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Lola & Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump review

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
£138.00 RRP
Lola & Lykke Electric breast pump

In a nutshell

An easy to use, wireless, lightweight, quiet and compact breast pump that is perfect for busy mums on the go
Ease of use
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Ease of cleaning
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Worth the money
4.5 out of 5 rating 4.5
Pros: Sleek design, quiet, portable, easy to use, comfortable, reasonable price, wireless, lightweight, compact, rechargeable battery, comes with a carry bag
Cons: Suction cup can slip if not held to the breast firmly, not dishwasher-friendly
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For those mums deciding between an electric or the traditionally more favourable manual breast pump, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump could be the answer to your breastfeeding prayers. It’s the signature product from Finland-based company Lola&Lykke, which prides itself in the positive postnatal recovery and supporting the health/wellbeing of new mums – so it’s no surprise this breast pump is made with mums in mind.

Designed for use on the go, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump is not only compact and discreet but sleek in its design, making it a great choice for style-conscious mums, as well as those always on the move. With no tubes or wires and built-in smart touchscreen technology, Lola&Lykke state it makes pumping a “super-convenient” and “hassle-free” experience, giving “you and your baby optimal support during the breastfeeding period”. Wireless, lightweight, and compact, the Lola&Lykke Electric Breast Pump comes with a 2-hour life rechargeable battery so that mums can pump anytime, anywhere.


At £138, it’s reasonably priced compared to similar products in this field, and its clever design and stylish look recently landed it Gold at the MadeForMums Awards 2022.

Tested by

Journalist and new mum, Rebecca Pitcairn, lives in West Sussex and tested the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump to help feed her first-born son, Leo.

What were your first impressions of the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump?

The Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump is presented in a sleek box with each component stored in a separate compartment, so it’s easy to identify the different parts. It even comes with its own cloth carry bag for stylish storage on the go. I immediately loved its stylish design, particularly the teal accent colour of the motor and pump stand. While it doesn’t come in any other colours, it matched some of my baby’s accessories, which for me, was a bonus.

How easy is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump to set up?

Having never used a breast pump before, I was apprehensive about how difficult it would be to set up and use but the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump couldn’t be easier to assemble. As noted by MFM Award Home Testers Katie and Charlotte, the pump was “super easy” to put together and came with “really clear instructions” to aid the process.

Before use, the rechargeable motor unit must be charged for two hours using the supplied USB cable. Meanwhile, as per the instructions, I washed the other pump kit components in warm soapy water, air dried and then sterilised in boiling water. It is recommended that you wash these parts after each use and sterilise once per day. The five pump components (breast shield, cap, connector, valve and milk bottle) are really easy to fit together – they interconnect with minimal effort in less than a minute and feel really secure once in place. The motor then slots into the top and is secured with a twist and click mechanism.

What’s the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump like to use?

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this breast pump is how easy it is to use. Once assembled, you just place the silicon breast shield over whichever breast you plan to express from, tap the on button on the touch screen monitor and it begins. The pump operates in two clinically-tested phases: one to stimulate the let-down of your milk, and then the second for efficient expressing of the milk. The pumping begins with stimulation rhythm and then automatically switches to the expression phase after two minutes. There’s a nifty timer on the monitor so you can keep track of progress. The pump also has a multitude of settings which you can adjust to find the pressure level to suit you by using the plus and minus buttons on the motor’s screen. There are six stimulation settings and nine expression modes.

How comfortable is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump?

The silicone breast shield lives up to Lola&Lykke’s claims that it is “ultra-soft and flexible”. The shield feels super light and comfortable against my skin, and when the pump is in action, it massages my breast gently but firmly enough to optimise the flow of my milk.

MFM Awards Home Tester Katie supports this view, adding that the “pump is powerful” yet “fits the breast nicely”, however, I did find that it did slip occasionally. This meant I didn’t feel particularly confident using the hands-free option of securing it in place with a nursing bra, but I’m sure this would come with more practice.

The pump comes with a size 24mm shield included as standard, but you can also purchase 21mm and 27mm shields separately. There is a handy measuring guide on the Lola&Lykke website to help you choose the optimal shield size for you based on your nipple diameter. While the shield has been “designed to mimic the baby’s natural sucking pattern”, I wouldn’t say it felt the same as when feeding my baby – in some respects it was actually more comfortable.

How effectively did the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump express?

Having never used a breast pump before, I have little to compare the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump with, but I was surprised at how much milk I was able to express in a short space of time. In terms of finding the right pumping level, the instructions say to work up the levels until you get to one that is a little too uncomfortable and then go down a setting to find your perfect fit. For me this was initially level four/five but the more I used, I was able to go up further. According to the Lola&Lykke website, most mums pump with levels three to five but what’s nice is there is the freedom to change, depending on hormone levels and as your breastfeeding journey progresses.

I was also able to pump while feeding Leo on the other breast, meaning that, even if he fell asleep after a feed, I could fully drain the other breast so that I didn’t leak profusely from it while waiting for his next feed. This has also helped to maintain a constant level of milk production in both breasts.

How easy to use are the settings on the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump?

The touch screen monitor is really easy to use. There are just three buttons; the power button, which you can also use to manually change the mode; and the plus and minus buttons to go up and down the levels. The LED screen is easy to read and tells you which mode the pump is in with symbols, the level of suction, how much battery is left and the duration of your pumping session. This view is supported by mum reviewers on the Natural Baby Shower, complimenting ​​the pump’s “straightforward settings” and how “convenient” it is to operate. The screen, however, is hyper-sensitive and when trying to go up and down the levels, on a couple of occasions, I did end up turning the pump off by mistake, which was a little frustrating.

