In a nutshell

Stylish, lightweight, folding stroller for those who want a stand-out looking pushchair that’s great for parents on the move with the versatility of converting to a travel system

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.


  • Super-easy fold, sleek design, smooth steering and suspension, lightweight, all-in-one travel system option


  • No rain cover included, carrycot sits on top of the stroller and feels top heavy, forward facing seat only, tricky harness, seat isn’t upright

Lightweight easy-fold strollers aren’t always the most stylish products and sometimes they can look like dolls prams. But the Leclerc Baby Hexagon collection is designed by a famous Dutch fashion designed, Christian Lagerwaard, and it’s easy to see why they’re all over Instagram. Sleek and luxe, the range comes in 3 earthy colours.


Leclerc is a relatively young company, but fast becoming known for stylish products that ooze quality without completely breaking the bank and the Hexagon is not only functional and well-made, but stylish too.

As a stroller, it’s ideal for nipping around towns and cities, as its fully self-folding mechanism is so easy to use when on the go. It also has an optional carrycot and car seat adaptors to turn it into a complete travel system.

However, the carrycot feels like an after-thought that sits somewhat incongruously on the Hexagon frame rather than an integral part of the design.

Tested by

Jo, city dwelling mum of a 6-month-old baby girl. Mainly jaunts around town on buses and trains but also drives out to the countryside to escape once in a while. Fellow tester and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy also tested the stroller with her 20-month-old toddler.

2 pictures of child in Leclerc Hexagon

First impressions:

From the moment the Leclerc Hexagon arrives, you know it’s a quality product. It’s neatly packaged in a solid cardboard box with a handle which can be reused for storage. Inside, in a handy black travel bag, the stroller arrives with wheels attached. Once you’ve lifted it out, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions to press a button on the handle to unfold it.

Leclerc Hexagon Heritage Sport box and stroller out of the box

It’s easy to see why the Leclerc strollers are an Instagram favourite as they ooze quality. The Heritage Sport colour that I tried, is a rust colour that looks less orange in real life than it does on the website. The vegan leather feels sumptuous and the rose gold frame adds a touch of class that helps give it a really strong sense of identity. It screams ‘photo me’.

I tested the stroller with a black carrycot as the Heritage Sport finish wasn’t yet available at the time of testing. The carrycot is wide and sturdy but lacked the design pizzazz of the stroller and when it was placed on top of the stroller, it was functional but top heavy and didn’t feel like a cohesive design.

Baby in carrycot on Leclerc Hexagon Heritage Sport

How easy are the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport and carrycot to build?

Very. Because the stroller comes ready to use, all you need to do is learn how to release it then fold the stroller back up. It’s self-folding, so with the press of the button on the top of the handle, it does the work for you.

It folds and unfolds equally well. The hood is attached so once you clip the bumper bar on, you’re good to go. The instruction manual pictures are grainy and small, but the stroller is intuitive and simple to use that you didn’t really need the manual to use it.

Fellow tester Christy agrees, saying: “It took minutes to set this up, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.”

However, the carrycot was a little more complicated to construct using the picture-only manual. Coming relatively flat, the cot sides are raised by pulling apart a slider bar underneath the bassinet. I found these to be stiff and required some brute force to click into place. The carrycot adaptors were easy to slot into the stroller. Clicking the bassinet in place was pretty simple compared to other travel systems. I didn’t test the car seat option.

Is it easy to push and steer?

Yes. As a citydweller, I like a light pushchair and the Hexagon feels incredibly dextrous. It manoeuvres around tight corners and narrow streets really easily. I had no trouble lifting it onto the tube carriage or the bus. The wheels each have suspension which mean it feels smooth to push and the cushioned leather style handle give it a luxe feel.

Christy agrees, saying: “We switched from the Chicco OhLaLa 2 stroller, which is very lightweight but kept stalling on kerbs. In comparison, the Hexagon is a dream to push. It handles suburban pavements really smoothly, and can cope with short distances over grass in the park too.”

