5 of the best disposable maternity briefs

Not everyone knows how handy disposable knickers can be in your hospital bag; here's our round up of what's out there


It’s not something people tend to talk about that much, but, it’s a fact that, after having a baby, women can bleed for around 2 to 6 weeks or longer, sometimes quite heavily at first.


Plenty of women prefer just to buy ordinary cheap pants that they throw away (you almost certainly won’t want to wear your favourite knickers for some time after giving birth).

But others reckon that disposable knickers are a better option, especially for the first few days if you’re in hospital and don’t want to pile up a load of messy washing to take home.

And when you’re at home you may find you’re bleeding so heavily sanitary pads leaks comes thick and fast.  Whatever it is, there’s a real case for buying knickers that are designed to be worn once and then thrown away.

So here’s our round-up of 5 of the best disposable maternity briefs.

1. Wilko mum to be maternity briefs, 95p for a pack of 5 (19p each)


Granted, Wilko probably isn’t the first place you’d think to to stock up on hospital bag essentials, but when we saw these we had to put them in our round up – mainly based on the price.

For a product you’ll only use once then throw away, we think these are a great option: they come in small medium and large (size 18).

Available from: Wilko

2. Emma Jane disposable hospital briefs, £5.50 for a pack of 7 (78p each)


A number of reviewers have said these are great for the quality; they come in generous sizes, individually wrapped and with a material gusset.

A great option for the hospital bag, though a wee bit pricer than others out there.

Available from: Amazon

3. Tesco disposable maternity briefs, £1.50 for a pack of 5  (30p each)


These come individually packaged and, as they’re from Tesco, you can pop them in with a weekly shop in time to put in your hospital bag.

A good price too, with soft elastic round the legs and waist.

Available from: Tesco

4. Women’s disposable underwear, £5.99 for a pack of 5 (£1.19 each)


While the others in this list are made from paper, these differ in that they are actually made of cotton – which some people might prefer.

Generally used as travel pants, a number of reviewers have said they are great to pop in your hospital bag too as they take up very little room and are more comfortable to some than paper underwear.

Available from: Amazon

5. Mothercare disposable maternity briefs, £1.99 for a pack of 5  (39p each)


A number of reviewers have said these are great for using after a C-section as they are nice and soft.

The downside is that a number of you have also said they’re a bit flimsy: and you may want to go up a size in them as it seems they’re sizing range might be on the small side.

Available from: Mothercare

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