How portable is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump?

The pump is super portable and with the cloth dust bag, you can keep everything together in one place, which is ideal for when you’re on the move. I found it brilliant to be able to reach into my changing bag, grab it and discreetly take to the bathroom to pump when we were out and about as it is also wire and tube-free. This makes it the ideal breastfeeding companion, with MFM Awards Home Tester Charlotte noting that its portability makes it “great for working mums on the go” as you can move about using the pump instead of being “tethered to a wall socket or attached by a tube to a larger pump”.

How noisy is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump?

The Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump does not claim to be completely silent and when in use, there is still that recognisable noise of a breast pump. However, it does a good job at being as discreet as possible and I was easily able to hold a conversation without my pumping causing any major distractions. A review on the Natural Baby Shower also noted that it is “very silent which helps a lot during the night when I need to pump without waking my hubby”. A major plus for those night feeds.

How long does the battery last on the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump?

According to the manufactures, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump has a battery life of two hours and can be charged using the USB cable provided, so there’s no need for any heavy plug adapters. That being said, if you’re heading somewhere that’s unlikely to have a USB charge point and the battery runs out, you’ll need to take a plug adapter with you, which can be purchased separately.

How easy is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump to clean?

It is not recommended to put the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump in the dishwasher, so you do need to wash the parts manually – however, it is super easy to clean and dismantle all five BPA-free components. This is a view supported by our MFM Awards Home Testers, who noticed that the process was hassle free and “really straightforward”. After regularly cleaning the product for a number of weeks, I’ve yet to see any clouding or staining, which is also a bonus.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump
  • 1 x 24mm breast shield
  • 1 x NaturalFlow Baby Bottle (Newborn nipple teats included)
  • 1 x Breast pump stand
  • 1 x Breast shield cap
  • 1 x USB charging cable

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

  • Breast shield in 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm (£6.49)
  • Silicone spare part set with two valves and a suction cup (£12.50)
  • Milk bag adapter (£1.95)
  • Single-use breast milk storage bags 30pcs (£13.95)
  • NaturalFlow Nipple Teats 0+, 3+, 6+ months (£8.00)
  • NaturalFlow Baby Bottle (£10)

Is the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump worth the money?

With an RRP of £138, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump is well worth the money for the comfort, ease of use and portability of the product. There are fewer components than a lot of other breast pumps on the market, meaning it’s quick and simple to assemble, clean and transport. The cloth dust case is an added bonus, as is the pump’s sleek and ergonomic design. The pump also comes with a 2 year warranty, which provides additional peace of mind for buyers.

Within the mid-range, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Pump is a similar price to the MAM 2-in-1 Single Pump and Medela Swing Flex but far cheaper than the popular Elvie Pump, which retails at £269.

Who would the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump be most useful for?

This breast pump is ideal for working mums on the go, thanks to its portability and two-hour battery life. It’s reasonably priced, comfortable to use and discreet, which makes it very attractive for a mum who wants to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding while also expressing for her baby.

How does the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump compare to similar breast pumps?

Product nameRechargeable battery (Yes/No)Electric or Manual?RRP (£)
Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast PumpYesElectric£125
MAM 2-in-1 Single PumpYesBoth£139
Medela Swing Flex Single Breast Pump YesElectric£140

Where can I buy the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump?

It is available at Lola&Lykke and the Natural Baby Shower.


MadeForMums verdict:

Overall, the stylish Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump is a great option for mums that express a lot or who need to pump while on the go. As a first-time mum, this was a great pump to begin my breastfeeding journey with and I would recommend it to other new mums for its comfort and ease of use, especially when on the move. It is relatively quiet compared to other breast pumps on the market, and while it isn’t completely silent like the pricey Elvie pump, it offers mums an incredibly good compromise at an affordable price.

Product Specifications


Brand Lola & Lykke
Model Smart Electric Breast Pump
Price £138.00
Type Electric


Bottle type Wide neck
Power supply Usb rechargeable power pack
  • Lightweight + silent
  • No tubes, wires or noise
  • Easily tracks + records pumping sessions
  • Digital display features a memory button + timer
  • Standard USB rechargeable battery with 2-hour battery life
  • BPA-free bottle (compatible with most standard baby bottles)
  • Closed system to prevent breast milk from backing up the pump
  • Intuitive smart capabilities: 6 stimulation levels + 9 expression levels
  • 4-Phase smart functionality: Stimulation/Expression/Automatic/Memory
  • Suction feels comfortable + helps massage the breast to promote letdown + optimise milk flow
  • 2-Phase expression technology: Stimulation/Expression (Two clinically tested pumping rhythms for personalized comfort)
  • Uniquely designed flexible, ultra-soft breast shield mimics baby's natural sucking pattern, reduces pressure + helps massage the breast


Optional extras
  • Breast shield in 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm - £6.49
  • Silicone spare part set with two valves and a suction cup - £12.50
  • Milk bag adaptor - £1.95
  • Single use breast milk storage bags 30 pack - £13.95
  • NaturalFlow Nipple Teats 0+, 3+, 6+ months - £8.00
  • NaturalFlow Baby Bottle - £10.00