When it comes to choosing maternity underwear - knickers you wear when you're pregnant, and especially in the later stages of pregnancy - we all have different preferences.


Whether you're thinking of going for over the bump pregnancy knickers, under the bump maternity briefs, or thongs - we've got the pick of the best right here. Take a look.

1. Asda over the bump maternity briefs, £6 per pair


Best for: Supermarket option

A lot of pregnant women like the over the bump maternity briefs as they feel they get a bit more support from them.

These simple white maternity knickers, from Asda, are made of a stretch fabric, with one customer describing them as "Spanx for pregnant women". They come at a good price, too.

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Available from: Asda

2. Jojo Maman Bebe shorts style maternity briefs, £14 for a pack of 3


Best for: Practicality

A lot of pregnant women who have bought these have commented they look that bit nicer than the regular maternity briefs out there, which is why they like them so much.

We agree the lace detail makes them much prettier than some of their plainer counterparts - and, as they're under the bump, they can be worn after you've had your baby, too.

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

3. Panache maternity thong, £12


Best for: Thong lovers

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you want to give up in the styles stakes, and if you're usually a thong-wearer, there's no reason you should stop when you've got a bump.

This lovely design comes in pink and black - and there's a matching nursing bra to go with it too if you like to make sure your underwear's the same top and bottom (excuse the pun).

Available from: Panache

4. Mothercare maternity over the bump seam-free briefs, £16 for 2


Best for: Under a party dress

These simple over the bump maternity knickers are just what you need if you find yourself invited to a party, wedding or anywhere you might want to wear a tight-fit outfit.

As well as giving support, there are no seams which means no VPL (visible panty line) for a night out = one less thing to worry about.

Available from: Boots

5. Amoralia seamless One and Only over the bump briefs, £19


Best for: Style

These gorgeous and oh-so-cool maternity briefs are probably the most stylish we've seen on our quest for maternity underwear.

As well as looking good with a nautical colour theme, they promise to offer support to your bump and are seam-free. You can also buy a cute matching nursing and sleep bra to go with them.

Available from: ASOS

6. Diary Doll Pants, £14.95


Best for: Incontinence sufferers

There are quite a few unglamorous things about pregnancy and incontinence is one of them. Having additional pressure on the bladder is part and parcel of carrying a baby, and it can mean that you get the occasional leak.

That's where Diary Doll comes in, these pants have a secret waterproof panel to protect against light leaks. They are also ideal for periods, pelvic floor weakness and after maternity.


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