In a nutshell

A smart-looking 3-in-1 travel system, which moves smoothly across most terrains and boasts of an impressive thermo-regulating carrycot, but falls down on some attention to finer details

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.


  • Easy to fold, accessories included, stylish, thermo-regulating carrycot, safe overnight sleeping, easy to push, good in all weather and terrains 


  • Expensive, bulky, stiff release buttons, no carrycot handle, flimsy magnetic carrycot apron, unclear instruction booklet 

Inspired by Nordic nature and based on Scandinavian design and quality, Noordi encourages parents to live actively and explore the outdoors with their babies and therefore their strollers are created with that in mind. All their pushchairs undergo the Noordi Triple Testing System™, which features three testing phases: in-lab quality control, testing and certification according to EN safety regulations and parent reviews.


Noordi currently has four types of stroller, the Luno All Trails 3-in-1, Aqua, Fjordi and Sole Go – each designed for different types of lifestyle from the city dweller to traveller and off-roader. The Luno All Trails is Noordi’s all singing, all dancing buggy and is priced the highest at £1,049 for the travel system.

It is designed as a multi-terrain, all-weather buggy with water-resistant fabrics, UV 50+ protection and thermo-regulating ThermoCot™ carrycot. The travel system, which received Bronze at the 2022 MadeForMums Awards, comes in five colour options (Midnight, Ocean Wave, Forest Green, Moon Rock and Ocean Blue) and includes a carrycot, seat unit and car seat with adapters, as well as a host of coordinating accessories.

Tested by

Rebecca Pitcairn is a journalist and new mum from West Sussex. She tested the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 with her 3-month old son Leo, on walks around the park, in town and off-road at the local nature reserve and vineyard.

What were your first impressions of the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 travel system?

At first glance, there is a lot in the box, with the Noordi Luno All Trails coming complete with a 50-step picture instruction guide, which made it appear quite difficult to put together. For those daunted by the paperwork, Noordi have made a handy unboxing video which shows how to assemble the buggy in detail. However, once all the pieces were laid out, it was pretty self-explanatory. In terms of the product aesthetics, the materials look hardy and, once set up, the system looks very stylish. The coordinating accessories are a really nice touch.

Noordi Luno All trails

How does the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 travel system compare to previous models?

The Noordi Luno All Trails is a redesign of 2019’s Noordi Luno, with the new and improved version being updated to cope with all types of terrains. Thanks to parent feedback about the original Luno model, Noordi have updated the pushchair, with it now coming equipped with its tried and tested Noordi Fjordi II frame, with added maintenance-free wheels and gel-filled tyres. The more robust chassis improvements mean it now comes complete with an adjustable suspension system, meaning it can handle better off-road, as well as its new thermo-regulative carrycot, reversible toddler seat and basic accessories included, whereas before, you would have had to purchase these separately.

How do you rate the Noordi Luno All Trails carrycot?

The carrycot is solid and wide (it measures 84cm x 38 cm), so there was enough room for Leo to wriggle around and plenty of space for him to grow.

It has a comfortable, soft mattress, which can be removed via a zip and is made from the same materials used in crash helmets. This gave me extra peace of mind for Leo’s safety while out and about, particularly when we were navigating rougher terrain in the nature reserve and while at a local vineyard.

Noordi Luno All trails

Marketed as being ultra-light, the carrycot weighs 3.55kg, however due to the hard base and the fact that, unlike the seat unit, there is no detachable carry handle, it isn’t the easiest to manoeuvre on and off the chassis and can seem quite bulky when in situ.

Is the Noordi Luno All Trails carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

Yes, the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping, which is a great perk if you’re going somewhere to stay overnight or want to use it as a bassinet at home. This is due to the inner cotton fabric featuring SILVER-IONS ™ technology, which makes surfaces and materials inhospitable to microbes such as bacteria and mould. There is also a built-in ventilation system and trademarked ThermoCot™ technology, which regulates microclimate, protects the baby from inadequate temperature changes and reduces humidity.

As well as being able to sleep soundly in the carrycot, this feature also reassured me when I was out with Leo on one of the hottest days of the year. He still seemed happy and cool in the carrycot and, when I took him out, his back was warm but not hot and sticky, thanks to the thermoregulation helping to prevent moisture build-up.

Noordi Luno All trails

Is the Noordi Luno All Trails carrycot hood extendable?

It is, but not as much as I'd like. The detachable hood is moved back and forth using a button on one side (near where it attaches to the carrycot). However I found this had a habit of getting stuck and the clicking noise it made would sometimes startle Leo.

Noordi Luno All trails

It has a zip ventilation extension but this does not come all the way down like some other models, therefore does not provide complete coverage from the sun. However, the carrycot apron does have a flap, which can be attached to the hood (via a loop and button fixing), and does provide protection, with a peephole window so you can keep an eye on your baby. The window is made from UV 50+ sun protection material, however, it doesn’t stop the sun from gleaming through, making it a more effective wind protector.

