Donna Marie Robertson loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"It is lightweight and folds really small. I also love how it can be forward facing and parent facing. This is the best buggy I have had and my daughter Emily, pictured, is baby number 5 and we've been through nearly three buggies for each. I especially love the colour, we get so many compliments for our Quinny buggy."


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Chell loves taking her daughter out and about in her Quinny Zapp Xtra

Chell Cave loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"It is great to push, easy to fold, lightweight and it fits into a small boot, even of a Mini Cooper! We have had 11 pushchairs in the space of 13 months and the Quinny Zapp Xtra has to be my favourite. My little girl is comfortable in it and we still use the parent facing position when we go out for long walks together.

"Another thing I love is that I can even take the seat unit off the buggy without having to wake up my sleeping baby - I had to the other day so I could fold the frame and board a mini train! The front wheel locking is great for sand or stones too. I wish I had this ages ago, I'd give it 10/10."

Loving the bright pink Quinny Zapp Xtra... and so is that giant tiger!

Nicky Moore loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"I can have my baby girl facing me or away from me. I also love how lightweight it is."

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Amy's little one asleep in her Zapp Xtra

Amy Earnshaw loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"I used to have a Quinny Zapp with my first baby boy and loved it, so when the new Zapp Xtra came out I had to have it. What I love about the Zapp Xtra is that it has everything I ever wanted Quinny to add to the Zapp, especially the reclining seat, which also folds flat and is reversible. What more could you want?"

Lauryn's girl looks fab in her Quinny Zapp Xtra - and those sunglasses!

Lauryn Porter loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"It looks lovely and is light and compact. We've taken the Zapp Xtra on holidays to Ireland, Majorca and up and down the country with us and it is really smooth to push around. We also love how robust and sturdy it is!"

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This little sleepy head looks ultra comfy in her Quinny Zapp Xtra

Anna Dilku loves her Quinny Zapp Xtra because...

"It is so comfy that my little girl Laila Kaity falls asleep in it super quick, leaving me to get on being Mummy and going shopping!"

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