Silver Cross knows what its talking about when it comes to buggies - the company was founded back in 1877 and has been going strong ever since, with everything from lightweight umbrella-fold buggies to full-on travel systems and heritage prams in the collection.


Silver Cross Sleepover

Charlotte Jones loves her Silver Cross Sleepover because..."We have had it for over 18 months and my daughter still uses it as a pram. I would certainly recommend it."

Another MFM reader, Toni-Marie Verrier loves her Sleepover so much she still has it, despite not having any children that can fit in it anymore! "I can't bring myself to part with my Silver Cross Sleepover Classic, it is the best pram in the whole wide world!"

There's a choice of two types of chassis (buggy frame) with the Sleepover - the 'Classic' Toni-Marie loves and the modern-looking 'Linear'. Read our reviews of the Silver Cross Linear Sleepover and Silver Cross Classic Sleepover to see which would suit you. The Sleepover can also become a travel system.

This bright green Surf looks fab at the beach

Silver Cross Surf

Ailish Harford loves her Silver Cross Surf because..."I get tons of compliments about it. This is my daughter Emily with her new baby sister Lauren on a trip to the seaside. When I was pregnant I couldn't stop looking at the Surf and had a fab surprise when my employers handed it to me at my baby shower as their present to me! I was at a recent baby fair in Dublin and five different people asked me for my opinion about the Surf. I would highly recommend it to anyone - I can't fault it."

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Another MFM mum, Natalie Underwood, loves the Surf because of how snug the nest is. "Mason, 4 months, loves to relax in his Surf after a long day at the park. The Surf is the best pram and the baby nest is so snug. There is also no need for a carrycot."

MFM mum Amy Hull agrees, "I love the Silver Cross Surf because it is so easy to push, even when off-road."

Want to know more? Read our review of the Surf buggy and the Surf travel system. The Surf has made our 10 of the best forward and rear facing buggies. If you're not sure which way your baby should be facing, read our guide to forward and rear facing buggies.

Paula's kids love their Pop Vogue

Silver Cross Pop Vogue

Paula Fazekas loves her Silver Cross Pop Vogue because..."It doesn't break the bank. Plus I love it because it is suitable from birth and comes with lots of accessories, like the head hugger, so you can adapt your buggy as your baby grows."

For more info, read our review of the original Silver Cross Pop.

If you have twins, look no further than the Pop's sister buggy, the Pop Duo - head to our review of the Pop Duo for all the details. The Pop Duo made our 10 of the best double buggies for less than £250, our top 10 easy-to-fold double buggies and our 10 of the best twin buggies.

MFM adores this gorgeous image of Patience and her much-loved Balmoral

Silver Cross Balmoral

Elle Dawn Crawforth loves her Silver Cross Balmoral because..."My daughter Patience can use it right up to the age of 3 (she is now 18 months). Patience loves to sleep in her Balmoral and watch Peppa Pig from it and she likes to sit in it during snack times. It is the best pram ever and it makes Patience smile whenever she is sat in it. I think everyone should have one, because they are so good."

The Silver Cross Balmoral is part of Silver Cross' Heritage collection.

The Balmoral was also a feature of the Brits 2010, when Lily Allen's backing dancers used Silver Cross Balmoral buggies during her performance. They were then auctioned off for charity, with all the proceeds going to the War Child charity.

Nicola's coach built Kensington looks stylish and comfy

Silver Cross Kensington

Nicola Hull loves her Silver Cross Kensington because..."My son will sleep for hours in it. He especially loves the Kensington because of all the attention he gets when he is awake!"

The Silver Cross Kensington is part of Silver Cross' Heritage collection.

Our mums also love the Silver Cross Linear Freeway and the Silver Cross 3D - check to see if your image has been chosen to feature in one of these articles!


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