Does the Noordi Luno All Trails carrycot come with an apron?

Yes it does. The apron attaches via magnets hidden inside its edges, helping to provide a seamless look to the carrycot. However, the magnets aren’t particularly strong so Leo was able to kick off the apron and I had to keep reattaching it, which isn’t ideal when you’re on the move. Customer reviews online also noticed this flaw, stating they felt the feature was better style-wise but not practical.

What did you think about the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair seat unit?

The spacious seat unit (94cm x 38cm) has an adjustable backrest and platform for your child’s feet and can form a completely lie-flat position, making it suitable to use from birth. You can also fold the pushchair down completely with it still connected to the chassis. Children are strapped in using a height-adjustable, 5-point safety harness with magnetic harness system and it also includes a protective bumper bar and belt for additional comfort and protection. You can position the seat forward or rear facing and there is a double hood extension, which provides protection from the sun and wind, as well as a foot apron to keep your child cosy.

While suitable for a newborn in the lie flat position, I felt the unit was still too big for Leo at 3-months old and so didn’t feel comfortable taking him out and about in the seat, preferring to use the carrycot or car seat option until he is a bit bigger.

Noordi Luno All trails

What is the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 car seat like?

The car seat is really smart looking, with a comfortable, memory foam padded interior and a removable cushion for the child’s correct back position, depending on their size. Leo appeared really comfy in the seat and, at just 3kg in weight, it was easy to carry him in it. It is suitable until the baby is approximately 15-months or 13kg, with the option to remove the padding as your child grows.

Noordi Luno All trails

How easy is it to fit and remove the car seat on the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair?

The 3-in-1 system comes with adapters to attach the car seat to the chassis so it couldn’t be easier to install. You simply slot the adapters into the brackets on either side and then attach the car seat on top with one smooth click. There’s a green/red bar showing, so you can be sure it’s clicked in and you’re safe to go. Other buggies I have tried often require a few attempts to get the car seat onto the frame, but this went on with ease at the first attempt. It’s just as easy to remove by simply pushing down the buttons at either side.

How simple did you find installing the seat into a car?

Installing the Luno All Trails 3-in-1 car seat in the car was not so easy without a base, which has to be bought separately (RRP £139.95). The seat supposedly has an innovative Easy-Mount system to secure it quickly and correctly using safety belts. However, the booklet provided does not include instructions on how to fit using the seatbelt option, there is just a picture sticker on the side of the seat to offer guidance.

On attaching the seat, using the belt and the specially contoured belt holders, I personally did not feel comfortable with its safety and so would only use the seat in the car if I had a base – but this is down to personal preference rather than a negativity of the mounting system.

What’s the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair chassis like?

The chassis is made from matt black aluminium and feels lightweight, coming in at just 8.65kg including the wheels, putting it at the lighter end of the market for an all-terrain pushchair. The frame feels strong, although with just one use, I’d managed to get a scratch on the inside of the handle bar.

The adjustable rear suspension and shock absorption system makes it super easy to use the Luno All Trails on all sorts of terrain. We navigated gravel footpaths, wooden bridges, woodland pathways and steep hills all with minimal effort and without waking Leo from his slumber.

Is the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair handle comfortable?

The eco-leather handlebar is comfortable to hold and is adjustable, with three different handle height options available. This allows it to be positioned between 72cm and 112cm, with the handle easily adjustable using the round buttons at either side.

I’m relatively short (155cms) and felt the highest setting was better for me when using the pushchair in both carrycot and car seat mode. MFM Awards parent tester Megan, who tested the Noordi Luno All Trails with her 1-month-old baby and toddler, also noted that “the adjustable handle height is great – my husband is 6’ 4” and I am a foot shorter, so it fits the bill”.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t extend the handle as such, it simply moves up and down so whatever setting you have it on, you still feel close to your baby.

What are the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair's wheels like?

The wheels are hard and sturdy and, according to Noordi, puncture proof thanks to being filled with a gel that extends their durability, so that no additional maintenance is required. The front wheels also come equipped with mudguards, which is a plus for tackling muddy terrains. The four-wheel shock absorption system is also brilliant for ensuring a smooth ride across lots of different surfaces. A quick release mechanism allows for extra compactness and the front swivel wheels, which help make the pram really easy to steer and can be locked if you’re rocking your baby to and fro.

Noordi Luno All trails

What is the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair like to push and steer?

Thanks to the large wheels and suspension, pushing the buggy was really easy. We managed well on multiple terrains including pavement, cobbles, gravelled path and grass. The pushchair felt lightweight when pushing uphill and mounting deep kerbs was not an issue. MFM’s parent tester Megan also found the Luno All Trails easy to push, noting that the pram felt “robust yet stylish, giving a smooth, comfy ride for my baby while looking good to push”. However, when trying to steer the Luno All Trails one-handed, I did find that it had a habit of veering off to the right.