Toddler in Leclerc HExagon

However, when the carrycot was added on top, I found it more difficult to lift up kerbs. The small wheels and light frame (that make it light and easy as a stroller) let it down a little bit as a pram. Lifting up the pram on the back wheels is jerky and the pram doesn’t feel as sturdy as traditional prams. I live next to a canal with a rather rutted path and I found the wheels couldn’t handle the potholes as well as prams with larger back wheels. For town and city strolling, it’s a winner. As both a pram and stroller it’s smooth to steer and push.

How do you fold the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

It is incredibly easy to fold, and folds with the seat attached with one hand.

To fold the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport:

  • Squeeze and slide the release button on the pushbar
  • Let go, and the stroller will collapse into a folded position
  • Pick it up by the bumper bar and off you go

To unfold it, squeeze and slide the same button and pull it back into an unfolded position. Christy adds: “If I’m holding my baby in one arm, I find I can usually unfold it singlehandedly by squeezing the button and unfolding it with a shake until it clicks into place.”

How lightweight is Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport to carry around?

Weighing in at 6.6kg, the Hexagon is really easy to carry when folded – you lift it with the bumper bar. It feels particularly useful for trains or flights and nipping up and down escalators at tube stations with no lifts. I put it in the boot when I drove to see my mum and when I took the bumper handle off, it was small enough to stand upright in our SUV boot which helped save space. Christy agrees: “We use the Uppababy Cruz V2 for our everyday walks, but it’s so much easier to pop the lighter and more compact Hexagon in the boot when popping to the shops or going on a UK holiday, as you can fit so much more in.”

With a bassinet as well, it took up quite a lot of space in the boot. The bassinet weighs in at 4kg and feels nicely solid, yet as a pram option it’s still light as well as sturdy.

Leclerc Hexagon folded in car boot

Is the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport comfortable for your baby?

As my baby is only just old enough for a stroller and because she still struggles to sit up unaided, the seat was a little flat for her and didn’t give much support. However, the seat is well padded in a soft PU leather fabric that feels sumptuous and soft against her skin. You can’t turn the seat around so it’s only outwards facing which I think is a bit of a negative for younger babies. However, that is pretty standard for this category, as not many strollers have the switchable seat option.

Toddler in Leclerc Hexagon

There are 3 height settings so you have a choice for the seat recline angle. I found the handle that allowed you to change between the heights was super easy to locate and use – you can do it single handed. Christy agrees: “Most lightweight pushchairs use a harness strap to recline the seat, but the handle is much easier to use and looks more premium.” However, she finds the most upright setting is still fairly reclined, meaning: “My son is always slumped in his seat, so I have to keep stopping to move him back to an upright position or the crotchstrap rubs on his legs. This is the main downside for me – it’s a lovely pushchair but he’d be far more comfortable in a more upright seat”.

Recline button on Leclerc Hexagon

The negative in my opinion is the cover for the straps. Made of a breathable sort of mesh fabric, it isn’t as soft as I’d have liked and feels a bit harsh. My daughter has sensitive skin and when she is clothed for winter, it isn’t an issue. But I suspect that in the summer months, any exposed skin might rub a little.

Does it have a carrycot?

The carrycot needs to be purchased separately. It is wide and made of a sturdy water-resistant fabric and can be collapsed (almost flat) for storage when not being used. It is sumptuously padded inside and felt like a duvet without a cover. It is wide and a decent length – I have a long baby – and at 6 months, she could still lie relatively comfortable in there.

The handle to lift the bassinet is the frame of the hood, which means you always have to have the hood up to carry it. To put the hood down, you have to use 2 hands to click the buttons on either side of the frame (a bit like most car seats). When you’re on the move with your hands full, that isn’t always convenient.

I felt like the carrycot and stroller didn’t work well as an ergonomic design. You use adaptors to plonk the bassinet on top of the full stroller, which doesn’t look as nice as ones where you remove the seat and clip the cot directly onto the chassis.

