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10 of the best strollers under £80

Cheap, lightweight, easy-to-use buggies that are perfect for holidays, weekends with grandparents and days out – we've found 10 of the best starting from £22

Best budget strollers

Budget strollers are the perfect solution for holidays, leaving with the grandparents for a weekend away or stashing at nursery in the communal buggy park. While these pushchairs might not have all the bells and whistles of the mid to high-end buggies and they don’t offer as much versatility as a travel system, they do offer fantastic value for money, plus reliability and ease-of-use.


We have analysed the budget stroller market and rigorously tested a wide range of different models to help you decide which one is best for you. We’ve also combined these results with feedback from mums to bring you the best selection.

Why should I consider buying a budget stroller?

If you’ve already invested in a high-end buggy or an all-encompassing travel system you’ll probably wonder why you need yet another stroller? However, as your child gets a little older you may find that your requirements change and you need a small pushchair that you can easily pop up when your little one gets fed up with walking or store permanently in the boot of your car for meltdown emergencies.

You may also want a second stroller which you can leave at a second location (such as your parents or childminders) for occasional use only.

What’s more most strollers under £60 benefit from being lightweight, which makes them ideal if you regularly use public transport or are frequently lifting your buggy in and out of your car. We’ve indicated the weight of each stroller, as well as its dimensions, so you can find one that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

What should I look for when buying a budget stroller?

Weight ­– The budget strollers on our list all benefit from being lightweight So, if you’re after something to use on holiday or for regular use on public transport, the super-lightweight, no-frills strollers on our list could be ideal.

Dimensions – Many of these strollers are also fairly compact when folded, so are ideal for travel. Different airlines all have various rules on what can and can’t be taken onboard so it’s best to check restrictions with them before you fly. We’ve listed the unfolded and folded dimensions for each stroller to help with this.

Extra features – If you need something for slightly more frequent trips, such as the school run or for a childminder, than you need to look for a stroller with a few more features such as a headrest, suspension and padded seat for your child’s comfort. Plus, a raincover/decent hood so you’re prepared for everything the Great British weather can throw at you too so we’ve indicated for each stroller what is included.

Can my newborn safely use a budget stroller?

Most budget strollers are designed to be used for babies that are 6 months plus. A few of the manufacturers on our list state that their strollers can be used from birth, but seats that lie completely flat are recommended for newborns and a stroller that offers a compatible carrycot may provide a more suitable solution.

Also, bear in mind also that most parents prefer a parent-facing system to keep a closer eye on newborns and all these strollers are in a fixed world-facing position.

Here’s our pick of the best affordable strollers for 2021

1. Red Kite Push Me Quatro Stroller, £54.99

Best for all-round ease of use

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 6.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: H103cmxW49cmxL84cm | Dimensions folded: H22cmxW31cmxL109cm | Extras included: Raincover

This functional stroller is highly-praised in customer reviews for its value for money and ease of use. With a large hood, 5-point padded harness, shopping basket, raincover and simple black unisex design, the Quatro has everything you need in a second stroller. It’s also lightweight at 6.9kg and once folded, it can be easily stashed in any small space which our MFM reviewer praised when storing it in her “tight, narrow” boot.

Some customers found the plastic wheels a little bit tricky to steer and a few parents revealed that folding the pushchair required a bit of practice, but this became easier after a few goes.

MFM reviewer Sybilla called the Push Me Quatro the perfect stroller to leave with the grandparents. “It’s super easy to assemble and push,” she commented. “It is totally fuss-free and pretty much anyone can work out how to use it.

“My parents babysat my son recently and they loved the buggy – in fact, they said the super lightweight, narrow design made their life so much easier.”

Pros: Compact when folded
Cons: Tougher to steer on rough surfaces

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Red Kite Push Me Quatro Humbug Stroller

Available from: Red Kite and Maraz

2. Joie Nitro, £70

Best for bumpy terrain

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 7.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: H108cmxW49cmxL84cm | Dimensions folded: H110cmxW30cmxL35cm | Extras included: Raincover

Designed to be compact, yet still reassuringly sturdy, the Joie Nitro is a reliable second pram option for parents on the go (and is recommended by 96% of customers on Argos). Weighing in at around 7.6kg the stroller is lightweight, but not flimsy, and it features a 5-point harness, wide comfy seat and a fairly generous shopping basket too.

The foot-operated umbrella fold is easy to use and makes quickly stashing the stroller a piece of cake. The only negative noted by a few parents was the slightly-smaller hood, which meant an additional parasol was needed for bright, sunny days.

But, it’s the Nitro’s nimble steering that really makes it stand out from the pack. Our MFM reviewer and mum of 3, Emma, was impressed with the Nitro’s performance on different surfaces. “I was able to steer the stroller as well as hold my eldest daughter’s hand with ease, negotiating corners, curbs and steps with hardly a problem,” she said. “Even over tougher, wet, grassy terrain, the all wheel suspension and easy-to-grip ergonomic handles meant I took it all in my stride.”