Noordi Luno All trails

How good are the brakes on the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair?

The One-click™ brake system uses a big paddle positioned in the middle of the axel between the back wheels, which you just push on and off with your foot. The paddle is big, so it's easy to get traction and secure the pram with ease, unlike some similar pushchair models with smaller brake paddles.

Noordi Luno All trails

How do you rate the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair's shopping basket?

The shopping basket is expandable, so plenty big enough for a couple of bags full of shopping. I did a shop in town and had to purchase multiple packs of nappies and wipes and these fitted fine, together with a bag of groceries including canned and bottled goods.

How easy is it to fold the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair?

Really easy. There are two levers either side of the handlebars which you simply squeeze in, then you apply a little weight to the handlebars and the frame collapses. The only downside is you need two hands.

While it can be folded with the seat on when forward facing, it’s much easier to fold without. The folded buggy, which measures 78cm x 60cm x 32cm, fitted very comfortably in my car (an SUV), filling up just under half of the boot space.

Noordi Luno All trails

How does the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 pushchair fare on public transport?

The large wheels and suspension system make it really easy to get on and off public transport, such as trains and buses. I took the buggy in carrycot mode on the bus and it fit lengthways in the disabled area but, because the handle bar is not fully retractable, it couldn’t fit side on. I would think public transport would be slightly easier with the pushchair seat attached, although there is only 2cms difference in length (104cm for the carrycot versus 102cm for the seat).

How does the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 compare to similar products on the market?

Product namePushchair weight (Kg)Car seat included?Folded size (Hcm x Wcm x Lcm)Total travel system RRP (£)
Noordi Luno All Trails13kgYes78cm x 60cm x 32cm£1049
Cybex Priam 313.1kgYes95cm x 60cm x 40cm£1439
Bugaboo Fox 312.2kgYes90cm x 60cm x 47cm£1294.20
Maxi-Cosi Adorra Luxe11.6kgYes67.5cm x 59.5cm x 44cm£899

What’s in the box?

  • Carrycot with integrated mosquito net
  • Pushchair seat unit
  • Protective Eco Leather bumper bar for the seat unit
  • Chassis
  • Large expandable shopping basket
  • Cup holder
  • Bottle holder
  • Backpack pram bag
  • Apron cover for carrycot
  • Apron cover for pushchair seat unit
  • Mattress
  • Rain cover
  • Mosquito net
  • Multi Car Seat Adaptors
  • Noordi Infant car seat

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

Unlike previous models of the Luno All Trails, most accessories are included. However, you can purchase additional items such as:

Now you’ve tested the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1, what should you know about the travel system before purchasing?

The carrycot is solid, which while great from a safety point of view, makes storage less convenient. On the plus side, it is approved for overnight sleeping so negates the need for a travel cot if you’re travelling somewhere and staying overnight.

Is this Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 travel system worth the money?

Yes and no. It is a pricey 3-in-1 travel system at just over £1,000, but it is probably the most elegant looking of others at that price range. It also feels like you get a lot included in the system, with multiple coordinating accessories included as standard.

Where can I buy the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 travel system?

It is available to buy from Johnston Prams, Samuel Johnston and Kiddies Kingdom


MadeForMums verdict:

There’s no doubt about it, the Noordi Luno All Trails 3-in-1 is a premium buggy that looks good and has some clever, scientifically-tested functions that really give it brownie points when it comes to the comfort and safety of your child. Extremely easy to manoeuvre across multiple terrains and to fold away, the buggy is highly flexible but does fall down on the finer details, such as no carrycot handle, a short expanding hood and weak magnetic attachments for the various aprons that are included.

Product Specifications

ModelLuno All Trails
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:120cm W:60cm L:104cm
Dimensions (folded)H:78cm W:60cm L:32cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seats
  • Compatible with most infant car seats when used in connection with Noordi Multi Car Seat adaptors
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Front wheelsFour-wheel suspension
Recline positionsMulti-position
Lie flatYes
  • Carrycot of the future
  • Ultralight Thermo Cot thermal carrycot
  • Peekaboo window
  • SILVER-IONS technology
  • Hood extensions and ventilation
  • Superior suspension
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Wide seat unit
  • 5-point magnetic safety harness
  • Pushchair hood extensions 
  • Compact folding
Accessories included
  • Carrycot with integrated mosquito net
  • Pushchair seat unit
  • Protective Eco Leather bumper bar for seat unit
  • Chassis
  • Large expandable shopping basket
  • Cup holder
  • Backpack pram bag
  • Apron cover for carrycot
  • Apron cover for pushchair unit
  • Mattress
  • Rain protection
  • Mosquito net
  • Multi car seat adaptors
  • Noordi infant car seat