In a nutshell

A scandi-chic, breathable crib that is portable and packed full of brilliant extras but can’t be attached to a parent’s bed

What we tested

  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Ease of cleaning
    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Portability
    A star rating of 0.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 0.0 out of 5.
  • Quality
    A star rating of 4.1 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.


  • Portable, easy to clean, breathable, easy to assemble, engaging toy bar & soothing centre, good storage, stylish


  • No way to attach to bed, can’t pull very close to bed, wider stand, toy bar is not a handle, no rocking function, not collapsible

Purflo launched its first product, a breathable baby mattress, in 1996 and markets itself as the UK’s original baby safe sleep brand. From cots and cribs to baby sleeping bags, its entire range is designed by safe sleep baby product experts and their products are all made from hypoallergenic materials and follow safe sleep guidelines.


Following that ethos, the PurAir Breathable Crib is a blend of both moses basket and crib thanks to its breathable mesh design and ease of movability. Priced at £199, it offers parents a luxury sleep option for their newborn. It also received Bronze in the Best Moses Basket & Newborn Crib category at the MadeForMums Awards 2022.

Tested by

Journalist Kayleigh is a first-time mum and dog owner and tested the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib with her 3-month-old daughter. Kayleigh was looking for a crib she could use as much in the daytime as in the evening and that could be moved around the house so that her baby would always be safe and within arm’s reach at all times.

What were your first impressions of the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib?

Upon taking the PurAir Breathable Crib out of its box, I had a very good feeling about the product as it met and exceeded all of my expectations. I have a very clingy baby, so I couldn’t wait to see how she would fare in a mesh crib that allowed her to see me at all times. It also comes in a very neutral colour (white and pebble with a wooden finish on the toy bar) and the little toys are also white, grey and yellow, which I felt would be suitable for babies of any gender.

How easy is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib to build?

Despite my overarching fear of flatpack furniture, I didn’t find the PurAir Breathable Crib intimidating to set up as the instructions were very easy to follow. In fact, its creators had gone out of their way to make it as easy as possible to assemble and I particularly loved that the nuts and bolts slid into place as I clipped the crib’s main components together.

Overall, I had it all assembled in less than 20 minutes. MFMs parent tester Vicky Jones, who tested the PurAir Breathable Crib with her 1-month-old, also found that the product was easy to set up, but did note: “The instructions were easy to follow as the first parts are numbered to put together however the second part isn't, so if these could also be numbered it would help as if you put the parts in the wrong way they don't fit.”

How does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib compare to others you have used?

I thought I was very happy with my own bedside crib, but I quickly fell in love with the PurAir Breathable Crib, so much so that it became an invaluable piece of baby kit in our household. I was disappointed that it doesn’t attach to the bed as my other crib does - but it does come complete with a nightlight, toy bar, soothing vibration function and white noise machine. Considering I’ve spent countless nights pumping white noise out of my phone to get my baby to sleep, this was a huge bonus!

What age is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib suitable for?

According to the manufacturers, the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib is suitable from birth up until your baby is 6-months old. Purflo states to stop using the product as soon as the child can sit or kneel or pull themselves up; or has reached 20lbs/9kg whichever comes first.

My baby was teeny at birth, weighing in at 5lb 5oz, so she’s still roughly the size of a large newborn at 3 months, but I think she will absolutely have outgrown this crib by the time she hits 6 months, if not slightly before. Worth thinking about if you want something a little longer lasting.

How firm is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib’s mattress?

The PurAir Breathable Crib boasts an incredibly firm mattress, with Purflo stating that it has been developed with safer sleep guidelines in mind to create the optional sleep space for your baby. The mattress doesn’t mould to the shape of my hand whatsoever, and maintains its shape perfectly, even if the baby has been lying in it for a long time. Which is, for people who obsess over safe sleep rules like me, is a huge plus point.

Does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib fix to your bed?

The one criticism I have of the PurAir Breathable Crib is that it doesn’t fit next to the bed and that it is difficult to get very close to my bed, largely due to its frame clashing with our underbed storage drawers.

That being said, it was able to sit within arm’s reach - and the little nightlight on the side makes it very easy to find and scoop out your baby in the dark. It also has quite a compact footprint which means it can comfortably fit in a parents bedroom.

How easy is it to access your baby?

