Family travel product over £50

Family travel product over £50

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet - Gold

"This is an excellent computer, packed full if great content. It has a huge variety, from games to books to apps and videos. There are lots if famous, recognise able characters too. It's all set up for hours of fun and has a setting for adults too. It's well worth the money." Anthony, dad of 2

Available from: Amazon

Merifor Travel Mattress - Joint Silver

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"Good quality product, my baby seemed very comfortable whilst sleeping on this mattress. The fact that cover is washable and the mattress is anti allergenic is very appealing to me." Stephanie, mum of 2

Available from: Precious Little One

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind - Joint Silver

"It worked very well during the day to block all light out, so I can imagine it will be excellent to use come summer time when little ones bedtime will likely be during daylight. I especially liked the portability and ease of folding it down and the carry case- will be very handy for holidays and overnight stays." Catherine, mum of 1

Available from: The Gro Company

Osprey Europe Poco AG Plus - Bronze

"Super comfortable for both parent and child, this is a great mobility solution for when travelling with a small child. There are pockets EVERYWHERE, so there is no shortage of places to store your stuff so it is a superior solution to the traditional front-loading baby carriers." Ivan, dad of 1

Available from: Osprey

Finalists: Red Kite Baby Sleeptight Travel Cot

Family travel product £15 - £50

Family travel product £15-£50

Red Castle Babynomade - Gold

"Good safe alternative to a coat in the car seat, feels nice and soft and very easy to use." Christy McGhee, MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2

Available from: Uber Kids

Apramo Flippa Dining Booster - Silver

"My daughter really enjoys sitting in it and the fact she can climb in and out herself when it’s on the floor. It’s easy to fold down, very portable and quick and easy to attach to a chair. It’s very simple to attach and unattach the tray table and the use of metal instead of plastic means it feels really well made and sturdy." Hollie, mum of 2

Available from: Halfords

monkey monkey - Bronze

"My son has the 'Zavier Brow Bar Pilot Sunglasses in Crystal Orange' and he loves them. He says he looks "cool" and I'm inclined to agree! I tried them on and the lenses are great, making the world look brighter rather than more dim. They claim to offer superior protection to the eye, which I think is important." Katherine, mum of 2

Available from: Boots

Finalists: Splash About The Go Splash Swim Vest

Family travel product under £15


Splash About New Happy Nappy - Gold

“These were so easy to use with the twins, and I love that they are good for the environment (and the pocket!). They are easy to put on and remove and I feel confident of no embarrassing poo leaks when using them. Absolutely fantastic.” Mum of 3, Deanna

Available from: Splash About

Brush-Baby Ltd Go-Kidz - Silver

“The Go-Kidz is a lovely idea for a product, and I particularly liked that it could be personalised.” Mum of 3, Kimberley

Available from: Amazon

Twinkle Twinkle changing mat - Bronze

It is small enough to fit in your bag, handy to use, dries quite quickly and keeps the baby away from the dirty floor.” Mum of 2, Leanne

Available from: Waterbabies

Finalists: Solar Buddies Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator; Nibbling Nibbling Pluto Dummy Clips; Bambino Mio wet bag

Family holiday

Family holiday

Oliver's Travels - Gold

“Lovely range of family properties. The box of travel goodies they send to customers, including keys for items such as plug adapters and phone holders, is a lovely bonus to build excitement ahead of your holiday too.” Christy McGhee, mum of 2 and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Available from: Oliver’s Travels

Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts - Joint Silver

“If you are looking for a luxury family holiday and can afford to spend more than other travel operators, Martinhal offers some lovely hotels and villas, with everything you need for a week's stay.” Mum of 1, Rebecca

Available from: Martinhal

Bookings For You - Joint Silver

“I would recommend Bookings for You as an option for a villa holiday with children. The properties look of a good standard that you would feel comfortable taking your family to, and the extra information aimed at families with children is really helpful.” Mum of 3, Louise

Available from: BookingsForYou

Luxury Lodges - Bronze

“I love that there seems to be a lot on the Luxury Lodges sites for parents to relax with, which often gets forgotten when it comes to family holidays - and that the Lodges are nestled into beautiful nature; sometimes that's all you need with little ones!” Mum of 2, Anna

Available from: Luxury Lodges


Newborn and baby fashion range

Newborn and baby fashion range

Mamas & Papas Clothing Collection - Gold

“Beautiful, quality outfits which stand out and are very chic - overall, the Mamas & Papas collection is a great clothing range which is more of a head-turner than the regular baby clothing!” Mum of 1, Catherine