Pros: Agile steering, easy to fold
Cons: Small hood

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Joie Nitro Stroller

Available from: Argos and Mamas and Papas

3. Hauck Sport, £54

Best for a quick fold

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 6kg | Dimensions unfolded: H99cmxW45cmxL78cm | Dimensions folded: H83cmxW44cmxL20cm | Extras included: Raincover

The Hauck Sport’s basic, but reliable design is ideal for a cheap, lightweight runaround with a large hood, comfy seat and 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, raincover and large shopping basket – this stroller has all bases covered.

Even though the Hauck Sport takes 2 hands to fold down (a bit of a nuisance if you’re trying to wrangle several children), our MFM reviewer was impressed with the mechanism.  “It’s incredibly easy to put up and down,” she explained. “To close the buggy, there are two easy pull tabs by the buggy seat to pull back, and closing it takes just seconds.”

However, users were slightly less impressed with the manoeuvrability of the Sport, which is a little tricky to steer on rough terrain and needed both hands on the handles to keep it steady. It is worth noting that although Hauck claims the reclining lie-flat seat is suitable from birth, users felt it was more suited to babies aged 6 months plus.

Pros: Large shopping basket and hood, easy to fold
Cons: Performed less well on rough surfaces

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Hauck Sport

Available from: UberKids and Amazon

4. Graco TraveLite Stroller, £50

A comfortable, low-cost ride

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 7kg | Dimensions unfolded: H108cmxW39cmxL48cm | Dimensions folded: H32cmxW32cmxL110cm | Extras included: None

This lightweight stroller has a surprisingly luxe feel with its stylish grey hood, squishy bumper bar, plush padded straps and adjustable calf rest. It’s also incredibly practical too with a near-flat recline position means kids can really relax and makes naptime easier.

For a child 6 months plus this is a great pram and seems very comfortable,” said one parent reviewer on Amazon. “Most parts are very easy to wash and the padded straps are great.”

The front swivel wheels make steering in busy areas a doddle and the shopping basket is a decent size and easy to access too. The one-handed folding mechanism is quick and easy to use and it has a convenient carry strap making the TraveLite nice and portable when folded.

However, it’s worth noting that the TraveLite doesn’t come with a raincover, so you’ll need to purchase one separately if you’re worried about being caught out in a shower.

Pros: Comfy padded seat, one-handed fold, carry strap included, near-flat recline
Cons: No extras included

Available from: Very

5. My Babiie Magenta/Navy Stripes, £79.99

Best for manoeuvrability

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 7.2kg | Dimensions unfolded: H105cmxW48cmxL64cm | Dimensions folded: H28cmxW29cmxL105cm | Extras included: Raincover and cup holder

Known for their colourful, stylish designs and celebrity partnerships, My Babiie have managed to deliver a stroller that not only looks great, but also handles like a dream. You can choose from either chic blue or pretty pink stripes, both have a roomy seat with soft, padded straps and multi-recline positions for your child’s comfort.

But, My Babiie has also prioritised parents and ensured that this stroller is as comfortable to push as it is to ride (well, almost). The lockable front swivel wheels make handling effortless, with many customers commenting that it can even be pushed one-handed. It comes with a raincover and a cup holder for that all-important coffee-on-the-go too.

“This is a great stroller!” declared one parent. “It’s easy to use, lightweight and has plenty of space under the stroller for all of my little one’s stuff. The helpful added touches for mums is just great, the cup holder is one of my favourites!” She also goes on the praise the pocket on the back of the hood, perfect for storing your phone/purse or spare dummies.

Pros: Can be pushed one-handed, extra storage pocket, colourful designs
Cons: 2-handed fold

Available from: Amazon

6. Red Kite Push Me Lite Stroller, £21.99

An agile mini stroller

Age suitability: 6 months to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 4.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: H101cmxW48cmxL69cm | Dimensions folded: H112cmxW48cmxL14cm | Extras included: None

With the smallest price tag on our list, it’s perhaps no surprise that this bright rainbow-striped stroller is often described as cheap and cheerful. Its basic design means it doesn’t feature a sun shade, shopping basket or a reclining seat and its simple one-piece fabric seat doesn’t offer a headrest or the same amount of support for sleeping infants, but as an occasional-use, second pram it is a great affordable option.

Weighing in at just 4.3kg this buggy is incredibly lightweight and ideal for slinging into the boot of your car, on and off public transport or even into an aeroplane hold. The lockable swivel wheels mean the Push Me Lite is surprisingly nippy too and handles well in busy environments.

MFM reviewer, Claire, was impressed with this stroller’s performance. “We found it easy to whiz down supermarket aisles and it fitted neatly into the car boot with plenty of room left for the shopping bags,” she stated. “The swivel wheels give this pushchair the freedom every handler needs and makes it perfect for busy shopping malls and crowded places.”

