Mattresses are not cheap to replace, yet children are notoriously tough on them. Mums need a reliable, all-over protector to stop spills and stains ruining them - enter the Mothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet.


The Mothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet fits right over the mattress, offering a solid waterproof layer - and it is definitely waterproof - that can fend off moisture and staining from toilet training tots and sick children. It’s made from PVC-free waterproof material, which is easily wiped dry if there’s an accident.

What we love

The Mothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet is really waterproof against light and heavy spills, and it’s easily wiped clean and dry (even if it is the middle of the night and you’re a bit bleary-eyed). It’s also good defence against more hazardous stains - if a child has a tummy bug, for instance. The fact that it is machine washable is a huge bonus as after a heavy night it can simply be bunged straight in the machine at 40 degrees.

When I got it out of the packet, I actually thought it looked pretty flimsy, and feared I’d end up tearing a hole in it, but in the interests of research I tried pulling it against my engagement ring, which is apt to snag on things, and failed to make a puncture, so it’s stronger than it first appears. It’s made from an environmentally friendly non-UPV material.

This is the kind of sheet you put on from the first time you use the mattress, so you know that whatever it comes up against over the next few years - spilled milk, wee, vomit and goodness knows what else - it will not stain your costly mattress. Very useful, especially if you plan to pass a cotbed or bed on to someone else.

What to watch out for

The noise! The sheet was really rustly when I took it out of the packet and I feared that it was going to be like listening to someone roll around in a carton of cornflakes when Arron went to bed. However, once the sheet is pulled tight across a mattress, the noise does lessen. It didn’t keep him awake though, but it may be something to bear in mind with a light sleeper. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t tumble dry it.

Who is the Mothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet best for?

Anyone who wants to virtually guarantee their mattress will stay pristine


MadeForMums verdict

The Mothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet is a great protector for your mattress. Underneath the sheets, it should keep the bed pristine through nights of sickness, toilet training, feeding and anything else that can cause leaks and stains! Light sleepers may find it a bit noisy, but at £13.99 it’s a good investment if it keeps that pricey mattress in good nick.

Product Specifications

ModelMothercare Waterproof Fitted Sheet
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From 12 months
Washing instructionsLine dry and machine washable
  • Fully fitted with elasticated skirt
  • PVC-free waterproof material