Available from: Mamas & Papas

Blade & Rose WWF Organic Leggings - Silver

“This brand always has gorgeous designs with unusual colours and the leggings feel very stretchy and soft.” Christy McGhee, mum of 2 and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Available from: Blade and Rose

Baby Boden Christmas Range 2018 - Bronze

“I really loved the baby Boden clothes. They are great quality and absolutely beautiful. I get lots of compliments when my baby is dressed in Boden.” Mum of 3, Kimberley

Available from: Boden

Finalists: ZIPPYUP babygrow; Frugi Play Days Dungarees

Childrens' clothing range

Childrens' clothing range

Frugi Rita Reversible Dress - Gold

“This dress was just lovely! It has been washed a few times already and is very durable, so I know this will be passed down to her younger sister in great condition. Although Frugi is more expensive than some brands, it is definitely one I will be looking at more.” Mum of 2, Georgina

Available from: John Lewis

Kidunk clothing system - Silver

“I love the innovative zip-together trousers and top, which meant our 5 year old had no cold midriff, and the clothes underneath kept clean when she was sliding down a muddy bank. Kidunk's material washed well, came clean and dried really fast.” Mum of 2, Liz

Available from: Kidunk

Pickle Range - Joint Bronze

“It was a pleasure to dress my little kiddo in this chic and stylish collection of quality baby clothing. I love that much of the range is unisex and look forward to seeing it expanding in time. Overall an ace concept executed extremely well.” Mum of 2, Natasha

Available from: Pickle

Angel's Face - Joint Bronze

“The Angel’s Face products are absolutely beautiful. The designs are fabulous and would appeal to every girly girl. I'm just sad my daughter will have grown out of her little babygro in a couple of months!” Mum of 3, Louise

Available from: Angel’s Face

Finalists: Alex and Alexa

Childrens’ shoe range

childrens' shoe range

Bobux A/W 18/19 Collection - Gold

“Amazing shoes. They fit absolutely perfectly. I love that they are a high quality leather and that the brand is very focused on foot health. It offers loads of different styles and my daughter walks a lot more efficiently in them. I wish I had known about this brand sooner!” Mum of 1, Lindsay

Available from: Kidly

Start-Rite Shoes Collections - Silver

“These are absolutely gorgeous boots! I love them in every way and so does my 4-year-old daughter. I honestly can't say a bad word about them - and as a mum of I have bought LOTS AND LOTS of shoes over the years.” Mum of 5, Sarah

Available from: Next


Baby & toddler book

Baby and toddler book

Usborne Publishing That's not my llama... - Gold

The book is colourful, fun and a great way to get kids learning. A great little book.” Mum of 2, Steffi-Louise

Available from: Amazon

Water Babies Ltd 1-2-3 Bubba in the Sea Bath book - Silver

“This is a great quality book with bright, vibrant pictures. It is a brilliant addition to our bath toys - we used it alongside our bath letters and numbers for fun games.” Mum of 2, Bryony

Available from: Amazon

Preschool book

Preschool book

Usborne Publishing All About Families - Gold

“I love this book. It would be great to read this before a child goes to school so they can understand not all families look like theirs. It’s a lovely size to hold, the illustrations are detailed, and easy to look at definitely encourages conversation!!” Mum of 1, Laura

Available from: Book People

Egmont Lifesize - Silver

“This book is fun, colourful and interactive, and both the children and I loved reading it and scaling up to the animals. A big hit!” Mum of 4, Becky

Available from: Amazon

Miffy 'dear grandma bunny' book- Bronze

“It is a lovely idea to help adults discuss death with young children. I would definitely use it with an older child of 2/3+ to help talk about loss and would also recommend for school use. Clear, simple and comforting.” Mum of 1, Laura

Available from: Amazon

Finalists: Egmont Molly’s Magic Wardrobe: Search for the Fairy Star; Egmont The Wizard of Oz; Halilit Sounds of the Forest Gift Set

Book for children 5-8 years old

Books for children 5-8 years old

Thames & Hudson Franklin and Luna go to the Moon - Gold

“I thought the illustrations were absolutely fantastic in this book, and I think my daughter really appreciated them too. It's charming, and my 5-year-old really took to it and often chooses it for her evening read.” Mum of 2, Anna

Available from: Amazon

DK Yoga for Kids - Silver

“A beautifully designed book that will appeal to yogi parents keen to start their little ones on the path to mastering Downward Dog. Would make a lovely present.” Mum of 2, Kim