The crib bassinet detaches from the frame with just a click of a button, so I can carry her around the house with me. And, best of all, there are no awkward features to navigate when leaning in to scoop her out; even the mobile sits on a high arch, so there’s no fear of bumping her little head as I lift her out.

Two images of a baby lying in the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib

How easy is it to see your baby in the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib?

I can’t speak highly enough of PurAir Breathable Crib’s mesh design; it’s lovely to be able to see my baby at all times, even when I’m laying in bed. The mesh sides meant that I could see every yawn, every cry and every heart-melting smile. The little night light, too, means I can have eyes on her even in the dark; just a click of a button and there she is! Although I will point out that it’s important to learn all the buttons in advance; I managed to click the music instead of the nightlight more times than I care to count.

How portable is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib and is it easy to store?

This crib is so easy to transport from one room to another, thanks to its click-and-lift handles. The frame is a little clunkier, however, making it harder to store if you want to hide it away when guests are popping over. Thankfully, it’s an incredibly stylish crib, so it’s never proven an eyesore! Sleep expert Chris McFadden also expressed how portable and simple it is for the PurAir bassinet to click on and off its stand and has a robust set of handles.

They did note, however, that while the wooden toy bar is great for stimulating your baby, it is “very tempting to go to pick the basket up with the wooden toy bar handle rather than the sides” which is definitely not advised.

Does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib rock?

While there’s no real rocker function, the crib’s design means that it rocks naturally on its frame as the baby kicks - something which she discovered for herself and hugely enjoyed. She also loved that each kick caused the toy bar’s fluffy critters to ‘dance’ for her! However, a customer review on Amazon found that depending on the age and weight of your baby, the crib can move a lot and its curved design leads to tipping if there is too much weight on one end. They suggested that front stabilisers would be a good way to stop the crib moving as much.

Instead of a rocking feature, it does have the ability to switch on soothing vibrations with just the click of a button, which helped lull my baby to sleep on more than one occasion. Parent tester Vicky also used the vibrations with her baby, noting how her little one seemed to like the first setting the most.

How comfortable is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib for your baby?

Considering how much my baby hates it when I put her down, the PurAir Breathable Crib has proven to be a huge success. She absolutely loves to lie in it and kick her little legs about. This means that I’ve been able to use it at the dining table while I eat dinner, in the living room while I do chores, and in the kitchen as I cook. Throw in the toy bar and its soothing centre, there’s something for her to enjoy whether she’s in the mood to play or settle down for a sleep. I love it!

My only quibble is with the toy bar’s wooden frame as it sits in the crib just at my baby’s head level and she’s gotten into a habit of bumping her head against the side of the crib to self-soothe in the night. I’d have loved something a little softer for this reason, but you can remove it if it becomes too much of an issue.

How robust and durable does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib feel?

The PurAir Breathable Crib is made to a very high standard, mainly using breathable materials such as polyester and cotton to allow air flow. It looks incredibly luxe, with fellow parent tester Vicky also commenting that it “feels nice and sturdy, looks great and it's made from really good quality materials”. With its wooden toy bar and solid frame, I have a feeling it will last a very long time, which is exactly what you want from a premium baby product. The general feeling on Amazon is also that the crib feels “sturdy” with many commenting that it is built to last.

Does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib have any inbuilt storage?

Yes, the PurAir Breathable Crib has a mesh storage basket built into the frame, which is ideal for stashing extra muslins and sleeping bags and is a godsend especially if your baby spits up as much as mine.

Parent tester Vicky loved the storage basket feature, adding that “it's surprisingly big and holds all kinds of baby stuff you will need close at hand”. You can also store the toy bar underneath the crib if you wish to remove it.

How easy is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib to clean and keep clean?

Both the PurAir Breathable Crib cover and storage basket are machine washable at 40°C but cannot be bleached and must be hung to dry. The mattress sheet can also go in the washing machine at 40°C and can be tumble dried on a low heat, while the mattress pad is machine washable at 30°C and must be air dried.

Purflo recommends surface wiping the crib frame, metal and plastic parts with a damp cloth. I’m pleased to report that the mattress cover was very quick to whip off and wash in the machine and even better, it dried really quickly in the sunshine, too!

Are there any design elements you found particularly useful?

The PurAir Breathable Crib’s soothing centre is, without a doubt, one of its best features, which comes complete with a nightlight, white noise, soothing vibrations, lullabies and nature sounds. What more could your baby want? It really is incredible stuff. My only quibble is that pressing any button twice increases the volume or intensity of the mode activated - which can result in accidental waking of the baby, if you aren’t too careful. Amazon reviewers were also impressed with the crib’s breathable materials, that it was lightweight and that the mesh is see-through so you can observe your little one at all times.