The fact that it also comes with a cupholder is an unexpected bonus but it’s disappointing that no rain cover is included as standard.

Baby in Leclerc Hexagon Heritage Sport carrycot

How well does the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport work on public transport?

Having been on both buses and trains, I was thrilled with how easy the Hexagon was to manoeuvre. It’s really light and the wheels are easy to steer so I had no problem nipping on and off carriages and twisting around people and poles. It was slightly harder with the bassinet on top when going up kerbs as the added weight meant it wasn’t as smooth to lift up on its back wheels.

Christy agrees: “We took it on a British Airways flight and managed to fit it into an overhead locker on the plane. I really appreciated the travel bag it comes with to keep it clean too.”

Leclerc Travel Bag for Hexagon

Is the chassis sturdy?

Yes. Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, the frame feels solid and well made. It has a lovely shiny rose gold frame. Initially I worried it would scratch easily, but in fact it’s very durable. However, the chassis felt less sturdy, somehow, when the bassinet was added. But actually, it held up well when out and about. I love the design as it feels so girly, but my husband did comment that he’d rather something more gender neutral.

Christy agrees, adding: "After using it several times per week for 9 months, I do find one side sometimes doesn't click into place properly when unfolding so it needs a bit of help. But it still pushes as smoothly as ever and overall I feel it's well made."

Is the handle of the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport comfortable to use?

I’m 5ft 8 and found the handle height perfect. However, it’s frustrating that there’s no option to alter the height. Perhaps that’s because it’s a foldable stroller, but the result was I was a little too close to the foot break and kept kicking it whilst walking. The handle itself has a leather feel and is nicely padded to hold. It’s annoying that when the hood is pushed back it sits against the handle – and therefore rests constantly on your hands as you push.

Is the seat unit comfortable?

Yes. The seat is well padded and the fact it’s covered in a PU leather means you can easily wipe it clean which is a bonus with a reflux baby like mine. It feels generous, sturdy and roomy enough for a big toddler. I found it easy to put up and down, even with bubba in it. It also has an adjustable foot rest that is really easy to pull out. The flat recline function is great for older kids who might want a sleep whilst you’re out. Although I’d rather it also had a function to face it towards you, with the hood back, it is easy to chat to your child.

Christy adds: "The seat padding feels comfortable enough to me, but I wish it was more upright for my toddler, who always ends up slumping forward in the seat due to the reclined angle and smooth slippery fabric."

Toddler in Leclerc Hexagon

Is the harness of the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport easy to use and adjust?

The harness buckle looked a little intimidating at first as it has 5 points that click together. But I actually found it very easy to use with my baby because it has a magnet that helps draw all the sides in without trying.

However, you do need to make sure the waist and shoulder straps are connected on both sides, before bringing them together to attach to the crotch strap and locking it all into place, which might prove tricky to do with a wriggly toddler. Christy adds: "I find it quite difficult to bring all the components together at once. I find a harness which allows you to strap on one side, then the other, much easier to use. I also find the harness quite fiddly to adjust."

Is the hood good quality and easy to put up and down?

Considering it’s a design-led premium product, I feel the hood lets the Hexagon down a little. It’s made of a suede style fabric with a mesh section that you can look through or open on warm days. The fabric doesn’t feel as if it could withstand much rain or bad weather. It is also not particularly smooth to open and close and it feels like you’re going to break it when you pull it back quickly.

The hood flaps back onto the handle when not in use which is one of the biggest frustrations of the product. Christy agrees: “The hood fabric looks stylish, but I’d prefer a sturdier, more waterproof option. It sounds clicky and feels a bit flimsy when you pull it back, and does get in the way of the pushbar.”

Hood on Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport

Are the wheels sturdy on the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

Yes. Though they be small, they be mighty. The Hexagon wheels all have suspension which really helps to create a smooth ride. I’d say they’re better designed for the city (but then again, aren’t most strollers?) so if you’re looking for an off-roader, this probably isn’t for you. When the bassinet was added, I would have liked larger, studier wheels at the back to help the pram tilt more smoothly up and down steps and kerbs. Still, it was very smooth to steer.