Available from: Amazon

Carlton books My Cutest Kitten - Bronze

“The book has plenty of facts so you would not have to always use it with the app – it’s a nice way to mix reading with occasional app use.” Christy McGhee, mum of 2 and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Available from: Amazon

Book for children 9-12 years old

books for children 9-12 years old

Egmont Peril in Paris - Gold

“My son loves this book. It is really exciting, and he said he can't put it down. It’s brilliant for kids, and I'm all for getting them to read books instead of playing computer games!” Mum of 1, Lindsay

Available from: Amazon

Thames & Hudson Ocean - Silver

“A stunningly beautiful book, informative and educational. The laser cut pages and the information on each page makes you want to read.” Mum of 4, Puneet

Available from: Book People

Usborne Publishing The Train to Impossible Places - Joint Bronze

“Brilliant book that you just get lost in. Would highly recommend it as my son loves it and read the whole thing. The illustrations were very good. I think this is well worth the price.” Mum of 1, Lindsay

Available from: Waterstones

Egmont In the Mouth of the Wolf - Joint Bronze

“Lovely book that my 9-year-old daughter loved. It is nicely presented and would be a lovely present to buy someone.” Mum of 3, Jane

Available from: Waterstones

Finalists: Egmont Natboff! One Million Years of Stupidity; Thames & Hudson The Book of Trees

Childrens' book series

Childrens' book series

Thames & Hudson The Big Book series - Gold

“We love these stories. These books are large, well illustrated and worded fantastically for young children. I would recommend them and will buy them as presents to give to my little boy’s friends. “ Mum of 2, Leanne

Available from: Amazon

Egmont Amelia Fang - Joint Silver

“My 7-year-old loved this series of books! She's a huge Worst Witch fan so the theme appealed to her and they were easy for her to read and understand. The illustrations bring the pages to life - I would highly recommend them!” Mum of 2, Natalie

Available from: Amazon

Egmont Sam Wu - Joint Silver

“This genre is so fun and I really love the illustrations and text - fab for young readers who love an exciting tale!” Mum of 2, Magda

Available from: Amazon

Usborne Minis - Bronze

“As well as following the instructions, my craft-loving 5 year old enjoyed using the ink to make her own creatures and creations. These books are great for travel as they’re small so you can stash them easily in a backpack or buggy organiser for bus or car journeys.” Christy McGhee, mum of 2 and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Available from: Amazon


Subscription box / discovery boxes

Subscription box / discovery boxes

toucanBox - Gold

“As a mum of three, I love the size of these packs - they contain enough to occupy and entertain each child but not too much to create a huge mess to clear up. A great value product - we loved it!” Mum of 2, Natalie

Available from: Toucan Box

Bookabees - Joint Silver

“We loved our Bookabees delivery. The personalised element makes it really exciting for children, and as well as the books, the parcel contained lots of fun craft activities to inspire them - my daughters spent at least an hour colouring and playing with the extra activities.” Mum of 2, Georgina

Available from: Bookabees

Little Box of Books - Joint Silver

“I'd definitely recommend this product to other parents, as it's a great way to encourage children to read and show them difference is something to be celebrated.” Mum of 2, Maxine

Available from: Little Box of Books

Little Cooks Co - healthy kids cooking kit - Bronze

“The finished product was super tasty and the recipe worked really well. It was also easy enough to follow, so the kids stayed engaged. The test definitely convinced me, and I will probably be signing up for a few of these boxes.” Mum of 2, Anna

Available from: Little Cooks Co

Baby gift / Keepsake

Baby gift and keepsake

BABYink® Colour Ink-less Print Kit - Gold

“This would make a lovely gift and the print came out beautifully in our test. It’s really easy to use, and you can get more than one set of prints out of each kit to share with family.” Christy McGhee, mum of 2 and MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Available from:

Memories of Growing Up - Talltape Talltape - Silver

“I really liked this product. It is great quality and looks good – I would buy this as a gift.” Mum of 2, Lucy

Available from: Amazon

Colour Chronicles The Book of You: A record of childhood - Bronze

“I would be very pleased to have received this as a gift at my baby shower. I love that it goes up until the age of 16 and there is a lot for the child to contribute to as they are get older. A great bonding activity and a special keepsake.” Mum of 1, Lauren

Available from: Colour Chronicles

Finalists: HOLD Reminder Ring - Swirl


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