If you've ever found yourself popping out to the shops to get a few bits of odds and ends and struggling home with a buggy and bunch of bags you weren't expecting to have - buggy clips and buggy hooks can save you a fair bit of strife.


Same goes if you're struggling to manage with an oversized changing bag while pushing the pram.

Buggy clips are designed to clip over the buggy handle so you can hang bags from them securely rather than trying to stuff far too many in the basket below or trying to hold them in your spare hand.

A top tip before you buy is to make sure they're compatible with your buggy (check with your pushchair manufacturer if in doubt).

Another tip is to be careful when taking baby out of the buggy - make sure you hold on to your pushchairs to make sure it doesn't topple over with the weight of your bags (we've all done it)!

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Here are our pick of the best...

1. Jojo Maman Bebe Buggy Changing Bag Clips, £6 (for 2)


Mums love these simply designed and well-priced clips.

There's plenty of velcro to ensure the clips stay secure round your buggy handles and popping your changing bag onto them just means it's easier to access as it stops sliding down the handles.

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

2. My Buggy Buddy Clip, £5.99


If you're dubious about the lasting sticking power of velcro, you may want to opt for this sturdy looking number.

The foam coating holds the clip in place and it comes in a number of colours for fashion-forward mums.

Available from: Amazon

3. Storksak Stroller Clips, £15


These aren't exactly the budget option but we've read the reviews online and many mums reckon they're worth the money, one saying hers have lasted for 5 years. Fair dos.

Available from: John Lewis

4. Scoot Ultimate Buggy Hook, £7.99


Now if you're a mum to a baby and an older child - we just LOVE this.

Say your older one scoots to school and you have a baby in a buggy - once you've dropped the first one off to school and need to take the scooter back home - simply click it onto your pram - et voila. Genius.

Available from: Amazon

5. Diono Buggy Hooks, £4 for 2


OK, so these might not look quit as substantial as the sturdier clips above, but mums just love these clips!

They hold up to 3.2kg - so don't go overboard with the bags - but they come at a great price.

Available from: Amazon

6. The Mummy Clip, £5.99


A really, good sturdy clip and often on sale - for all you bargain hunters.

While the stated price is £5.99 if you get one on offer it can come in at under £2.

Available from: For Your Little One

7. Happy Mummy Hook n Stroll Hooks, £5.99 for 2


The 'original best-selling' pushchair hook, the Hook N Stroll has swivel hooks and can hold 5kg each, that's 10kg per trip!

And as it fastens with velcro it can fit any shape or size buggy.

Available from: Happy Mummy


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