Front and back of Leclerc Hexagon

How good are the brakes?

I can’t fault the foot brake. It’s one large pedal in the middle of the bar on the base and is super easy to locate, even without looking. It holds well, even on a pretty steep hill.

How big is the basket for the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

The basket is quite flat, but a reasonable size. Not as spacious as some strollers, but I was able to fit my smaller changing bag in. I couldn’t fit my bigger rucksack in there but that’s the case with all the prams I’ve tried.

Basket in Leclerc Hexagon

What’s in the box?

  • Stroller with hood and wheels attached
  • Black travel bag
  • Cupholder
  • Bumper bar
  • Bassinet adaptors

Can you buy additional accessories for the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

  • Car seat adaptors
  • A wheeled board for older children to ride along too
  • Nappy bag
  • Footmuff
  • Caddy style organisers
  • Carrycot
  • A rain cover

Can the pushchair be used with a car seat to create a travel system?

Although I didn’t try it, the fact you can buy adaptors for a car seat makes this a fantastic option for an all-in-one travel system. According to the website, the adaptors fit most Group 0 seats.

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

I’d want to know it has the potential to be an all-in-one travel system that is compatible with most car seats.

Who would this stroller be most useful for?

Stylish city and town dwellers who prioritise the look of their pushchair without forgoing any of the quality.

Is the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport worth the money?

At just under £510 for the stroller, it’s not the cheapest product, but you really get what you pay for. It oozes style but is also incredibly functional and sturdy, perfect for travel lovers. The Bassinet is an extra £249 which I think brings it in towards the higher end of a travel system and yet it doesn’t look as good or function as well as a pram as it does as a stroller.

How does it compare to similar strollers?

Product nameWeight (kg)Key featureKey feature 2RRP
Leclerc Hexagon Heritage Sport6.61 handed fold / unfold functionTravel system compatible£549
Micralite GetGo10Small and compactTravel system compatible£395
Bugaboo Butterfly7.351 hand, 1 second foldCompact when folded£395
Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller6.41 hand 3 position recline featureTravel system compatible£249.99

Where can I buy the Leclerc Baby Hexagon Heritage Sport?

It is available from


MadeForMums Verdict

The Leclerc Hexagon Heritage Sport stroller wins my vote because the stylish design doesn’t compromise the quality and functionality. Perfect for nipping around the city, the lightweight frame still feels sturdy and it’s genuinely self-folding with the touch of a button. The bassinet option is handy if you’re after a from-birth pram too, but it feels like an add on rather than a well-considered pram design if you’re thinking of using it for the full 6 months.


Product Specifications

ModelBaby Hexagon Heritage Sport
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:101.5cm W:47cm L:61cm
Dimensions (folded)H:56cm W:47cm L:24cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 5 years – (approx.)
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seats
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360, Carbio Fix, Marble
  • Cybex Aton Q i-Size, Cloud Z i-Size, Cloud Z i-Size Plus, Aton B i-Size, Aton M i-Size, Aton 5 i-Size
  • BeSafe IziGo Modular i-Size
  • Nuna Pipa Next, Arra
  • Kiddy Evolution Pro
  • Joie Gemm, i-Gemm2
  • Bugaboo Turtle Air
  • Avionaut Pixel Pro
Seat facing directionForward facing
Lie flatNo
  • Compact
  • Perforated leatherette materials
  • One-touch auto-folding
Accessories included
  • Cupholder
  • Sun canopy
  • Bumper bar
  • Travelbag
Optional extras
  • Carrycot (£269)
  • Footmuff (£87.95-£109.95)
  • Changing bag (£79.95)
  • Organiser (£49.95)
  • Car seat adapter (£49.45)
  • Wheeled board (£108.90)
  • Rain cover (£29.65)
  • Wind Shield (£49.45)