Pros: Very lightweight, lockable swivel wheels, cheapest on our list
Cons: No extras included, no headrest, doesn’t recline

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Red Kite Push Me Lite Stroller

Available from: Little Angels and Red Kite 

7. Cuggl Hazel Pushchair, £39.99

Best for a large hood

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 7.2kg | Dimensions unfolded: H105cmxW39cmxL50cm | Dimensions folded: H18cmxW26cmxL110cm | Extras included: None

Somewhere between a basic holiday stroller and sturdier run-around, this offering from Argos’s own brand of pushchairs scores highly with parents. It features dual wheel suspension, a multi-recline seat and padded straps for a super comfy ride and it’s easy to manoeuvre and fold down too.

The huge extendable UV-resistant hood is a massive plus point for parents, providing shade and a relaxing place for daytime naps. One reviewer on Argos commented, “I bought this for my two-year old for our holidays. It is very easy and steady, and I have actually started using it daily now I’m back home. The hood is great as it pulls down further than most pushchairs.”

The only drawback mentioned by a few reviewers was the shopping basket, which although a decent size sits quite far under the seat and can be a little difficult to reach, especially when reclined. It also doesn’t come with a raincover so you’ll need to spend a little extra if you want to be waterproof.

Pros: Extendable hood, wheel suspension, sun protection
Cons: Awkward to reach shopping basket, no extras included

Available from: Argos

8. Safety 1st Peps and Canopy Lightweight Buggy, £29.99

Best for sun protection

Age suitability: 6 months to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 4.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: H112cmxW45cmxL83cm | Dimensions folded: H27cmxW21cmxL112cm | Extras included: None

Along similar lines to the Red Kite Push Me Lite, this stripped-back stroller features just a simple chair design without a shopping basket, padded straps or head support and is once again super lightweight (although a bit heavier than the Push Me Lite). This makes it great for short trips but probably not the most comfortable ride for longer journeys.

This stroller also has the addition of a basic sun shade, making it the perfect piece of kit for a sunny beach holiday. Customers also noted that the canopy offers some protection from wind and rain and the pram felt surprisingly robust despite its minimal design. The small wheels coped well with curbs and the occasional bit of off-roading too.

“It is super lightweight, but very sturdy, folds compact and very stylish too”, said one parent reviewer on Amazon. “So quick and easy to flip up and put down. Would absolutely recommend this stroller.”

Pros: Super lightweight, sun protection
Cons: No headrest or padded straps, no extras included

Available from: Uber Kids and Amazon

9. ZeTa Vooom Stroller, £55.95

Best for striking design

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 8.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: H109cmxW48cmxL75cm | Dimensions folded: H28cmxW28cmxL105cm | Extras included: Raincover | Awards: Silver – Lightweight stroller under £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Available in a range of striking colours, the Vooom stroller will brighten up any journey. Customers love the wide seat with thick padded straps and 4-position recline. The hood is also a generous size with a viewing panel and handy pocket for emergency snacks, dummies or muslins.

The lockable wheels offer a smooth ride and easy steering and the one-handed fold makes packing away the Vooom a breeze too.

Although this is the heaviest stroller on our list, users still found it lightweight enough to comfortably transport. MFM home tester Lucy said, “The Zeta Vooom is practical, functional and a total bargain. It’s light to steer around and lift, and I love the small carry handle on the side, which makes it easy to pick up and carry once folded.”

Pros: Viewing panel in hood, extra storage pocket, lockable wheels, one-handed fold
Cons: Heaviest pushchair on our list

Available from: Baby Travel

10. Cuggl Maple Pushchair, £59.99

Best for all weather conditions

Age suitability: Birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Weight: 8.7kg | Dimensions unfolded: H105cmxW39cmxL50cm | Dimensions folded: H18cmxW26cmxL110cm | Extras included: Raincover and footmuff

The second, and slightly pricier offering from Cuggl is the Maple. Available in chic ‘Mulberry’ and classic Navy, this stylish pushchair offers a lot of extras with its slightly higher price point.

Like the Hazel, this stroller has a large extendable hood, but it also benefits from a viewing panel so you can keep an eye on your child while they ride along. It also comes with a raincover and footmuff, so you can keep your child dry and snuggly in the cooler months.

The seat is well padded with a 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest and 3 reclining positions, including near-flat for napping comfort. With over 700 five-star reviews on the Argos website, parents are thrilled with this budget stroller, with many commenting on how effortless it is to push and to collapse.

“I was very surprised how sturdy this was for the price,” commented one parent reviewer on Argos. “The hood covers over quite far, so with the footmuff on too, little one is covered well and there’s a raincover.”

Pros: Footmuff and raincover included, near-flat recline
Cons: One of the heavier models under £60

Available from: Argos


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