it to extend, creating a cocoon-like structure. This was particularly useful on sunnier days as it shields the seat from the sun. And the vents and viewing windows allowed me to easily check on our little one without disturbing him – however, I would still occasionally peer fully into the seat so he could see me, too.

It claims to be water repellant and, initially, it is. But after a short amount of light rain you can see the water begin to soak into the fabric where it’s stretched over the chassis. However, it definitely keeps the pushchair dry and is more than enough if you’re caught out without the rain cover or while you’re putting that in place.

2 pictures of raincover on Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair

What are the wheels like on the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

The wheels feel really sturdy, like they’re going to last a long time. They’re made from foam, rather than being air-filled, so you don’t have to worry about punctures. This also makes them fairly quiet – really, the only noise from the stroller comes from if you have something in the cup holder.

They handle varying terrains really well. In fact, there’s not really a noticeable difference to how they feel on uneven ground versus smooth pavements – e.g. they roll right over branches and bumps, rather than having to be angled over them.

The front wheels lock into place, which is a handy feature when tackling surfaces such as grass. To do this, you just roll the pushchair forwards slightly to ensure the wheels are facing forwards. Then you turn a lever around the wheel axle and that’s it, it’s locked into place! Attaching and removing the wheels is as simple as this, too. You just slot the axle into the pushchair’s frame and listen for the locking 'click'. And to remove, you simply press a button and pull the wheel away.

2 pictures of Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair on different terrain

How good are the brakes?

The brakes on the Joie Mytrax Pro are really strong (the pushchair stays put on slopes), easy to locate, and positioned well-clear of your feet while walking. They’re engaged via a foot pedal (located bottom-right of the stroller) and are disengaged in the same way. They do have a tendency to stick when disengaging if you don’t fully compress the pedal, but all you have to do is slightly move the wheels to complete the disengagement if this happens.

How do you rate the basket on the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

The basket is fantastic! I can only compare it to the much smaller (often too small) basket of our regular pushchair, but it has ample space and is deep enough that everything feels secure in it. There are two elasticated pockets, which are easily accessible from the rear of the pushchair, and ideal for stashing away smaller items like spare muslins, small toys or a book/kindle for yourself.

The net sides make it easy to see what’s in the basket at a glance but feel strong and secure. It can be slightly awkward to reach into the basket from the front if the footrest is down, but other than that it’s easy enough to access from all angles of the pram. I managed to fit an entire shopping trip into it, including milk, bread, fruit and so on, on top of the changing mat and toys already in there, with room to spare.

Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair storage basket full

What’s in the box?

  • Chassis and pushchair seat
  • 2 x larger wheels
  • 2 x smaller wheels
  • Canopy
  • Adjustable armbar
  • Attachable cup holder
  • Rain cover

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

  • Carry cot
  • Infant carrier (car seat)

Can the pushchair be used with a car seat to create a travel system?

Yes. the Mytrax Pro can be used with the following car seats to be used as a travel system:

It can also be used with the ramble™ and ramble XL™ carry cots.

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

That it existed before we bought the Yoyo2! The Yoyo2 has been a great from-birth stroller but its small size and poor suspension just don’t suit life in the Forest. If I was buying again, I would opt for this Mytrax Pro stroller and carry cot as it lets us comfortably go on walks in the forest with our little one. Plus, it's a lot more affordable.

Who would the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller be most useful for?

The Mytrax Pro is great for families who love to get out on adventures that will take them across all sorts of terrain but also value ample storage space for shopping trips and days out (and who have a lot of boot space). If you’re a city dweller, like we were, then there are probably more compact stroller options out there to handle public transport. But this pushchair is a great eco-conscious, all-rounder if you’re looking for something to easily fit into a busy family life.

Baby in Joie Mytrax Pro pushchair

Is the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller worth the money?

It’s absolutely worth the money. Even when adding in the carrycot and infant carrier, it still comes in as a midrange buggy but feels much more like a higher range one!

How does the Joie Mytrax Pro compare to other strollers?

Product nameAge suitabilityDimensions when foldedWeightRRP
Joie Mytrax ProBirth to 22kgL59cm x W29.5cm x H84.4cm10.5kg£250
iCandy Peach 7Birth to 6 year s(approx)L70cm x W29cm x H61cm12.9kgFrom £1,099
Mamas & Papas OcarroBirth to 22kgL76cm x W37cm x H58cm12.6kg£899
Didofy Aster 2Birth to 22kgL25cm x W47cm x H55cm6.1kg£299

Where can I buy the Joie Mytrax Pro stroller?

It is available from Boots, Very, Mamas & Papas and Joie.


MadeForMums verdict:

Offering fantastic value for money and with some impressive eco-credentials, the Mytrax Pro is a great quality all-rounder that will happily see you through the baby and toddler years. Despite being used to a premium stroller, I was so impressed with this more affordable offering from Joie. It's a sturdy build and I would absolutely recommend this stroller to parents planning on lots of wildlife walks that require wheels with a bit more oomph. However, if you're a city dweller who uses public transport on a regular basis, then perhaps a lightweight, more compact buggy is probably better suited to your needs.

Product Specifications

ModelMytrax Pro
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:102.5cm W:59cm L:91cm
Dimensions (folded)H:84.4cm W:29.5cm L:59cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Child weightUp to 22kg
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seats
  • Joie i-Gemm 3
  • Joie i-Level Recline
  • Joie i-Snug 2
  • Joie i-Jemini
  • Other breands including Maxi-Cosi
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Recline positions4
Lie flatYes
  • Made with 100% recycled fabrics
  • One-touch braking system
  • SoftTouch 5 point harness adjusts to 3 heights
  • In-seat spring suspension
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Foam-filled rubber rear tyres
  • One-hand recline adjustment
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • UPF 50+ and water repellent canopy
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Automatic fold lock

Accessories included
  • Bumper bar
  • Attachable cup holder
  • Rain cover