Two images of a baby lying in the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib, one with the mother sitting next to the crib

How does the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib measure up compared to similar cribs on the market?

Product NameWeight limit (kg)Size H x W x L (cm)Key FeaturesPrice (RRP)
Purflo PurAir Breathable CribBirth-9kgH:80.5cm (100cm with toy bar attached) x W:55cm x L:86cmBreathable fabric, mesh sides, wooden toy bar, soothing centre, safety approved£199
Babymore Air Motion Gliding CribBirth up to 6 months/9kgH:74cm x W:63cm x L:91cmLightweight, gliding motion, breathable mesh panels, reflux wedge, foldable£149
Shnuggle Air Bedside CribBirth up to 6 months/9kgH:68.5cm–83cm x W:56cm x L:94cmHeight adjustable to match your bed, breathable mesh sides, extra breathable mattress.£249.95
Chicco Next 2 Me Dream Bedside Crib - LunaBirth up to 6 months/9kgH:66cm x W:68cm x D:92cmSide bed sleeper, mesh sides, fold down side, fixed or rocking, 11 adjustable height levels£209

Before purchasing the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib, is there anything you would have wanted to have known?

It would have been handy to know whether or not this crib featured a foldable/collapsible frame in advance, as I have found it hard to stash away. Other than that, I am incredibly happy with every feature of this crib and feel it’s incredible value for money.

What’s in the box?

1x PurAir Breathable Crib
1x Mattress pad
1x Mattress sheet
1x PurAir frame
1x Storage basket
1x Toy bar
1x Soothing centre device
1x Instruction manual

Who would Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib be most useful for?

This crib is an absolute must-buy for busy parents who need to keep their hands free and their babies in view. As I own a dog, I’m unable to let my baby kick about on the floor as I do my chores, so it’s nice having her somewhere safe and secure to do so. The safety aspect is also very reassuring for any anxious parents, with the breathable materials giving that extra peace of mind.

It’s also a brilliantly compact option for your baby when she’s sleeping in your room; it may not be able to get as close to the bed as attachable cribs do, but it’s small, stylish and takes up very little floor space. Fussy babies, too, will benefit from the vibrations and soothing white noise on tap - mine certainly did!

Is the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib worth the money?

I feel the PurAir Breathable Crib is absolutely worth every penny and then some! I wish I’d known about it sooner, as I would have bought it in place of my original bedside crib; it really is that good. Customers on Amazon also felt it was well worth its price tag, with one reviewer writing: “All in all its an expensive crib but the fabulous quality and features makes it feel well worth the money, especially if you save to use for more babies.”

Where can I buy the Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib?

It is available from Purflo, JoJo Maman Bébé, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower

MadeForMums verdict:

The Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib is a brilliant crib, and I absolutely can’t fault it and feel it’s well worth its weight in gold. I would recommend it to any new mum shopping for a smaller, moveable sleep space for her baby or as an alternative to the more traditional moses basket.

It is safe, functional and so pretty to look at. I absolutely love its toy bar and soothing sounds centre; these are both items you’d usually spend extra money on, so the fact that they come with it is genuinely such good value for money.


Despite it not being able to be attached to a bed, isn’t collapsible for stowing away and has no rocking feature, these are just minor cons as it really is my own personal winner; why else would I have kicked my old bedside crib to the kerb?

Product Specifications

ModelPurAir Breathable Crib
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:1,000mm – L 860 x W 550mm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 6 months – Stop using the product as soon as the child can sit or kneel or pull itself up; or has reached 20lbs/9kg whichever comes first
Child weightUp to 9kg
Drop down / Removable sideYes
  • Like a moses basket but breathable, like a crib but moveable
  • Compact footprint to fit comfortably in parents bedroom
  • Detachable crib so that you can move it to wherever you are, and then put baby down to sleep in it
  • Breathable materials to allow airflow
  • Created in line with Safer Sleep Guidelines
  • Tested to the latest UK crib safety standards
  • Mesh sides so that you can have eye contact with your baby
Accessories included
  • Includes soothing centre complete with nightlight, soothing vibrations, lullabies and nature sounds
  • Toy bar to engage and soothe sleepy babies